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I mean the amount of issues they have in the current game thats plagued the game for years, how could BSG not be burnt out?

Every f*ckin patch that is pushed creates new issues and complicates the existing ones even further. As a human being, I can emphasize with these guys that have been working on these networking and desync issues for f*cking years and they still haven't fixed em. Hell, I'd wager the desync and network issues are at its worst right now.

All I'm saying is the complaints of burnout and exhaustion coming from BSG could be very well warranted. When your constantly facing the same f*cking problems with no solution or improvement in sight this leads to demoralization as you start thinking to yourself no matter what we do, slight changes we make, it doesn't improve and only gets worse.

I'm very concerned for Tarkov and its dev cycle due to the very real issues within the game (desync, servers, cheaters, etc) on top of the devs saying they are exhausted. This is not a good sign for the future of Tarkov.

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you are not right - you don't know how bad it was before and this rhetoric is always goes from a limited perspective and based on limited timeframe. so don't come up with ideas that we are exhausted and hopeless. its fking bullsh*t. Again - it was really worse before. But yes - new features and fixes cause new problems which will be eventually fixed. It's natural for EVERY game production. Mark my words - when the game will be in the best state - still there will be such posts. "omg im afraid about the future of tarkov" god damnit return later and see how it will be better. And make such type of post again) no offence

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No offense taken and I'm glad you found time to respond. Our inferences can only be made from what we hear and the information at the time. The latest podcast that was translated made it seem the team at BSG was exhausted and burnt out and therefore as a playerbase I think we find that cause for concern as we don't want Tarkov development to die. I think a lot of time the information is lost in translation. Anyway, thanks for the response!

we are not exhausted or burnt out but yes we tired. i guess it was translated not precisely. we are tired as tired in a battle but we are fully motivated to win

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