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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

In addition to the previous patch here is the changelog for v1.8.1 with some fixes we have been working on & more to come soon.
Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!

Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

2022-06-17 v1.8.1 B3843
  • Localisation updates for PDA and Main Loca: DE, FR, IT, ES and RU. Note: the localization for the aforementioned languages was added by AI machine translation as a test and will be improved over time
  • Updated gameoptions.yaml for Default Multiplayer scenario
  • Fixed: some POI on Omicron did not spawn reliably
  • Fixed: Frame Module Concrete did not advance Base Building Tutorial
  • Fixed: Debug entries in PDA were still visible
  • Fixed: Quest Super Fertilizer could not be completed at quest NPC
  • Fixed: Quest-Cancel on Akua-exit does create a loop when teleporter is used (Known issue: Quests could still be seen active in the questlog)
Updated IvD scenario: Changes:
  • Added Carbon Rocks to Itaka and Korro
  • Update LoadingScreenConfig
  • Fixed Traders show empty list (no items)
  • Fixed infinite loading screen on Korro and Itaka
  • Fixed Tutorial keeps popping up after declining

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