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1s hello hello hello hello you beautiful
3s people what's happening how are we
7s all doing good doing good I'm good I'm
10s good thank you good good good good and
12s uh how's chat today I mean everyone's
14s rolling in so yo zero um welcome guys to
18s the uh the solstice Dev stream um this
22s is a a very exciting stream um
23s especially for me because this is the
25s first time I've actually ever done a Dev
26s stream um so little nervous little shaky
29s but we're going to get through it and I
31s am joined by uh my fellow colleagues do
35s you want to introduce
37s yourselves hi yeah I'm CCP Collins I'm
40s the lead product manager on E
43s Vanguard and I'm uh
46s Lucas C be sneaky
50s snake and I'm senior technical artist
54s on amazing and I'm CCP peaceful I'm the
58s uh Community developer for you Vanguard
61s um it was really funny when you said
63s your name there I was like yeah that's
64s right but then I realized what you did
66s yeah um so yeah we've got a lot to uh
70s talk about today um there's a hell of a
72s lot uh I don't even know where we begin
75s um I guess uh one of the first things we
77s could probably do is uh check out the
79s the focus uh the in Focus that we
81s released um last night on YouTube um do
84s you guys want to roll with that
86s first yeah yeah show show these guys
88s yeah it's a really good video um so
90s we'll roll with this uh so you guys can
92s check
93s out what is going to be in
98s store the key vision statements for e on
102s line is that we want to create the
103s ultimate science fiction
105s experience the solce event will start on
108s June 20th and run for 11 days to July
110s 1st and players will be able to deploy
113s 24/7 we're actually building on a lot of
116s the great work that happened in play
118s tests from December and up to but
120s there's a lot that has
128s changed it's a brand new map it's a
131s completely new biome it's new wreckage
133s new hazards and looks like a beautiful
135s archipelago that's been completely
137s corrupted by wreckage that's crashed
138s into the nearby
142s ocean there's plenty of new content
144s being added to the experience we will be
147s expanding on the industry work that we
149s did in marks and you will also be adding
152s new objectives for you to do to add
154s suppression or corruption your activity
157s really matters in the grander scheme of
162s things when you first deploy your weapon
165s will be pretty thin and you'll need to
167s go and find chipsets in the environment
169s that you can either get through looting
170s or completing activities and
172s events it's got the fre activities which
175s are the secured s sites The Mining
177s rights and then these Escape pods which
179s are strewn all over over the landscape
181s that you can go and hack open with your
182s winding
183s laser the secured saage site is a lock
186s down secured Depo which the enemies
188s found some stuff and they put it under a
189s shield and it's up to you to sort of
191s break in and take the stuff for yourself
193s and you can use your mining laser to
194s hack these panels to then gain access to
197s the internals this is where you're
198s getting cool chipsets which goes to
200s support the Adaptive weaponry and make
202s your weapon unique to
204s you the more dangerous the activity is
206s the greater the chipset rewards will be
208s once you collect the chipsets you'll
210s either have to bank and extract to be
212s able to keep them or on certain events
214s they'll automatically be sent directly
216s to your hanger before you next deploy
218s you'll have the option to go and
220s customize your weapon with those
221s chipsets that you have we've got this
223s idea of the open contract which is the
226s Mining rights event this is an event
228s that gets called out to the entire
229s session so everyone gets told about this
231s event you go along you show up and you
233s contest that site this big drle comes in
236s from space people are coming in and
237s trying to take it from you and then
238s you're defending it we introduce these
241s new gadgets the motion scanner which
243s pings enemies around you you can see
245s what direction threats are coming from
246s and then you've got proximity mines
248s which you can place to defend those
249s areas in those directions and that came
251s from feedback from players saying that
253s they want more tools to help make their
255s sessions more interesting each of the
257s weapon modes have an array of slots so
260s you support one scope and then five
262s other generic chipset slots and you can
264s customize those however you like in
266s whatever combination you have two of
268s these different modes and those will
269s Define the two weapon types that you
271s have that you can switch between on the
273s Fly you're going to be feeling a lot of
275s weapon sway you're going to feel the
276s weapon kind of pushing against you a
277s little bit this makes the weapon feel
279s much more alive make it feel a lot more
281s visceral in your
282s hands so after the Solage event we're
285s actually going to lay low just gather
286s all this incredible feedback we've
288s gotten there is a reason why we are kind
291s of focusing on the Eve Community First
294s make sure that like things go in the
295s right places and we can really allow
297s ourselves some time to prioritize and
299s make sure that the next steps are even
301s stronger we have a free Omega in the
303s nest store right now and you can claim
305s it until midnight June 20th we're also
308s going to be creating a Founders program
310s where we'll allow a bit more access to
313s the developers opening up dedicated
315s discords and getting people into focused
317s play tests on topics that are maybe more
321s focused and more detailed than the ones
323s that we've been seeing till this point
325s so stay tuned and look forward to seeing
327s you in space
333s awesome stuff um so there was a a lot of
338s new things there um I think the
342s yeah I take the Le was it what was what
345s was your thoughts well I yeah I think
347s that's the thing this is
349s like um this is we've been talking about
352s this before like after first strike um
355s the first first
356s strike um happened in December mber um
361s this is the main chunk of the content
363s that we the most of the team have been
365s working on we've obviously had the first
366s strike play tests but those were kind of
369s just Little minor updates we added the
370s mining in March but the the vast
373s majority of the team have all been
375s working towards this release so yeah
378s there's a lot that's gone into it you
380s know planning all the way back before
382s even first strike the first first strike
384s in December we've been planning all of
385s this stuff so um yeah it's just good to
387s see out there I think the main goals
390s around this were just about wanting to
393s create more activity more things for
395s people to do more reasons to keep
398s deploying and have stuff that they can
400s also take out I think a lot of feedback
403s that we got rightly around first strike
405s is the sessions were very contained but
407s there was no there was no really there's
409s no thread between them there was no real
411s reason from one session to the next um
414s to to deploy down other than just maybe
416s completing a new contract or hoping you
418s come across something different so with
420s the chipsets there's a persistence now
422s between the sessions so there's this
424s sense of progression that you're
425s building your stash of chipsets You're
427s Building Your Perfect Weapon um you're
429s building your loadouts and then you're
430s deploying that way and then even on the
432s surface as well as a gorgeous new map to
435s explore there's lots of more activities
