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Hello dear readers,

A fair warning to users that might think buying this game: If ANYTHING goes wrong , e. g. youre not receiving the verficiation e-mail containing the code: You are left on your own. The support is really below any acceptable level and will not help you.

-a mad customer

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Hello. Please write to my PM the email address from which you wrote to us

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Originally posted by Czar_Castic

The question is, why do so many users have to resort to this just to get support? The support I've received in the past has also been completely trash-tier.

All users receive support.

Specifically, the author of this post has a problem - he does not receive any letters from us, including support answers, and this problem is related to his email domain

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Originally posted by Czar_Castic

I'm not saying all users don't receive support - but most of the time, the support is just bad (and a lot of people are told that problems caused by BSG is the user's problem, and don't get further than that). Remember, Sova13, most users who come to complain to Reddit aren't doing it because they didn't receive support - it's because BSG support stopped / refused to help them. You have some policies you need to fix, my friend.

Since I follow such complaints here, I can say that the cases when a specialist error occurs are not so frequent. And I usually also point it out here that the specialist made a mistake.