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I was so excited to see the huge update this morning, only to learn the developers seem quite adamantly against the forever flying mechanic.

As a long enjoyer of Minecraft and elytra and being able to build things in general. I have been enjoying the ability to fly away and see my builds from afar, and adjust them just like in Minecraft.

I had intended plans to make a floating magic castle in the sky. But that would have only worked if I was able to fly up to it.

What is the community’s opinion on the current state of flying in this game?

Would people like the ability to fly forever?

Maybe an endgame item like a ring? So it at least doesn’t destroy game progression. I’d even be fine if it’s discovered way later in parts of the map that haven’t been built yet. But to say we’ll never get that ability leaves a poor taste in my creative hopes for the game.

Let me know what you guys are thinking.

I’m just curious if I’m the odd one out.

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18 days ago - /u/KeenToast - Direct link

Oh I actually left a response to your comment in another thread about this topic, so I'll repost that comment here as well :)

"Well just to be clear, the update notes were mostly just us saying silly quips, we weren't actually bothered or offended by players doing that :) It was a very clever and fun build.

The infinite flying combo was nerfed simply because we found it to be too powerful and it was an unintended mechanic, though I don't think our balance designers realized how much that combo was beloved by builders specifically when we made that change. We were mostly considering its implications for normal gameplay. The reason we changed it is because it led to some extremely powerful and broken cheese strategies, in particular for skipping over obstacles or accessing areas earlier than intended.

We've seen the feedback from builders though, so the team has been discussing ways we can potentially bring back that same feel without the other exploits. Currently though we're just brainstorming as it's only been a few days."