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Fitting Warnings

about 11 hours ago - CCP_karkur on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hehe, yeah, CCP Fozzie has been busy authoring them to be both (‘armor or shield’), and those ships will not trigger this warning :slight_smile:

Eve Subway Map

about 21 hours ago - CCP_Falcon on Forums - Thread - Direct


These are awesome!

21 Aug

All three of my cats are my favourite type of cat.

Also, I’m totally not posting this under duress.

it is actually “or” :slight_smile:
The tooltip read:
“Armor or Shields: Equally capable of using either armor or shield defenses”

Stop rumor mongering, this was a random roam as part of GM Week.


Originally posted by chel0007

  • Ships will now automatically enter warp after three minutes of attempting to align and reach the required speed.

Something tells me TiDi will not affect that 3 minute timer, so you will be essentially immune to points in huge engagements where u are not in a bubble...

I have not tested it myself yet, but I took a quick look at the change and as far as I can see it should correctly use time dilation.

Edit: And also confirmed tested on Singularity.

Fitting Warnings

1 day ago - CCP_karkur on Forums - Thread - Direct

Did you know if you mouse over the modules in the fitting window, it will show on the CPU bar how much of the CPU they are taking?

\0/ risk free fof ratting is dead.

Greetings Tenacious Testers!

The EVE Dev team have been working on a package of tweaks, fixes and improvements for the September release, which have reached the our public test server Singularity in today’s update.

These changes (with a couple of exceptions) are primarily focused on improving the experience for pilots in their first few hours and days in New Eden, but of course many of these will be generally useful for pilots of all ages and experience levels. At this time this list is incomplete, and more changes will likely be added over the coming weeks.

If nothing significant turns up during t...

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Dear CCP - where is the July MER?

1 day ago - /u/CCP_Falcon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by NoBrittanyNoo

Falcon is a no nonsense tell it like it is guy right? I'm sure he'll answer the call....

See here - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/ctfpjt/dear_ccp_where_is_the_july_mer/exl1a67/

Dear CCP - where is the July MER?

1 day ago - /u/CCP_Falcon on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Fitting Warnings

1 day ago - CCP_karkur on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey all,

Today we have a new feature, Fitting Warnings, on Singularity and we would like to ask for your help testing it!
The idea with this new feature is to help new and old players improve their fitting skills and help them avoid common pitfalls.
The Fitting Warnings feature analyzes the fitting of your ships and warns you when your fit is off in some way and give you hints on how to fix the issues. The combinations of modules and ships in EVE are near endless, so we’d love to get more eyes on it, have you guys test out your fits and tell us how it’s working or not working for you.

There are 4 new icons in the Fitting window, each of them is only displayed if any of the rules in the corresponding category are broken.

  • Crucial (Red):

    • CPU overloaded
    • Powergrid overloaded
    • Cargo overloaded
    • Missing subsystem for T3 Cruisers
  • Warning (Yellow):

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image.jpg900×506 102 KB

Have you ever felt like your favourite item in EVE deserves a more fitting description?

Maybe a little more panache? Perhaps a spot of humour, or maybe a touch of edginess to it?

Fear not, glorious capsuleers, for you can now have the chance to make things right!

Starting right now, this thread is open for the next 7 days, until 00:00 on 2019/08/29.

This is the place where you’ll be able to submit your own ideas to the GM Week Item Description Contest!


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