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01 Mar


Hey everyone! This was already shared on Discord and Twitter, but I figured I'd share it here as well!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our building system, Keen Games has decided to partner up with the famous creator ElRubius to host our very first Enshrouded building contest! But this contest isn't just for fun, the winners will be competing for a total cash prize of 30000€!!!

(See links below for full details)

We have already released a newsletter going over all the juicy details, which you can view by clic...

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28 Feb


I love this build, glad to see you reposted it here as well <3


I would love to see a whole village of this kind of infrastructure, it looks surprisingly good with our blocks!


Wow, beautiful!

27 Feb


Originally posted by SunraysJustFeelsGood

Somehow digging around ores too only see how far they go relax me and puts my head in place...

I hope everybody is ok and i wish a great day for everyone that is going through some rough moments <3

As someone who has also historically battled with mental health struggles, I'm glad our game has been able to offer you a bit of relief :)

Thank you for sharing, and I promise things will get better. Stay strong, Flameborn ❤️


Our book buff is already paying off 😍


Originally posted by Dr0rtho

If you’re a developer or have access to them in some way. Can you look into excess crafted seeds overfilling the seed beds crashing the game. I have like clock work tried to remove overfilled bushes from my seedbeds proceeded by almost immediate crashing during each attempt. (My problem is specifically with the bushes seedling but it could be affecting all seed types. Thanks for your amazing work on the game!

I personally haven't heard of this one but I'm not a member of QA, so I'll check with them to see if they've seen it before :)


Get well soon, Flameborn! I'm glad our game has kept you busy during your hospital stay, I hope you make a full recovery <3

26 Feb


No, YOU are something else! What an incredible build. Whenever it's done you should share it with us on Discord, we'd love to explore the save file and see all the details for ourselves :)



Wow, this is insane! Fantastic build <3


Originally posted by Ashamed-Locksmith-18

Honey glitch getting fixed, as well as lower cost to arrows is awesome!
I'm glad the devs are listening and having fun with the patch notes as well. Seems like the game is in good hands! :)

Thank you! We have a lot more coming so stay tuned <3

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
Version number: 497089

Greetings Flameborn!

Here is our second big patch for Enshrouded. Once again, thanks to all of you who reported issues, your support is as helpful as it is motivating for us!

For those of you playing with dedicated servers, you will need to ensure the server is running the same version as the game.

We are working on a fix for the "60Hz display rate", but due to the extensive testing needed, we will be aiming to release it as an opt-in branch in a few weeks. This way, players who feel this is an important part of their experience can help us test it out, without any potential issues affecting the community at large. More info on that later!

And now for the good stuff...

Changelog Stability and performance • Fixed several rare crashes.
• Added more security to the saving process to avoid issues with saving, and better protection of the save game in case there is a failure.
• Reduced the CPU load... Read more

23 Feb


Originally posted by Nozerone

I figure they wanted to allow players to solve problems. If they really wanted to ensure you couldn't do this, they would have set that as a non-buildable area like they did around towers and some other places.

Yep, we knew players would do this, but it feels good to "break" the game and in reality it doesn't actually break it much. It's very easy to get past this area haha.


Very pretty!