437s that can happen on the surface of that
439s planet now and I think it was all within
440s the goal of just creating more
443s activities for people to do more reasons
445s for people to play for longer and over
447s multiple sessions as well yeah and I
449s think I think uh one of the the key
451s points is uh been feedback right so
453s we've we've taken so much feedback from
454s all of these uh these play tests um
457s throughout the months is there um is
459s there one any in particular feedback you
460s can you can list that we've taken on
462s board I think there's a lot of things
464s it's quite interesting as well because I
465s think a lot of the things that a lot
467s people wanted like I want more things to
468s do I want ways to customize my weapon it
471s was it was hard for us to not just say
473s ah we're working on it already CU there
474s was kind of a lot of that stuff we we
477s knew was going to be the cruxs of the
479s feedback but lot of quality of life uh
481s feedback we went really heavy on on the
484s January and February first strike play
486s test we' made a lot of quality of life
487s changes based on the feedback that we
489s got from December um there's a whole
492s host of sorry keybind
496s keybind um and adding in suppression as
498s well um
501s we that wasn't originally a part of the
504s plan for us to add suppression contracts
506s in so soon but we got so much feedback
508s from the December and January play tests
511s um that we we immediately prioritized in
513s so we can get it in for March um but
515s yeah there's a lot of that that have all
516s filtered in through into some of the
518s stuff that we're doing and we're trying
520s some stuff differently as well here
521s there's some quality of life
522s improvements that we hope will work some
524s that may not land some that will land
526s right this is why we do this that we'll
528s get loads of feedback on for this test
530s that we'll immediately funnel back in um
532s for the next release yeah uh 100% yeah
535s that's very good answer and of course
536s the um the suppression and Corruption is
538s obviously you know sort of vital because
540s it does kind of it's sort of the way of
542s tying into the eve Universe right um
544s because you know even though it is
545s Vanguard it is still Eve Vanguard um so
547s it's all about keeping within that new
548s Eden um I think one of the uh one of the
552s the big things that's coming to this
553s update then is uh the map right I think
555s that's probably the biggest thing um and
559s it's it's called Solstice um so I know
562s uh Sneaky Snake may have um some
564s comments on the uh on the new map
568s but what was what was the where did the
571s ideas come from how did how did things
574s plan out this
576s way um yeah gosh long story I guess
580s there's there's a lot of things we
582s wanted to do with this map um a lot of
585s different things we wanted to
586s explore
587s [Music]
590s um I guess in general a lot of it was
594s about just doing something completely
596s different uh than caran and just really
600s in terms of atmosphere and mood just
602s sort of show a different angle um that's
605s mostly visually and artistically I think
608s that was a big challenge we wanted to
610s set for ourselves um and in gameplay
612s space we we wanted to experiment with
615s all sorts of different things as well
616s you'll probably notice if you play it
617s it's a lot more vertical and there's a
619s lot more I guess different ways of
622s traversing the the the map different uh
626s kind of areas that you can get into um
631s I think one of the first things I
632s noticed when actually jumping on the map
634s was how um how much fall damage is
639s considered uh compared to Kion because
642s it was like I think I took fall damage
643s once on Kion um just randomly I thought
646s oh there's fall damage in this game and
648s then I played this map and I think I
649s found out there was fall damage within
651s the first maybe 30 seconds um so you can
653s definitely tell that uh it's it's also
657s as well like a lot of um the community
658s mentioning though it's with carry on it
660s was very um I don't want to say dull but
662s it was very uh dark colors very gray
665s very um yeah it had its own kind of like
669s Rhythm I guess like theme throughout the
671s entire map whereas like with uh with
673s sorces now you have like the different
675s biomes right yeah you do and we wanted
678s to really contrast them because in Karen
679s we sort of had different biomes we had
681s sulfur swamps and we had um I guess the
685s the rest of the map we had the central
687s POI which felt a little bit different um
689s but here we really wanted to contrast
690s with different areas and make them feel
692s very different um and also play very
696s different if you're in the in the jungle
700s you will feel like the game is almost
703s completely different in terms of how you
704s approach navigating and looking around
708s um compared to some of the other areas
710s of the
711s map yeah and then indeed that that sort
714s of the the fear of fall damage that the
716s sort of feeling of I have to watch my
718s step and I have to watch
720s where I go is is a lot more important
722s here I think I think you both called out
725s something which is I'm glad you called
726s that out as well because I think it was
727s a large part of um uh Adam is blue our
732s um level designer the work that he
733s wanted to build in in adding more
735s verticality to the map is carrying kind
738s of is a bit of a bowl right it's all
740s generally on one big plane that kind of
741s funnels into the middle is uh having
744s soltice have a lot more
746s verticality um in terms of breaking up
749s combat lines as well but also how you
752s navigate the map and how you how those
754s sight lines are broken up it was a large
757s part of the um design direction of that
759s new map so glad that it's coming through
761s even if it is in the form of fall damage
763s yeah I think I think for me personally
765s um you know as like a a competitive
767s player for me it's all about map
768s knowledge um and I feel like map
770s knowledge is going to be a lot more
772s crucial on Solstice um as opposed to it
774s was on carryon and you can actually uh
776s increase that sort of skill skill Gap
778s now because the map knowledge is going
780s to be so important and it's going to be
782s important to the way that you make you
783s know your your your ideas the way you
785s take contracts the way you um initiating
788s activities the way that you uh position
790s your team as well you know when you're
791s you're countering or maybe um on the
794s offense uh so yeah it's it's definitely
797s very different I'm very excited to get
799s back on
800s it it's a much more complicated
803s map it will feel bigger I think I can't
807s confirm the actual sizing of it but I
809s think in in terms of square footage I
811s think it's actually smaller than
812s carrying um but it will feel like a much
814s larger map based on you've got a lot of
817s overlapping areas you can go underground
819s overground um so yeah I never and that's
823s good to be seeing some of the feedback
825s of people going oh my God this this is
826s much bigger than carry and and we're
828s like
829s H we you I thought I thought it was
832s bigger I'm not goingon to lie I I 100%
834s thought it was bigger if anything if you
836s told me it was four times bigger I would
838s have believed you and I think you're
839s right it's because of the the different
841s levels right I think that's the voodoo
843s of good level design right we definitely
846s set out to make something smaller than
848s Karen because like that was a lot of
850s work let's keep it
853s simple um quite bad out I still to this
856s day like after months of playing this
