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28 May

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26 May

Hello spacefriends and welcome to the latest edition of the Community Beat! If you maniacs could take a break from dropping Titans and dreads on each other in Old Man Star for five minutes that'd be great. (Actually that's not true - please keep shooting each other in the face.)


Pic from TheEternalZombieKing on Reddit

This won't be the last time Snuffed Out do something in this Beat, because...

Snuffed Out drop in on Preach

Renowned streamer and Youtuber ...

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Conversational capsuleers,   

With Fanfest only a few months away and the 20th anniversary celebrations still ongoing, we’re excited to bring you the lineup of player presenters for EVE Fanfest 2023! 

Over the past two decades, the actions, stories, and knowledge of players have shaped EVE Online into a truly special world with a community unlike any other – and when the cyno for Fanfest is lit in Reykjavik this September, a record 9 players will be bringing their passions and expertise forged across 20 years of EVE onstage to present to capsuleers both in person and onstream around the world. 

Without further ado, here are your player presenters for EVE Fanfest 2023: 

The Oz 

Often found sharing his wealth of knowledge on his ...

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25 May

Welcome to the second installment in the Viridian in Focus series of articles, designed to give you insight into specific upcoming elements of the EVE Online: Viridian expansion due in June! Viridian will be the first of two major expansions for EVE in 2023, introducing new tools for capsuleers to manage their corporations and set goals, to personalize Upwell structures, as well as engage in socially driven gameplay content. It will also provide more avenues for new and existing players to forge relationships as they fly and strive together for the glory of their corporation!

A major new addition to New Eden as part of Viridian will be the introduction of lancers. These Tech II dreadnoughts will be specialized ships that bring unique combat strategies and serve a distinct role in the capital ship ecosystem. Get the lowdown on these colossal new ships as they are discussed throughout this article, in the video below, as well as on stream via ...

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24 May


We agree, and Delonewolf is a member of the EVE Online Partner Program!


There is only one week left before the end of May – which means there is only one week left to make sure that your name appears on the Worlds within a World EVE Monument in Reykjavik.

The deadline for securing a spot on the monument was extended due to feedback, and to make sure that even players who couldn’t be Omega by the 6th of May didn’t miss their chance. Any player who is Omega during the month of May will have their character name included on the monument, and characters who are already listed will receive a chevron next to their name. This is the first time new names are being added since the monument was first erected ten years ago, so don’t miss out on this chance to be part of EVE’s unique legacy.

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The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 21.04). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

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After today, May 24, EVE Anywhere, the service enabling EVE Online to be played in-browser, will be discontinued.

Sincere thanks to all the pilots who have played EVE Online via Anywhere.


23 May

22 May



Depending on which graphics chip your computer has, then it is indeed possible, that it is just running out of VRAM on such an old computer, which would in turn crash the graphics driver. It is also possible, that some bug is being triggered - either within the EVE client or in the graphics driver.

Please try following things:

  • Update your graphics driver
  • Verify the resource cache of the client through the launcher (maybe there are corrupt files) and download the full client through the launcher).
  • Reduce the graphics settings of the client to minimum and then slowly increase the settings again to see if you can find a problematic setting for your client.
  • Try to use outside view for Upwell structures, if the hangar is causing VRAM problems
  • Try to monitor the VRAM usage

If everything still looks like it is a bug (quite likely), then please send a bug report from within the client (F12 - Report Bug) a...

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As messaged in the original post of this thread, from today (Monday May 22) PLEX payments will no longer be accepted through EVE Anywhere.

EVE Anywhere will discontinue this week on May 24.

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