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We are super excited to introduce a feature that heralds the debut of the Entropia Universe AI President System. In a future release, we are starting with two new AI-driven Non-Player Characters (NPCs) crafted to enrich the experience for newcomers. These intelligent, human-like, and interactive NPCs will guide users through some of the fundamental aspects of Entropia Universe, offering essential hints and personalized guidance to integrate newcomers seamlessly into the universe.


Meet Our AI NPCs

Sarah Tergus

Sarah Tergus:

Stationed in Thule, Sarah is a CDF support personnel who will guide beginners through the tutorial experience, UI mechanics, keybindings, and basic game actions.

Jax Terron

Jax Terron:

Located on the second floor outside the main facility at Camp Icarus, he is a battle-hardened senior CDF support personnel trained to focus on more in-depth guidance around Camp Icarus. He can offer tips and tricks for beginners and give suggestions.

Both NPCs can hold a whole conversation about any topic they deem interesting. However, their answers might vary depending on their focus and personal goals.

Purpose And Future Plans

Our primary goal in introducing these Immersive NPCs is to provide beginners with friendly initial guidance and help users smoothly navigate the game's early stages by presenting information in a clearer and easier-to-understand way. 

These NPCs will complement the rich community engagement of the Entropia Universe experience while maintaining the valuable game insights and strategies best acquired through traditional gameplay and interaction with our vibrant community.

In the future release, we will focus on aiding new players and we are planning future updates to expand the scope of support these NPCs offer. We’re aiming for upcoming versions to include NPCs tailored to meet the needs of current and advanced players, offering specialized advice and deeper insights into more complex aspects of the game.


Our Immersive NPCs utilize the latest in LLM-based AI technology. Large language models (LLM) are very large deep learning models that are pre-trained on vast amounts of data. LLM is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) transformer model that can recognize and generate text, among other tasks. Like all new AI technologies, this LLM-AI does not guarantee 100% accuracy in responses. 

However, our goal with these NPCs is to create an immersive experience. To enhance this experience, we have designed these NPCs to mirror interactions you might have with a real person, and just like when talking to other people the responses may vary in reliability. This helps make them into something more than just a talking encyclopedia.

Memory and Personalization

Our Immersive NPCs are designed with short- and long-term memory capabilities. The short-term memory capabilities give the NPCs a human-like experience, where they don’t remember past interactions perfectly, enhancing the personal touch during interactions. The long-term memory feature allows the NPCs to remember your previous conversations and pick up where you left off.

Privacy and Data Use

We hold your privacy in the highest regard. Our AI NPCs are designed to enhance your gaming experience without compromising your personal security. These NPCs will access only non-sensitive data such as your avatar name and a basic assessment of your strength level. This information is used solely to tailor interactions to your current experience within the game.

It's important to note that while AI NPC responses are generated through advanced third-party inference engines, we at MindArk do not send your e-mail address or similar information to these systems. We adhere strictly to data privacy laws and guidelines to ensure your information is protected.

As a precaution and in line with best practices for online interactions, we urge you to never share personal information with AI NPCs, just as you would refrain from sharing personal details in the in-game chat. Always consider any information you share in the game as potentially public, and avoid disclosing sensitive personal data during gameplay.

We are committed to continuously improving these systems to ensure they respect user privacy while providing a valuable, engaging experience in Entropia Universe.

This release marks the early stages of our AI NPCs, and we will keep enhancing them beyond this initial launch. This includes optimizing response times, expanding in-game capabilities, and increasing their ability to discuss more complex topics.

We are super excited to introduce this feature that heralds the debut of the Entropia Universe AI President System, and we believe the AI NPC’s will significantly enrich the player experience. We value your feedback and look forward to evolving these features based on your interactions and suggestions.

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