858s map uh I still bump into areas that I've
861s never
862s seen I found like a underground cave
865s Network that I hadn't found before I
867s fell in there was a a in some wreckage
870s and I fell in it and there was just it
872s was like a what it was a mine there was
875s mining Outlets everywhere around me and
877s I just in all my time hadn't stumbled
879s across that place before because I
882s hadn't found that one area that funnels
883s in through it and I hadn't found that
885s hole so yeah I think um we'll be people
888s will be constantly like we are coming up
892s against areas in the map that they just
893s didn't know we there it's yeah it's it's
897s a difficult thing though right cuz it's
898s like I think it was like three islands
900s and then it's connected via the wreckage
902s so I mean the the way that the map works
904s is is actually quite intelligent and the
906s way that um you know you've managed to
908s like Loop the islands together to create
910s one Island uh with the wreckage it's
912s really impressive um I know uh when we
916s started releasing um you know sort of uh
919s assets for the the new map one of the
921s assets we provided was the trees um and
924s people in the community went wild over
926s trees um and I think the the the sh as
929s well I think the water um I think
931s everyone was uh uh very excited to
935s see um that so if I just bring this on
938s screen now so I don't know um if you
940s want to go through the the the thought
942s process of this sneaky or where the idea
945s of this came from or um yeah I can I
948s mean the i i there's obviously a
951s concepting phase and I can only talk
954s about the concepting phase of the tree
955s so much sure um because I wasn't the one
959s to do it it um I think in general we
961s wanted to make a map that felt a lot
962s more alive and a lot
965s more um maybe I wouldn't say alien but I
968s guess alive is the good word uh things
970s that that move things that aren't just
974s on fire um and so these types of foliage
979s and trees that you've never really seen
981s before was definitely something we
982s wanted to play with
985s um and I guess we had our our concept
989s team
990s uh work with this and design these
992s different types of trees and shapes
997s um and at that point we just kind of got
1001s this and and tried to translate it into
1003s the into the 3D World um which is
1006s obviously an incredibly interesting
1009s challenge um these sort of natural
1012s shapes but not quite natural things like
1016s it's not an actual thing that is on
1018s Earth
1020s um so Translating that convincingly into
1025s a 3D environment is is very cool uh so
1029s we developed all sorts of tools to help
1031s the art team with that um and to sort
1035s of uh give people that feeling of these
1038s trees being um not quite what you expect
1042s they they react to the light slightly
1044s differently than you would expect any
1046s other tree to to do
1050s um it's it's interesting because um like
1052s obviously for me it's you know I I see a
1054s tree it's it's uh interesting and it
1056s looks really cool and you know maybe
1058s like but that as you just said the way
1059s it reacts with a light is just something
1061s that I would never have taken into
1062s consideration and I think that's what a
1063s lot of other people probably didn't
1064s either um and when you see like these
1066s kind of these diagrams and you see the
1068s kind of like information and narrative
1070s that goes into it is is uh quite
1074s interesting the way they sound as well
1076s like I they almost sound like I don't
1079s want to describe them as creatures but
1082s the there's the the creaking and the way
1084s they they move and sound they there
1087s almost something I think alive is the
1089s word that you know sneaky just used I
1091s think I would describe it as well but I
1093s just it's my favorite part of the map
1095s just to stand and take it all in I'm
1097s obviously quite um privileged as a Dev
1100s to be able to jump into a map with
1101s nobody else in it so I can just wander
1103s around without being shot at um but yeah
1106s just with the dust particles and the god
1108s r and just seeing the the trees move and
1111s the SS they make it's just it's amazing
1114s what the team had done just to make what
1116s is generally just a just a section of a
1118s map just feel so alive and
1122s Rich yeah um and it's it's impressive to
1125s see the different contrast in biomes
1127s when you're when you're traveling like I
1129s I spawn for the first time in the in the
1130s trees area and then next thing I know
1132s I'm straight in a wreckage or I'm
1134s straight in like you know this this icy
1136s Zone um it's it's impressive to see the
1139s the different biomes and how they um how
1141s they connect so so well um cool so um I
1146s guess uh yeah the map uh obviously
1149s incredible we do have though uh a bunch
1152s of new features um so I guess we do have
1154s like uh the I guess we could start with
1157s the mining tether uh cuz that's a pretty
1159s cool that's a pretty cool uh interesting
1161s one um the mining tether so it's uh it's
1165s an activity right it's a contract that
1167s appears on the map
1169s yeah I think it's it's something like
1171s the the way that we've been like the
1173s terminology we're using around our
1174s activities is like we've been calling
1176s structured activities is like our
1178s contracts but we wanted more emergent
1180s activities things that just kind of
1181s happen in the section that you have to
1182s make an on the-fly decision of do I get
1184s involved in this do I not so the mining
1187s Tor is our first one of our first
1189s alongside um Salvage rights as well um
1193s is
1195s the first kind of Fay into US creating
1197s these emerging experiences so in the map
1200s uh everyone will be warned that there is
1202s a zone that is now active where players
1204s can now call down the mining tether
1206s they'll then have to keep the tethers uh
1209s aligned there's like a little maybe
1211s miname is the wrong word but the T
1214s you'll have to either work solo it's
1215s harder solo but I as a team work
1217s together to keep the tethers aligned um
1220s as the mining tether does its job and
1222s then once it's done that it will then go
1224s back away uh and the team that had
1226s control of that area when the mining
1228s teor is done will get the rewards for
1230s that so everyone knows the position of
1233s that though so you can ex expect some
1235s skirmishes to happen um as teams fight
1238s for control of the mining T to get the
1240s rewards um from it but yeah as you can
1242s see here as well it's a first instance
1244s of something dropping in from the sky as
1246s well which is really exciting for
1250s us but yeah there it is in it's glory
1253s and they they're the the very wild
1254s tethers but yeah the teams will have to
1256s work at each of those tethers to keep
1257s that aligned to keep the progress
1259s ticking on you can see it uh in the
1261s central column there on the mining T
1263s I'll tell you how far it's gone along
1265s but what we're doing is we're hoping you
1267s can create a bit of a flash point is it
1269s something that other players will want
1270s to stay away from but if they want to
1271s get involved as some PVP um you can very
1274s much guarantee that you're going to come
1275s across other players um as people are
1277s fighting for these mining tethers um and
1280s this this hopefully is just the start of
1283s these kind of activities that we want to
1284s create cuz we also have uh the other
1287s activity as well which I'm sure we can
1288s talk about
1290s yeah um it's it's kind of like a like a
1292s capture the flag or like King of the
1293s Hill kind of aspect to it really um yeah
1296s and it is really cool because uh and
