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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/383120/announcements/detail/2382915044654299552]here[/url].
Hi Galactic Survivalists!
Today is the day: we are releasing Alpha 12 to the public!

First of all, a giant thank you to all our testers and bug reporters and to all of you players out there, sharing feedback on the new and updated features, starting new games and retesting new setup over and over again. This cannot be valued enough! :)

For those, that did not actively follow the Experimental phases, find a brief breakdown of some of the main features below.

While you read, we suggest to open up our Empyrion Soundtrack[soundcloud.com] and check out the three new 'Legacy Faction' tracks, created by Alex J... Read more

14 Jun

10 Jun

Hi Galactic Survivalists!
Giving a fixed date for a release is always a bit of a risk, but if everything goes accordingly, you should save the following date for the Empyrion Alpha 12 public release: June, 15th.

Just as a disclaimer, although we know all of our community members are pretty much aware of the following: If today's Experimental phase 6 and the upcoming phase 7 release (scheduled for this friday) show any serious issues, well, then the release day will of course be pushed back a day or two. ;)

That being said, on behalf of the Eleon Game Studios development team and the QA crew: thanks a lot for your tremendous amount of positive comments on the upcoming Alpha 12 features and thanks even more for all the bug reports and helpful feedback! :)

With today’s phase 6 release, we add another bunch of fixes and adjustments but also a new variant to start your game experience: Snow Starter!

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/383120/announcements/detail/2382915044637213432]here[/url].

03 Jun

Hi Galactic Survivalists! The public release of Alpha 12 is coming closer. For those that asked: Expect it to happen around mid of june! No liability assumed, of course :D

That being said, Experimental Phase 5 is adding one of the last features, related to the new galaxy: the Station Services.

Station Services will allow you to refill fuel and pentaxid, restock your ammo, repair your vessel or fast-charge your shields in exchange for credits. For testing how this will work, visit the Polaris Trading Station on the Temperate starter planet. When in range, open the Control Panel (P) and find the new tab ‘Station Services’.

Keep in mind this is a new feature addition. The pricing will change. We also plan to add the Station Services to more planetary and orbital structures until the next phase.

For now, let us kn... Read more
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27 May

Hi Galactic Survivalists! Although phase 4 was released just a few days ago, we have worked on some important bugfixes which we do not want to delay any longer.

That being said, this is not only a bugfix update or a hotfix to phase 4, but also adds several new elements in terms of gameplay and visuals for you to test as well! Some of these are currently work-in-progress, but - as always - require your dedicated feedback to improve them up to the next phase-release. :)

Please find the full changelog added below.

As usual:
  • Report bugs and issues here[empyriononline.com]
  • Any bug fixed for A12 can be found ...
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22 May

Hi Galactic Survivalists! First of all, thanks a lot for your patience, while he had to delay Phase 4. We have made good use of these additional days and a lot has happened in the code and in the game.

A few highlights:
  • The galaxy is now a lot more configurable. You can now use ‘Regions’ for local hotspots and for the general shape and design (amount and type of stars etc).
  • We have added the ‘Scoreboard’ to the old player overview (Button: B). You can now see a lot of stats and info in a leaderboard style
  • The Registry now allows to directly jump to a system with the ‘show on map’ button
Please find the full changelog added below.

There is one caveat, though: the flexibility for the galaxy-setup, database changes and other adjustments, now require a new game s... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/383120/announcements/detail/2185880657966245229]here[/url].