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0s in Trout's first big update is out now
3s don't like to read the PCH notes then
5s let's go over the highlights together
6s and see what's new introducing Hol holes
10s a series of unique massive dungeons one
12s an H biome we've heard the community's
15s call for more challenging combat
16s exploration and with this new update
18s we're excited to bring it to
21s you with the introduction of dungeons we
24s are also expanding our enemy faction
27s adding new craftable props exclusive
29s legendary rewards and your hardw one
31s trophies a mysterious crafting station
34s with its own recipes and new quests one
37s of which leads you to a brand new spooky
39s NPC but that's not all we are also
42s removing the 60 HZ limitation and
44s updating our camera motion to support
46s higher frame rates and refresh rates we
49s have also reworked one of our Town's wow
51s Crush that you can explore as well as
53s some of our locations that have been
55s improved and are now more polished for
58s those Enchanted by mystical worlds and
60s cozy underground homes we've cred round
62s doors and windows just for you get ready
65s to elevate your Creations to new heights
67s or new lows and wait there is more now
71s you can actually sit down on furniture
73s whether you've had a long day and need a
75s break had aner need to isolate yourself
77s and thing for a while or just want to
79s enjoy The View with your friends the
81s possibilities are endless are you a
84s botanist at heart we've got you covered
86s with potted plants simply visit Emily
88s the farm and once you have crafted a
90s Kill to access various types of leafy
92s friends and that's not all we're
94s expanding the variety of tree seedlings
96s too available at your seed bed
99s station now let's talk about quality of
102s life updates our loot UI design has
105s received an overall you are also now
107s able to craft stacks of items instead of
109s having to furiously spam the space
111s button the GI UI has also been greatly
114s improved for ease of transferring items
117s content of magic chests is also now
119s available for workshops
121s that way you no longer have to Sprint
122s from your chest to the workshop want a
124s more in-depth player stats we've got you
127s covered stack splitting has also been
129s enhanced allowing for more flexibility
131s in splitting Stacks with the New Ping
134s function on the world map multiplayer
136s coordination just got easier no more
138s shouting at Steve for going in a
140s completely opposite direction simply
142s Point them to the specific area you want
144s to meet up on the map and lastly for
147s those struggling to find friends servers
149s worry no more you can now locate servers
151s via IP address with an added feature to
154s conceal the address for those of you
156s that Stream So that dark susuka will not
158s raid your base while you're out on an
161s adventure and you thought that this is
163s it there is
168s more but who am I kidding if you're
171s interested in seeing all the fixes and
172s improvements look out for the patch
174s notes available on Steam Discord or our
177s website and if you want to help us
179s spread the word comment below with good
182s work guys and until then we will see you
185s in the next
193s one
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Originally posted by Paul_Cinnabunyan

I am 33 years old and I haven't been this excited about a video game, let alone just a game's content update for years. They are giving us exactly what we have been asking for! Thank you Keen!

Thank you! It really feels good to see people so excited for our game, especially so early on in early access. We still have so much more we want to add <3

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Originally posted by Saltwater_Heart

Welp. Time to start over. Probably will with every new update. I only have about 5 hours in it anyway lol

The new content doesn't require a restart to enjoy, the game world should automatically update to add the new content :)

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Originally posted by Sijora

I’m very excited to see you guys keeping up with your roadmap, and so quickly. You are the first game basically since valheim, that’s actually excited the open world survival builder community this much.

Depending on your vision for the future of the game. You could definitely be a strong contender to reaching Minecraft’s level of builder community.

As a builder myself, I wanted to ask why was your update notes almost aggressively against the infinite flying mechanic, the community discovered? With the rebalancing of the rings of rapacity the flying wouldn’t have been infinite anyways. But now all the builders don’t have a way to get an aerial view of their builds like before.

That’s what made elytra in Minecraft so popular and powerful.

Being so adamantly against a fun and useful tool for players, could hurt the game down the line.

I understand not wanting it abused to break the games progression. But adding a ring or armor piece that allowed multiple uses of the flying skill. Or an ability to hover around for extended periods of time. Would be loved by the community. And you could balance it by making it tied to end game progression.

Just a thought. I have fully been enjoying the game and look forward to your future development.

Well just to be clear, the update notes were mostly just us saying silly quips, we weren't actually bothered or offended by players doing that :) It was a very clever and fun build.

The infinite flying combo was nerfed simply because we found it to be too powerful and it was an unintended mechanic, though I don't think our balance designers realized how much that combo was beloved by builders specifically when we made that change. We were mostly considering its implications for normal gameplay. The reason we changed it is because it led to some extremely powerful and broken cheese strategies, in particular for skipping over obstacles or accessing areas earlier than intended.

We've seen the feedback from builders though, so the team has been discussing ways we can potentially bring back that same feel without the other exploits. Currently though we're just brainstorming as it's only been a few days.

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Originally posted by Netherese_Nomad

Hey, are you planning on adding more spells to the game at some point? Not sure if it's possible, but it would be really cool if magic could somehow affect the landscape, like conjuring a wall of stone or blasting a crater into the ground. Something a little more than "colored particles deal damage."

Absolutely love the game.

Definitely! We plan to add more fun toys to play with for all the classes, not just mage :)

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Originally posted by JackalDark

What happens if you built on top of those towns you touched up? 

Areas within a flame altar should be untouched to my knowledge, even if the area updated. But that means you won't see the updated content unless you remove the flame altar (and your build) so the world can regenerate in that area.