1297s obviously as as a squad it's so much
1299s easier because you can have one on each
1300s tether um but then you can't all be on
1303s the tethers because as you said it's
1304s going to be alerted on the map and
1306s people are going to be coming for it um
1308s yeah so it's a really cool uh aspect um
1311s of the game um which what did you say at
1314s the last bit then did you say something
1316s we have uh the the ever activity um
1318s right the um I can't remember the full
1321s name of it I want to call it by its Dev
1323s name because it's been referred to so
1325s long the the the Salvage um secure
1329s Salvage secure Salvage that is that is
1331s the name yep yep the these are a lot of
1336s fun um we do have some gameplay for this
1339s one as well awesome yeah this this one's
1341s really cool as well so this one this
1343s one's a bit more local than the other
1344s one so these are already present on the
1346s map um different instances of maps will
1349s have different ones activated so they
1352s you won't always find them in the same
1353s place um but here this isn't just
1355s something that's called out on the map
1356s that happens at a specific time you will
1358s have to go and activate these so what
1361s this is is there's basically some
1362s secured Salvage um and you need to hack
1364s into a terminal to be able to gain
1367s access to that but the hacking process
1369s takes time whilst you're hacking hordes
1372s of NPCs will start spawning in around
1374s you and you kind of have to defend the
1376s point from those um if you're in
1378s exterior um points as well you'll
1380s actually see them drop down um which is
1382s really cool uh and you need to defend to
1385s the point whilst the hacking is going on
1386s but there are terminals around you that
1388s you can use to speed up the process but
1390s the NPCs are going to be wanting to
1392s dismantle those as well so there's a bit
1393s of micromanagement that's needed to
1396s ensure that the hacking process is
1397s continuing but um I really love this I
1400s love third partying this as well so I'm
1402s the type of person that I won't initiate
1404s one of these I'll wait for somebody else
1406s to do it and I'll wait for them to do
1407s all the hard work for me and then when
1409s they get slightly overrun by NPCs I then
1411s come in take advantage of it and then
1413s once the hacking's finished I'll steal
1415s the loot and I'll go um but there's also
1418s is one of those things that we want to
1421s just create these kind of experiences in
1424s the game where you're worried about NPCs
1427s other players recloning in that you've
1428s just killed wanting Revenge as well as
1430s being third partied all of these things
1432s should be swirling in your mind when
1433s you're making decisions about should I
1435s engage with this shouldn't I engage with
1436s this or you might just stumble across a
1438s team team taking on one of these and
1440s thinking oh is this the right time to
1442s take advantage of that and that that was
1444s something we didn't have in First Strike
1445s right it was just running around finding
1447s people and just bumping into them and
1449s killing them now people are starting to
1451s be congregated around certain areas of
1453s the map that you can now start to play
1454s around or avoid depending on your play
1456s style yeah yeah it's it's so good to see
1460s a drop come in and a bunch of AI come
1462s out of it and run into a cave and you're
1465s know like oh there's some people doing
1467s some some business in there
1469s yeah and that alert is terrifying um I
1471s don't know if you can hear it on the
1472s stream but the alert is like a siren
1474s that goes off um but the one thing uh
1478s that I like is so obviously the the
1479s mining tool that was introduced
1481s previously um it's not just used for you
1484s know Gathering resources anymore it's
1485s also used for completing objectives um
1489s like these s sites
1491s so it's just nice to always we we always
1494s kind of wanted to to do that and it even
1496s surprised us I remember when we put the
1498s m in laser and not even we we hadn't
1501s even put it out yet we put a video of
1503s the mining laser on Discord and people
1505s were already going I can use this for
1506s Target painting and straight away we're
1509s like people are already thinking about
1510s ways that they can use this so the
1512s luckily our designers were also thinking
1514s about the same thing so these panels
1516s need the mining laser here there are
1517s also some internal prototypes that we're
1519s just playing around with and exploring
1520s about how other ways can we use this
1522s mining laser um which is really cool we
1525s don't want it to just be for mining this
1527s is a tool and why shouldn't we be using
1529s it for for other
1531s things yeah definitely um it's it's
1533s funny because when when I first went
1535s into this with the uh with the squad
1536s what we what we originally planned was
1538s we would have someone watching the front
1539s someone watching the back and then one
1540s person doing the the mining uh doing the
1543s the patterns and uh we quickly found out
1546s that it was actually better to do it
1548s separately so all three of us took one
1550s section each and then um we would
1553s whoever the last uh whoever done this
1555s quickest would just go to the last one
1557s and then the other two can hold off the
1558s enemies so there's a lot of different um
1560s tactics that you can do with it um and
1562s obviously as well you still got to
1563s remember that there is going to be other
1564s players around that could potentially
1565s just come in and sweep it sweep from mum
1567s after you've done work I imagine a
1570s meta's going to form all of these things
1572s happen and players will figure out a way
1573s of Min maxing this like we saw this with
1576s contracts that we added in with First
1577s Strike we never imagined that people
1579s would be able to complete you know
1581s almost 1500 of them over a weekend um
1584s but that they surprised us with that
1587s this is why we do this and this is why
1588s we get excited by this is um be really
1590s interesting to see how people kind of
1592s Break um and form a meta and strategy
1595s around these kind of things that we put
1596s out we we we kind of plop them in to
1598s just create some emergence in the
1600s gameplay and how people interact with
1602s them how they interact with others
1603s around it um is super interesting right
1606s we might even find two squads or three
1608s decide that it's more effective to to
1610s help each other and take this on
1612s together and share the rewards he knows
1613s right
1614s mhm yeah um and I believe I think when
1618s you loot them um I think they have uh
1621s chipsets in them as well I believe um
1624s which is really really cool we will go
1625s onto the chipsets in the Adaptive
1626s Weaponry uh in a moment but since we're
1628s on the topic of uh the mining um I think
1630s it'd be really cool to just talk about
1632s the Escape pod cracking uh this is
1635s another cool element of the game where
1637s you you find um pods around the map and
1640s you can just hack them enter the code
1642s and then
1643s redeem some some credits yeah like the
1648s this is one of the things that um when
1650s we're kind of doing a lot of open
1651s prototyping um I think this was the the
1654s brainchild of um CCP principal our lead
1656s game designer who was looking at ways to
1658s better utilize the laser and come up
1661s with things that players can just
1662s stumble upon and have to interact with
1664s in the world um and it it is really cool
1668s already to see these Jets and pods that
1670s players have to hack into adding a new
1672s mechanic in here obviously with the
