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Anybody else not receiving an email when trying to authenticate their PC through the launcher? I wiped my PC a few days ago and freshly installed windows and today I wanted to play tarkov again, but I just don’t receive the email. When logging in through the website I receive it almost instantly, but through the launcher nothing. Been waiting since 8h but nothing happened. Already tried it several times and also checked every folder of my mail, but nothing. Also had a friend of mine trying it from their PC once, but nothing happened.

Really pisses me off, because I payed for EoD and now I am just not able to play the damned game. Also wrote support an email, but yeah I dont want to wait weeks just to receive a generic mail telling me to check my spam folder. On the website I am also not able to change my email, so at this point I really just dont know what to do anymore...

Any help would be appreciated, because at this point I am just frustrated

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Hello. I wrote to you in private messages

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Originally posted by aerlund

Hello, i think i have the same problem with the launcher not sending an email. What should i do?

Hello, at first try reinstalling the launcher and running it as administrator.

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Originally posted by smolarek07

Ive tried this along with a whole reinstall of the game, still no email being sent :(

Write your e-mail address to my PM

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Originally posted by Yorjhann

Hello, EoD user here, same issue where launcher refuses to send authenticator email. Site has sent multiple authentication emails, I've changed my login, password, and security question just fine. Reinstalled the launcher, ran as admin, even ran in compatibility mode. Is there a fix for this bug or do we PM our e-mail addresses and login names to you?

Hello. Please try creating a new user in your OS and installing the launcher there.

If this doesn't help too, please let me know.

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Originally posted by lynch11561

I am also having the same issue. I was able to login, download EFT, then when I went to play it the launcher logged me out. I have gotten verification emails from logging in to the site, but no verification email when trying to log in to the browser.

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