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ESI was disabled with the issue Zhalyd linked, so that’s probably the cause. It should be re-enabled today if all goes well.


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The rollback just refers to the game build, you will not have lost any progress. The only things being reverted are the griffin navy defect fix and the tax haven event updates that went in today (along with some back end changes).


We gave it a 30 minute timer so people could get safe before things go offline - hopefully won’t be down too long as we revert (may take 15 minutes).

Trust me, we don’t want to have to shut it down any more than you guys :cold_sweat:


We’re investigating a node death which has resulted in markets and contracts becoming inoperable in game.

The issue is being worked on and we let you know here and on the EVE Status twitter account as more information becomes available.

Update 12:04: ESI is being disabled while we troubleshoot this issue.

Update 12:25: Tranquility Server is being shut down with a 30 minute timer as we roll back changes made to the server during today’s downtime. While not the cause, this rollback will revert the Griffin Navy fix and the Black Market Tax Haven updates from today’s patch notes until this issue is resolved.

Update 12:55: Tranquility is offline for rollback. This process may take 15 minutes before Tranquility is accessible again.

Update 13:06: Tranquility is now accepting connections.

25 Nov


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より本格的な方法でEVE Onlineに参加し、困っている人をあなたの知識で助けたり、EVEへの情熱を同好の士と共有したりしませんか?




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Hello Capsuleers,

In December, we will be modifying the ‘Aggressive’ behavior setting of drones, making them respond only to direct offensive actions taken by another Capsuleer (player) or their controlled drones.

Drones will therefore no longer automatically attack NPCs when their behavior is set to aggressive and instead will rely on player-issued commands to initiate action against a designated target. We are making this change to ensure that NPC killing activities move closer towards attentive player interactions and rely much less on low or no attention gameplay.

We also wish to maintain the criticality of Player versus Player engagements, and recognize those situations which is why drones will continue to attack your attackers when set to aggressive.

Fly safe o7

Note: Drones will only auto-attack Capsuleers piloting a ship. They will not auto-attack controlled Structures or Player Owned Starbases modules/...

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