1673s hacking um having to wait for the uh the
1676s numbers to appear which exposes you as
1678s well so risk reward in the gameplay as
1680s well um all of these things are just
1682s really cool and I think um it's very
1686s worth spending your time if you stumble
1688s across one of these the credits you can
1690s earn from these is generally quite a lot
1691s so uh it's worth if you spot a few uh
1695s taking your time unless you feel um they
1698s expose you too much but you'll find them
1699s all littered around the map um again one
1702s of the many things we want to add to
1703s kind of just keep you entertained and
1705s you have is we' always talked about this
1708s from like a perspective is the player
1709s has their goals there's something that
1711s they want to achieve in the session it's
1712s our job to just put loads of stuff in
1713s their way that may just draw their
1715s attention um uh and that that's the kind
1718s of this is a prime example of um that
1722s kind of
1726s gameplay yeah I think uh the the tactic
1729s that I found is if you get to a loot
1730s site you do the the pods first the
1734s Escape pods first activate it Go loot
1736s everything and then come back to it
1737s right um I shouldn't be sharing this
1739s information but uh I I know I my my
1742s secret strats but uh I I feel bad for
1745s getting to uh getting to play it early
1747s but yeah I think uh I think it's a
1749s really cool element uh introduced to the
1751s game um so I know we we talked about um
1755s the chip sets that you can receive now
1756s so this is uh very interesting because I
1760s feel like this is such a
1761s customizable it's such a like a way for
1764s players to be able to customize the way
1766s that they play the game um in the in the
1768s term of these chips as where they can
1769s actually design their gun to work the
1772s way that they want it to um so if I
1775s bring up the Adaptive Weaponry like for
1779s example in this clip here you'll see
1781s that there's there's two separate modes
1782s now per gun correct like it has like two
1785s different personalities yeah there's
1786s there's like an alpha and beta load out
1788s so players will create their own
1789s loadouts in the front end and they can
1791s switch between them using Q if you press
1793s Q you'll switch between the the two load
1795s outs on the fly so like a strat I like
1798s to use is I create a short short range
1800s Loadout it's very bursty um very kind of
1802s from the hip um and then I create a
1805s another Loadout which is a bit more long
1807s range um and then I just switch between
1809s the two when I've got different
1810s engagement ranges but the there's also
1813s like Scopes is a part of this as well
1815s like I think if I go back to like the
1816s original goals like CU you're you're
1819s right this is we wanted to go very wide
1821s with this when we talked about how we
1823s wanted to take weapons forwards there
1825s was there was you know some paths we
1827s could take we could just keep making
1828s more weapons um um or which is kind of
1832s the the wide approach to making Weaponry
1834s or we could actually just go tall with
1835s our weapons make these weapons platforms
1838s that players can then customize and how
1840s deep we go to the customization is up to
1842s us right and we wanted to just see how
1844s far we could go with this by exposing as
1848s many parameters of that weapons profile
1850s to the chipsets so and then create
1852s chipsets around that at different tiers
1854s at different stat levels um for players
1857s to basically just start creating those
1858s things we wanted people if they we
1860s wanted it to be inefficient as well like
1863s people can make bad builds and that is a
1866s part of this is you will have to learn
1869s what works for you but it's not just
1871s about power there isn't like a final
1874s build that is perfect um it's about how
1877s you like to use the weapon right like I
1879s like dmrs but I'm I'm not a very Twitchy
1883s shooter I don't like getting up in close
1885s range and just trying to keep my
1886s Crosshair on you I like being far away
1889s and knowing that you are you don't see
1892s me and then me trying to get a pot shot
1893s on you so I'm going to be building my
1895s weapon around that but there will be
1896s people who just just want to run at
1898s people and fire from the hip and unload
1900s a clip as quickly as
1902s possible both of those things work and
1906s that's the kind of Realm that we wanted
1907s to create here with the chipsets is
1910s there is a progression in it the more
1912s chipsets you have and the higher ones
1914s you have the more customization you have
1916s over the weapon um but it is about
1918s how what works for you and how you like
1921s to kill people and how you like to
1923s engage in combat you're building your
1924s load outs that way and I think we have I
1927s think over around 70 chipsets at the
1929s moment so there's a lot of customization
1930s you can do from Scopes and highlights um
1934s changing things like you know uh damage
1936s output and stability recoil control all
1939s of these things um I'd like I we're just
1942s really excited it's one of those things
1944s again let's see how people break it
1947s right yeah like if we want people if
1949s somebody creates a meme build we want to
1951s see what those meme builds are if there
1953s is a build that starts to rise from the
1956s crop as like this is a really good build
1961s and it's slightly overpowered we want to
1962s see that now because it's at this stage
1965s that we can start making those changes
1966s we want to see where the balance you
1968s know Deltas are and um we just we wanted
1972s to put it out as wide as possible so
1975s people can just rip turn run this thing
1977s but it it's again is emphasizing that
1980s the weapons that we build and this isn't
1982s always going to be a one weapon game
1983s right we only have one weapon at the
1985s moment we will eventually get around to
1987s making more weapons but we just still
1989s feel there's more depth we want to build
1991s into the weapon system this is the first
1992s step on that and be really exciting to
1995s see all the different builds that people
1997s make yeah um I I know there's a there's
2000s a player I keep calling him out Levi
2002s Thunder who likes meleeing people
2004s unfortunately there aren't any melee
2005s chips he can't make any melee builds but
2008s I he just likes running at people right
2009s so he may be thinking about creating
2012s some short range um load outs to to help
2016s him out because I know we've added a
2018s cool down to melee now which I think
2020s he's very unhappy about um primarily
2023s devs uh he likes to uh practice on I
2026s think yes 100% yeah the but no what's
2030s what's really cool about this though um
2033s is that obviously I know a lot of people
2035s say like is it still one gun I mean the
2038s is this time it's like yeah it's still
2040s one gun but it can be shaped in any kind
2043s of way uh that you want it to be um
2046s obviously there's limitations and stuff
2047s but yeah it's going to be really
2048s interesting to see what the meta is
2050s going to be as well um I know as you
2053s said like people breaking it uh which is
2054s probably going to be the same route as
2056s as creating a meta um but something
2058s that's really nice as well is the the
2060s touch of the uh the fire um rates right
2064s so you have like automatic which is like
2066s normal but then you also have a semi and
2069s uh sorry semi and burst isn't it I think
2072s yeah so you can you can have the the
2073s burst and you can have the the semi um
2075s and I think a lot of people you know
2077s they you know everyone's like oh where's
2078s the where's the snipers or where's the
2080s DRM and stuff like that but at least you
