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I’ll start by saying that I’ve never played a lot of tarkov. I tried out the game over a year ago and never really liked it. My friends recently started plying it again so I thought I’d try it out again and see if I’d enjoy it.

When I tried to open the launcher, I was continuously met with “error 206: email or password is incorrect”. I tried resetting my password multiple times, using both my username and my email during the login process, to no success. The password reset would go through, but my credentials would never be updated, making the process an utter waste of time. I should also say that I’ve tried to login on both the launcher and the site in multiple browsers, once again to no success.

I reached out to support Tuesday of last week, detailing my issue, describing the steps I had taken, providing account details and proof of purchase. I finally received a response today from their support team, and the only thing it said in the message was to try a different browser.

This is the exact message (minus receipts) that I sent to support Tuesday of last week, and had to rehash and send again 2 days ago as I wasn’t getting a response

”Hello, I was trying to play tarkov for the first time in a long time and was given an error saying that my email or password was incorrect. The launcher and website both threw "error 206: your email or password are incorrect". I reset the password 3-4 times and it's still not working in multiple browsers. For some reason the tarkov server refuses to validate my credentials. I tried using both my email and login ID and neither worked. I’m manually inputting the password (no password manager) I'd appreciate a prompt response as my last email was never responded to and I am currently unable to use a product I paid for. Please check why my info isn’t resetting after resetting my password. If possible I’d like to speak in a live chat or over the phone as I feel information is being lost in translation”

After an entire week with no response I finally heard back from them, and they told me to try a different browser while closing my ticket. The product I paid for has been locked and there is nothing I can do besides wait for this company to respond to me , even though they clearly have no intention of trying to resolve this. I’m about to file an FTC complaint but I don’t really see what else I can do.

Edit: I have already contacted sova13 and he was the reason I got a response to my email at all, but my patience has run out at this point and while I thank him for expediting the response to my ticket, I have received no help as a result of it and am therefore still stuck.

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Hello, judging by the description of the problem, your account has been frozen for security reasons. It’s strange that a specialist asked you to try a different browser, because that’s obviously not the problem. Please write to me in private messages the address of the email from which you wrote to us.

UPD. Found your message in PM, I'll check it.