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That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.



They were just really polite and quite like. during the actual interview they had paperbags over their heads instead of their helmets which was pretty funny. It was just a quick hi and bye.
Ian Anderson was … less nice.

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What were they like in person? That sounds like a pretty awesome time.


So full disclosure; I was working for a TV show called Kastljós in Iceland and Daft Punk came for an interview for their premiere of Electroma, the arthouse film that they had just done and was being shown at Reykjavik Film Festival. I was assistant producer, was basically just the dude who welcomed them in and got them coffee, but I shook hands with them and got all kindsa startruck.
Trivia - Electroma is actually the...

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Well if a dev that has shaken hands with Basshunter and Daft Punk AND been threatened by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull isn’t enough I guess I’ll just go back to catching up on what I missed on meme monday on Reddit brb.



There will be extended downtime of 20 minutes tomorrow, Wednesday 3 March, to perform maintenance on our live chat and game database. This is routine work, and no game content changes are planned. We expect Tranquility to start accepting connections by 11:20 UTC at the latest but will let you know if anything changes.

Keep an eye on this thread or EVE Status Twitter for updates.


01 Mar


I wish I could change such settings by category, but unfortunately they’re global for all sections.

Thanks for flagging this for me.


Hey there, this isn’t a new rule - looks like it’s a default setting which has never been changed. I’ve bumped the number up a bit so hopefully it gets in the way less often, but I can’t remove it completely.



As we have other work that will require a maintenance, we will be postponing this extended downtime to bundle them all together to minimize the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding!


Hello everyone,

We will have an extended downtime today, 1 March 2021, to carry out maintenance work on our Live Chat database. We expect Tranquility to be back accepting connections by 11:20 UTC at the latest.

I will let you know in this thread and on EVE Status Twitter as soon as we are done. Thank you!

28 Feb

Thank you for the feedback. I will pass it along to Community Team.

Yes, they do. CCP regularly reads the forums, and ISD moderates the forums.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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