2081s can actually kind of convert it into one
2084s of those now um to suit your play style
2086s and as you said earlier it's definitely
2088s uh for me I definitely use um long range
2091s and short range um so it's definitely uh
2096s there definitely going to be a change in
2097s Pace um when I play the game now I think
2100s cuz we still only have the one gun we've
2102s gone very wide I think like um I was
2104s chatting to some people in Discord about
2105s this the other day is that over time
2108s when we add more weapons in the
2110s individual frames may feel like their
2113s characteristics tighten a bit like right
2116s now we have gone very wide because we
2117s only have one weapon we do want people
2119s to build across the full spectrum um but
2121s at the end of the day the core 80 is
2123s still an assault rifle we're not going
2125s to allow you to have chipsets on it that
2126s make it a shotgun or make it sniper
2128s rifle you'll be able to kind of pull it
2130s from the the center in towards more of a
2133s kind of a close-range bursty weapon and
2135s to a DMR um but Our intention isn't to
2137s just make like kind of a one- siiz
2139s fits-all weapon that you can you know
2141s change into absolutely everything and
2142s that's the next weapons that will add
2144s will be a different type of frame that
2146s will have their own characteristics and
2148s likely their own set of chipsets that
2150s can pull that in kind of either
2152s direction left or right of the of the
2153s center as well yeah yeah
2158s did um uh sneaky did you want to say
2160s anything on the on the weapons or I mean
2162s absolutely I
2164s think didn't want to no no go there's so
2168s much to to talk about I guess as as
2171s developers the Adaptive Weaponry is just
2173s such
2174s a such a fun thing to play around with
2177s even if it's like just the sitting
2180s around the kitchen table and discussing
2183s hey have you been able to make this uh
2186s this uh Zoom work because I don't know
2188s it's just it uh screws up my recall a
2191s little bit too bad and then I don't know
2194s you you get to properly Theory craft and
2197s and sort of uh talk about the game which
2201s is just really exciting and as a as a
2204s challenge from a developers point of
2207s view making this system work and making
2211s it feel right
2214s um because I know um there's a
2218s CCP colins was talking about 70
2221s different uh
2223s chipsets in there's there's a couple of
2226s parameters that we tweak and that each
2228s of these chipsets tweak um and sort of
2233s figuring out how to make those things
2236s feel right um and to make it feel right
2239s if your if your gun turns from a close
2242s range weapon to a long range weapon um
2246s is just a very exciting thing to work on
2249s um so I can't wait to work on this more
2253s to be honest um I think with this sort
2255s of first iteration of it and getting it
2257s into people's hands and seeing what they
2259s do with it
2261s [Music]
2263s um that'll be very nice to see but I'm
2266s just excited to to drill into it even
2270s deeper yeah it's um it's it's nice to
2273s see that there's like a tier system on
2275s them as well but they have like um I
2276s think it's blue is uh one and then green
2279s is two and then purple is three I
2280s believe um oh absolutely which is really
2283s cool um so obviously like when I'm when
2285s I'm deploying and I'm and I'm managing
2287s my my Loadout uh I always uh you know if
2290s I get full inventory I'll always
2292s prioritize the two over the one um so
2294s there's that little bit of like
2295s Inventory management as well which is um
2297s which is nice to have
2299s um yeah yeah and it really makes you
2302s sort of look if you've got this build of
2305s a weapon but it's just not dealing
2306s enough damage so you just keep dying
2309s yeah um it really gives you a reason to
2311s go look for a a like higher tier chipset
2313s of this of this power module or um to
2317s really pull your gun over the edge and
2320s make it as as strong as you need it to
2322s be uh yeah gives you a big reason to to
2325s sort of redeploy and and uh and look at
2329s the map more because there's so many
2330s different ways to get these chipsets as
2332s well uh some are better than others um
2335s and this again is one of those things
2337s that I was talk talking to one of my
2339s colleagues earlier today uh and he was
2342s like oh yeah there's this other thing
2343s hidden on the map where you can also get
2345s chipsets and that's a really efficient
2347s way and I was like oh my God I had never
2350s I've never even run into
2352s this you're not going to share that with
2354s us no oh no
2357s keep yeah I I think like that's like the
2361s the the start of how people acquire
2363s chips sets as well cuz it's worth it's
2364s worth saying like this is the first step
2367s in adapted weapon
2368s like for the next release we're already
2369s planning on how we can build more depth
2371s and strategy into the system in terms of
2373s how people acquire chipsets um and we've
2375s made had to make some balancing changes
2377s as well to accommodate because now
2380s there's far more risk in death right
2382s like you have things to lose now right
2383s if you if you die you lose the chipsets
2386s that you're on your weapon and if you
2387s haven't banked any the ones that you're
2389s also carrying in your inventory right so
2391s we've had to accommodate for that so
2392s recones um we give you are a bit more
2395s generous now but like recones as well
2397s and this is you know hash Dev tip um
2401s always keep a reclone handy like think
2403s of it as like
2404s Insurance um because if you die you will
2409s reclone with the same chipsets on your
2411s weapon you'll have to go back to get the
2413s ones that are in your inventory but you
2415s get to keep the ones that you're on your
2416s weapon take a moment to reflect if you
2419s are down to no
2420s reclines is it worth extracting so you
2424s get to keep the ones that you're on your
2425s weapon or do you want to take that risk
2427s moving forwards um so I think it's like
2431s is really cool to see how people play as
2432s well because I'm I'm I'm having to get
2435s over the fact that when I play a lot of
2436s these games I suffer from a lot of gear
2437s fear is where I have my tier 3es and I
2440s never want to use them because I'm
2441s really worried so like I'm having to
2443s accommodate and it's made me think about
2445s recones very differently when I think of
2447s like that last reclone is that moment
2449s where I go okay I've got a chance to
2452s keep my tier 3es on my weapon I'm going
2454s to extract um so yeah I think
2458s it adds a lot of permutations to
2459s gameplay which is really exciting yeah
2461s I've started to to approach it
2463s differently actually in in same as in E
2467s on line where you at the end of the day
2469s if you're net
2471s positive like at the end of your play
2474s session that's a win so if you go in and
2478s you die but as long as you get out with
2481s more good chipsets than you got in with
2484s um that's fine and then I just get to
2486s experience building my weapon again with
2488s different and hopefully better chipsets
2491s so I've started to not even not even try
2494s to survive anymore and and take my
2496s chipsets out but just make sure I I run
2498s a net positive which I think is really
2501s fun as well just different a different
2503s way of playing yeah I I think that that
2506s that's the the cool thing about this
2507s right is we want people will come at
2510s this from different angles like I'm a
2513s very lazy Theory crafter whenever I play
2515s Deck Builders I just go on meta websites
2517s and just
2518s right that one looks good I've got the
2519s cards I need for that like I'm just
