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...with the daily stories of false positive bans and lost accounts and zero customer support from BSG I'm pretty hesitant. So would you say I'm overreacting? I love the game and want to support the devs with my money too, but it feels like if the worst should happen for whatever reason I can't expect much help.

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I too lost one account due to not recieving email and support refused to help. But I learned from my mistake- I used hotmail account where microsoft has added bsg to blacklist, I brought next game to Gmail and 0 problems since.

Apparently, you were unable to provide proof of account ownership. Otherwise, access would have been returned without problems.

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Originally posted by ThoseOneTaps

Problem is that I wont get authentication email to my hotmail adress, I contacted support to get email changed, got response with fixes that didnt help, emailed again and didn't get the response. I can send you DM on reddit with the account info if you are willing to get the issue sorted.

Hmm, this is a slightly different situation. Yes, send me a private message with the email address you are having problems with