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01 May


Dear players,

We have come to the following conclusion regarding the list of changes and additions to the various editions of the game. Feel free to give your feedback.

For owners of the Edge of Darkness edition:

  • Access to co-op PvE mode with persistent progression (access will be given out in waves, we plan to start it tomorrow);
  • Faster insurance return;
  • Increased personal trader purchase limits by 20%;
  • Increased starting PMC karma (after it is implemented);
  • Access to a special stimulant craft;
  • Increased Charisma skill level;
  • "Nostalgia" quest line;
  • Unique PMC dogtag;
  • Unique armband;
  • Unique item with call-in mechanics - “Legacy” device:
    • Ability to call in a friendly BTR, once called, the item will go into cooldown.
  • Unique PMC upper and lower clothing;
  • Ability to replace 2 daily tasks per day for free;
  • Abili...
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28 Apr


Originally posted by Poodmund

You have still not addressed the fact you were planning to release DLC for the game that was not going to be delivered to EoD owners.

Please confirm that EoD owners will receive all content for the game in the future as promised when we purchased the product.

yes, eod owners will receive all of the DLCs



Let me continue my feedback on the current situation. First of all, I would like to say that I am very sorry that fans and the game community in general are experiencing these feelings. Unfortunately, I somehow did not foresee the fact of such a reaction and now I have drawn conclusions for my future decisions. 

Now I will briefly summarize the main points:

  1. About PvE access - we decided to just open it for EoD owners for free, but we will do it in waves. As I said before - we don’t have server capacity right now. We will start this process as soon as possible
  2. We also decided that we will add MOD support for PvE mode after release of the game
  3. About the Unheard edition - we will not remove it, we want to keep the option for those who want to support the game more. But we will balance items, perks in this edition, as well as we will provide more rewards for those, who upgraded with the old price
  4. New EoD perks will be ...
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27 Apr


Hello again!

Let me clarify the situation in a little more detail regarding owners of the EoD version and access to the cooperative mode, and also other issues.

First of all, PvE gamemode this is not DLC. DLC in our understanding is the major additions to the game, including various functionality and content that are released after the official release of the game as a themed DLC pack (Scav Life DLC for example, which will add a lot of new mechanics and content for Scav gameplay and leveling).

Secondly, this specific functionality of the PvE mode is necessarily located entirely on a separate network infrastructure, because, essentially, you play on our servers, only in closed mode. At this stage, it is not possible to launch all players who are EoD holders - right now we simply do not have the required amount of resources for this.

We observe your dissatisfaction and have decided that the functionality of the PvE mode will be available for free to al...

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26 Apr


Hello, Tarkov citizens!

To honor the owners of the EOD version and their indelible importance and role in the EFT universe, we plan to add the following new unique features to the EOD edition:

  • Faster return of insured items
  • Increased personal trader buying limits by 20%
  • Increased basic PMC karma (when it will be implemented)
  • Access to unique hideout craft
  • Increased basic charisma skill
  • Special quest line with increased pockets side as a reward
  • Ability to skip 2 daily quests per day free of charge
  • Unique dog tag
  • Unique armband
  • Unique set of clothing
  • Unique “Legacy” device
  • High priority matching for EOD owners for 6 months
  • Access to offline PVE for EOD owners for 6 months

We will provide those changes and additions as fast as possible.

Temporary access to PVE will be provided as soon as we will reinforce server infrastructure of t...

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12 Feb


Originally posted by WillG1001

Im down for having skin purchasable but please keep in mind:

A big reason I like the game is due to realism of it. Once I start getting killed by people with an anime girl face mask with a rainbow shirt and confederate flag pants I’ll definitely be less inclined to play. I play games to escape the bullshit of the world and don’t need to see it brought into game.

Also don’t add skins to armor. I shouldn’t have to inspect it to see what type of armor I’m looting off a player.

it will be the same clothing that we have in game


So, the thing is that we want to add purchasable options for EFT players cause: 1. we removed EOD version and some of the EOD features need to go back (offline coop for example) 2. the game is running for 8 years without any additional flow (you just buy and play it forever - and it’s pretty unique situation for a game such as EFT)

In the upcoming patches we want to add: 1. stash expansions for every version available (up to 28 additional lines of stash space) 2. clothing early unlock 3. ability to play offline coop (EOD feature)

there will no ingame money, items, weapons, gear package purchases and so on. No boosters also.

Also about stash expansions - later you will also have an option to earn that lines in the game too without spending any money.

Tell us, what do you think.


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14 Jan


we already do manual reviews and banning them as fast as we can. gonna implement new stuff related, next week.

13 Jan

08 Jan

07 Jan

05 Jan


vote up!
we are thinking about to keep it and add as the weather event.

Also we are aware of issues, everything being noted and will be fixed right after we have this small holiday break!

thank you!

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03 Jan

01 Jan


its planned. we have it in arena

31 Dec


Originally posted by Tyrannicidal

Happy New Year.

Authentication e-mails aren’t being sent to people trying to log into the launcher - is there a fix planned? I want to play too!

they are being sent but slow :(


Hello, everyone!

Happy to see that you are enjoying the game right now. We put a lot of effort in it!
Thank you for your support this year and Happy New Year!

Wishing you only the best!

your BSG

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30 Dec

27 Dec


Друзья! Рады представить список изменений патча для Escape from Tarkov. С патчем в Escape from Tarkov будет вайп. 

Данное обновление не затронет Escape from Tarkov: Arena и прогресс игроков.

Новый контент:


В игру добавлена локация Эпицентр, расположенная в центре Таркова.

Здесь находится большое количество объектов инфраструктуры современного города: банки, кафе, рестораны, магазины, аптеки, пункт МЧС и прочее....

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