2521s waiting for the experts to tell me like
2524s hey this is this is the load out for a
2526s really good DMR because I'm I'm just too
2528s lazy to experiment myself in certain
2530s places and I I think this is one of the
2532s things we thought about when we made
2533s this I think like you you talked about
2535s the sneaky right his like Theory
2537s crafting is we want that to be a
2540s significant part of the strategy of how
2542s you deploy is there's that you know and
2544s if people want to Theory craft
2546s themselves and experiment that's but
2548s people just want to watch a YouTube
2549s video of somebody who's found that
2551s perfect SMG or that perfect DMR um then
2554s that's also good right but that just
2556s adds to the experience rather than just
2558s it being a second gun that you pick up
2561s which is what we we we never wanted it
2562s to be that
2564s simple yeah uh 100% agree with you there
2567s like if I'm if I'm going to go dropping
2569s you know into like war zone or something
2570s the first thing I do is I go and watch a
2572s video to see what the meta is right um
2574s so it's definitely uh opening the gates
2576s to that um I think the other thing as
2578s well that you touched up on is you know
2580s the gear idea is um it's kind of like
2583s the the E on line rule isn't it that uh
2585s you don't fly a ship if you can't afford
2587s to lose it right is that's so it's kind
2589s of like that that link there as well um
2592s yes uh it's very very cool um I think so
2596s the the other things uh that we have uh
2599s brought in is um the motion scanners and
2605s the proximity mines
2608s these are a lot of
2610s fun um and yeah and and the designers
2614s were experimenting with loads more as
2616s well these were the two that we decided
2618s we could get in a decent place for this
2620s test but like um Unchained they will
2623s just keep making as many of the these
2626s little deployables and craftables um as
2629s possible but like the motion scanner for
2631s me is gamechanging because I'm I I like
2635s playing solo mhm I like Mining and I
2639s can't always watch my back so if I can
2641s just pop down a motion Scanner listen
2642s for the blip but I'm also very cautious
2645s like you said my preferred gameplay
2646s style is keeping people at a distance
2648s and shooting them that way um so having
2652s the motion scanner to see what's up
2653s ahead is is awesome um and the mines as
2657s well like the old tactic of putting down
2659s a claymore behind you um like in COD
2662s right it's like that so I can kind of
2664s cover my rear if I need to if I find a
2666s good point and I want to you know take
2668s up a position I can put a couple of
2669s Mines down we've also found in play test
2671s as well people using them for trolling
2673s like just putting loads of mines around
2675s a bank station so people can't get to it
2678s and stuff like that it's just um just
2680s just adding more factors into the
2682s gameplay which is really
2685s exciting uh yeah one of the things I did
2687s um yesterday was I was trying to gather
2689s footage for the for the mines and I I
2691s I'll be honest I was only what should
2693s have took 15 minutes to just log on and
2695s demonstrate how a mine worked actually
2697s took me about about 3 hours because I
2698s was just having so much fun with it um
2700s like for example like here I I went to
2703s the secur Salvage site and just decided
2704s to place mines everywhere um just to
2706s watch the enemies come in in waves and
2708s just get blown up and it was amazing it
2710s it was so much fun especially as a solo
2713s player as
2716s well yeah absolutely there's just opens
2720s up I guess you have to be be
2723s um sort of uh maybe not careful but you
2728s need a bit of a scalpel approach to what
2731s you add to the game and what you don't
2733s as in as CCB Collins was saying there's
2736s so many ideas of stuff we could add into
2738s the game and it's all very exciting and
2740s and it's
2742s uh just giving players a couple more
2746s tools uh just makes being in a session
2750s and looking for your own play style so
2753s much more interesting because before we
2755s really just had the shield mostly and
2758s the shield was much bigger of an impact
2760s than at least let me speak for myself I
2762s would have expected
2765s um you could definitely see a lot more
2767s players as the play tests went on using
2769s the shields a lot more strategically um
2771s and I think that's probably what's going
2772s to happen here um do they are they
2775s friendly fire if a a teammate walks over
2778s one yeah I think looking at that damage
2781s report you've got on the screen you took
2782s damage from a peaceful yeah my own one I
2786s did
2788s I so whether that Splash D that could
2789s either be Splash damage but um yeah I
2792s think um I'm pretty sure there is some
2794s friendly fire on them especially with
2796s Squad mates you should be careful don't
2798s just place them down willy-nilly
2799s remember where you remember where you
2801s parked your mine I is funny for me to
2804s see actually normally I I just see
2806s proximity mine Dash uh CCP rage who is a
2811s prolific proximity mind Placer who who
2814s always gets me
2817s yeah I uh I was trying to record footage
2819s yesterday and it was very funny because
2821s um I just kept blowing myself up they
2824s just kept attacking me and uh but no
2827s they they're a lot of fun and as you
2828s said the motion scanner as well I think
2830s that's going to be very crucial
2831s especially if you're doing like these uh
2832s these new activities like maybe like the
2833s mining tether you put it on like sort of
2835s Choke points or maybe you're doing the
2837s um SEC uh SEC Salvage sites especially
2840s inside the wreckage you know you could
2841s set it up so that it's holding those
2844s sort of chug points to make sure that
2845s you don't get flanked by other players
2847s um
2847s yeah I think there's going to be a lot
2848s of strategies that we see coming coming
2850s out from the
2851s players yeah and there is there is audio
2854s on the mines um so be uh be listen out
2858s for that distinctive chirp um it will
2862s haunt you yeah because sometimes you
2865s hear the chirp and you you know you know
2866s it's too late you know it's too late
2870s but yeah the um I think the uh the other
2874s thing then is there's these fragments
2876s around the map
2878s um can we talk about those like the
2879s Easter egg fragments yeah I think it's
2881s worth not talking about them too much Cu
2883s uh you you will find little data panels
2886s around the map some of them may lead to
2890s a hidden cache that's on the world and
2894s some of them may allude to some illicit
2896s activity that was uh happening on the
2899s map from a certain Corporation of up
2902s well but we can see here yeah yeah so we
2906s we're we're it won't be long before
2908s somebody pieces these all together um
2912s but yeah I think the maybe the less said
2914s about that the better yeah yeah that's
2915s absolutely fine um I just hope be
2917s bringing up because I've seen them a lot
2919s and yeah it's just uh something to to
2922s mention um yeah um aside from that then
2925s I think uh that's pretty much everything
2927s in regards to the the features obviously
2930s because the the first strike is ended
2931s now is now Solstice um one of the things
2934s that we we want to make clear is that uh
2939s even though this is the last sort of um
2942s public play test we are going to be
2944s doing internal play tests um moving
2948s forward so what this means is that um
2951s we've opened the Vanguard official
2952s Discord now people can join the official
2954s Discord and they'll be able to find more
2955s information on this um so it's not like
2958s we're going to go quiet we you know we
2959s are gathering all the feedback and
2960s everything that we've learned from the
2961s past plat tests um very importantly
2964s listen to the community uh but it's
2966s going to be more in turn on now um yeah
2969s there won't there won't strictly be
2971s monthly play tests in the way that we've
2973s done first strike um that isn't to say
2976s that we're done with play test we're
2977s certainly not um there's still some uh
2981s decision making we have to do off the
2982s back of this play test but yeah we um
2985s moving into that finders program where
2988s we are running uh more internal play
2990s tests with the community is what we'll
2992s be doing as we build towards um the next
2994s major content release yeah uh there will
2997s be um a lot more information on that um
3000s in the Discord as the uh as the weeks uh
3002s you know in the coming weeks so um if
3004s you guys aren't already in the official
3005s Discord come check it out because it's a
3007s great place we've got you know I think
3008s we've got over 2,000 uh people in there
3010s now uh within you know sort of a few
3012s days which is incredible um but yeah so
3015s we are sharing a lot of stuff on there
3017s if you guys want to get involved um y
3021s the um the other thing to discuss um I
3023s know the uh the road map um so obviously
3026s just we've already touched on previously
3028s about the um the founders and the
3030s internal play test and stuff but just to
3032s uh go over the the the road map uh very
3035s briefly because uh we are at the end of
3038s it now uh this is the final part the new
3040s map weapon modification session
3041s persistence and fitting um yeah it's
3044s been a pretty long six months I guess
3047s seven months since yeah if if you asked
3050s me this time last year whether we
3052s thought we could run a monthly play
3054s test um culminating in this patch in
3057s June um I would have probably called you
3060s insane the the amount of effort that's
3062s gone into this uh and the the effort
3064s from the the team has been absolutely
3066s incredible to get to this point which is
3068s really cool um but like and if if you
3071s allowing me to SP as well like go for I
3073s I don't want this to feel like it is the
3075s end right it certainly isn't the team
3077s are now transitioning into our next
3079s development block where we're building
3081s out the rest of the future of the game
3082s that we'll do a another content release
3085s um that we we're hoping will be at the
3087s end of this year um that we're now
3089s working towards now and there's some
3091s awesome stuff already planned in that
3093s around building in more strategic depth
3095s and agency into the experience more
3097s purpose and narrative into places as
3099s well um like that we're now
3102s transitioning into the of building that
3104s for the last couple of months uh a whole
3106s lot of us have been planning that
3107s release and um I can't tell you what
3110s we're planning just yet um as we kind of
3112s explore that and solidify that but like
3114s some of the stuff that we're already
3116s starting to cook up um just sounds
3119s really exciting and it's all about
3121s taking steps in growing this product
3124s with the community uh and building
3127s towards that goal of of of building an
3130s MMO FPS really that's the the north the
3133s north star that we that we eventually
3135s want to build towards and the fature set
3137s that we're building hopefully will take
3139s us
3142s there excellent um sneaky did you want
3145s to mention anything in regards to the
3149s road map in regards to the road map yeah
3153s um
3156s gosh I didn't want I didn't want to
3158s leave you out that's what it was I
3159s didn't want to leave you out I'm excited
3161s to work on it so yeah yeah sure sure no
3164s um no that's that's fine uh something
3166s that we uh do want to bring up though is
3169s the new weapon skins uh that we have um
3171s coming with the the sources launch so
3175s I'll just uh bring these up because we
3176s got some really cool videos uh to
3178s demonstrate these um let me just check
3181s these on there so we have the um the
3185s default gun uh the Bas c80 uh has had a
3188s complete reskin I guess um it looks much
3192s more clean now a lot more bronze
3195s effect uh we also have the
3199s arbine uh skin this arbine skin is for
3202s anybody who participated in the December
3205s play test last year um very nice I
3208s really like the the glow on the handles
3210s as well really impressive and then of
3214s course we do have the Eden com skin uh
3216s that I know a lot of you were already
3217s aware of cuz I think you received emails
3219s about it but the Eden com skin was uh
3221s given to the players that participated
3223s in four out of six uh of the challenges
3228s uh throughout the first strike events um
3231s there is another uh skin reward as well
3233s that I will mention um but it's
3237s going to be provided later um it's not
3240s actually
3242s for uh this sorry it is for Solstice but
3246s it's not going to be distributed um
3248s anytime soon it will come at a later
3250s date uh so there will be more
3251s information on that though of course by
3253s all means just jump in the Discord and
3255s uh we we should be able to find that um
3258s so the other thing then as well um so
3261s there will be challenges as well uh like
3263s we've done with the first strike events
3264s where there will be a leaderboard um but
3267s for the challenges uh for the uh
3269s harvesting 80 units of reactive alloy uh
3272s reactive alloy and craft 9900 units of
3274s energy ammo you will receive the alos AR
3277s combine Horizon skin uh I know a lot of
3280s people have probably um uh I think a lot
3282s of people have asked me already whether
3284s you can do this solo I'm 99% sure you
3287s can um I haven't been told otherwise
3289s because I know from the past previous
3290s play tests um when we did switch them up
3293s that you could do them in Solo cuz I
3294s know a lot of people were requesting
3295s them uh the other skin then is the zura
3300s uh Navy issue AR combine rizon skin uh
3303s and you can get the skin by getting 25
3305s kills with each firing mode the
3307s semi-auto burst fire and full auto
3310s firing uh this comes in the form of
3312s chipsets uh that we was talking about
3313s earlier so you do get uh the chipsets on
3316s the map from completing activities and
3317s looting Etc and it's going to be um out
3320s of those three chipsets the full auto
3322s fir ring is just going to be uh ordinary
3324s but then you've got the other chipsets
3325s which is semi-auto and burst fire that
3328s you can find and apply to your weapon um
3331s and then of course the uh final one is
3334s the leaderboard that is uh 3,000 Plex
3336s that's sub to grabs uh again um so if
3339s you place Top 10 in the leaderboard then
3341s you should be able to uh earn some FX uh
3344s the way that we've done it this time is
3346s you need to uh drop into a game and
3349s complete at least one contract pick up
3351s and successfully bank or extract at
3354s least one weapon chipet
3359s excellent um aside from that I think
3362s that's pretty much
3364s everything was there anything that you
3366s guys wanted to uh
3370s add I think I'm going to go and play the
3373s game yeah yeah I I can't wait I I'm sat
3376s you with my fingers crossed hoping you
3377s say no so I can just go and play but uh
3380s that's same I've got all these chips
3382s that's to
3383s grind amazing uh no I'm very uh very
3386s very excited but no um thank you both
3387s for for coming on um and doing this with
3390s me it's been an absolute pleasure and
3392s very insightful as well thank you thank
3395s you for having
3397s me I will cool thank you so much catch
3400s you guys in a bit