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3s good evening fan fest how are we doing
8s who's ready for some pvp
14s we are here
16s to witness the end
19s of the fan fest
21s global tournament of course this started
23s with the invasion series in various
25s different countries and it has finally
28s come down
29s to london
31s versus
33s germany
36s let me introduce our hosts first of all
39s we have the wonderful ithaca hawk
49s the magnificent man with the golden tie
52s gintan
56s minus the cat is
60s and last but not least
63s wingnut cross
70s these guys are going to be our
72s commentators and hosts for the upcoming
74s matches
76s if you would like to take your positions
80s next up i'd like to introduce ccp carbon
83s and ccp goat
85s as our two main referees just looking
87s out after the guys
97s and finally
98s the contestants
100s on the red side
102s rng
105s starfleet commander
108s and annie garden
118s if you'd like to set your seats
124s and on the blue side
127s we have and i have to be careful with
128s this one
130s no
131s fox
132s given
135s come on down guys
153s it's helpful when you remember names
155s isn't it
158s we also have ccp caragon helping me out
160s on the uh the camera today so the
163s wonderful work will be all his
167s and without further ado let's get things
169s rolling take it away james
172s thank you very much ccp's alice uh my
174s name is ithaca hawk as as mentioned i've
176s got jin tan and wingnut cross and i am
178s so excited that we are finally here
181s at this
182s final
183s uh is only taken us three years to get
185s here three years we started this i got
188s like
189s and now we've got uh germany versus
191s london
193s in where did was gentile where where all
195s the different teams from originally yeah
197s we had originally eight teams competing
200s at this event uh that all happened
202s yesterday we had a team uh unfortunately
205s that was knocked out from toronto russia
208s an online open qualifier which had to
211s fight through 16 rounds of best of one
213s to get here um
216s i've said toronto
218s vegas amsterdam and
221s australia represented by our good friend
224s wingnut wingnut what was it like trying
226s to fight your way through and not quite
228s making it to these finals minorly
230s embarrassing
233s this is why you check your lock rangers
234s guys
235s i thought i had 80 kilometers i did not
239s so unfortunately you were knocked out um
242s the best of
243s one single elimination
245s 16 rounds the online only team had to
248s get through i believe the word for that
249s is absolute shenanigans and uh
252s but they managed to get through they got
254s knocked out uh yesterday in the uh in
256s the the tournament that brought us here
259s so as mentioned we have uh from london
261s team rng composed of the starfleet
264s commander and annie gardet two
267s incredibly experienced tournament pilots
269s uh starfleet of course is the captain
271s from the reform volta alliance
272s tournament team who came second this
274s year uh annie gardet is actually the
276s brains behind that team starfleet knows
277s almost nothing about the game and he
279s carries him to victory
284s you tell me a little bit about the uh
285s the german team yeah mikolian is a
287s renowned pvp pilot the captain of the
290s lumpy at team um as blank i haven't
293s quite as much time to get to know but he
295s has been an excellent pilot so far in
297s the games managing to win out matches in
300s the qualifiers to get to this in hull uh
303s carrying michaelian on his back to do so
306s so wingnut tell me a little bit about
308s the matches yesterday like you competed
310s in i believe unfortunately just one yeah
312s um but what was the tournament format
313s like yesterday so it was all obviously
315s at cruises 80 frigates they were all
317s passive tanked and there was a few
319s special ones made that to catch people
321s out like me
324s but we've had a few interesting ones
325s there are some have a b's fitted there
327s are some that have like no tank
329s and there are some that are just amazing
331s i mean the lay laps was a god king rapid
333s lights maximum shield tank
335s the theme was banned a lot obviously we
337s all know uh defense any phantasm based
339s hull is ridiculous so i think it follows
342s that trend very well
343s yeah so if you if you don't know all
345s these ships that we're talking about
346s these are all alliance tournament prize
348s ships given out over the last 19 years
350s of eve online and this is what they're
353s having to fly with today ships it on t
355s cube would cost you hundreds of billions
356s if not more and in this round suspicious
361s has um gone home and had a few drinks
363s and then changed all of the fits so now
365s instead of passive tank we have active
367s tank
368s and he's fitted basically full of
369s officer modules so these ships are now
371s worth potentially trillions if it was on
373s tk of course this is on thunder dome so
375s it doesn't actually count and in some
377s cases
378s active tank
379s there are a few special ones again and i
382s hope these guys don't pick them but at
383s the same time i really hope they do
385s yeah it's worth noting that these teams
387s have both only had about a day to look
389s over these fits i heard that uh
391s starfleet commander and annie actually
392s skipped some of the earlier events today
394s to sit at home and practice on uh
396s singularity okay so they could
399s know a little bit about what they were
400s turning up to yeah i actually spoke to
402s starfleet yesterday and he left the pub
404s crawl to go back to his apartment so
406s they could practice hard he got into his
408s apartment at five past ten
410s and uh ccp's alice had turned
412s thunderdome off at 10pm
414s so
416s he went off for no reason he literally
417s wasted your evening
419s leaving the pub crew early yep yep that
421s is some harrison who here went to the
423s pub crawl
425s yeah
426s who here was very tired this morning
429s yeah
430s and who has lost their voice
434s how are you all still awake i've been
436s standing over there before this like
438s i've literally still got them like
440s throat lozenges and gargling coffee
442s trying to get my voice to come back a
443s little bit unfortunately for cease be
444s zealous his went literally as we were
446s standing here discussing things
447s mid-sentence bang that's the end of the
450s voice but this happens at fan fest did
452s you guys have a great time in france
453s though
455s good because you have to you're legally
457s obliged to say you did that's why you're
459s here but uh we're
461s only i think maybe 10 minutes away five
462s minutes away from doing what eve players
465s do best and eve online that's just
467s punching each other in the face until
468s someone wins
470s and i see lots of conferring going on
473s i'm just liking i can see a couple of
475s the ships and i'm already excited yeah
477s i'm actually going to wander over and
479s see what people are picking
480s i could ruin this entire tournament if i
482s said the wrong thing there
485s hi annie hello how are you good what
488s about you i'm very well thank you are
489s you nervous
490s i'm fine oh fantastic man's lying
493s however you start freaking are you
494s nervous
497s easy he says easy easy game
499s so if if you're on team rng give us a
503s cheer
507s very nice
512s let's go check these guys out how are
513s you guys are you nervous
515s not at all i'm just happy to be here
516s just happy to be here that's that's very
518s cool man's lying too
521s and what about yourself you look you're
522s very busy fitting ships yeah
524s some heat management issues some heat
526s management issues don't run your guns
528s out that'd be very embarrassing a lot of
529s people will see it
532s if you're on the no fox given side give
534s us a cheer
536s yeah
537s there you go there we are it seems like
539s we've got a clear fan favorite yeah no
541s fox given we'll see if that changes
543s after the first round we see what ships
544s these teams bring yeah my favorites too
546s to be honest they've no news blank in
547s the past so i'm betting on you
551s of course
552s now against the euler so please don't
554s bet on any of these matches
558s i'm yeah i'm looking forward to see what
559s these teams bring i'm seeing
561s some very interesting chip choices on
562s both sides um i think uh csv zealous how
566s many minutes are we in this one
569s little over five minutes a little over
570s five minutes that's a long time that's
573s what that is
574s yeah why don't we go over some of the
575s rules quickly of this match what's a
577s great idea so both teams will be
580s starting outside of d-scan range for one
582s another as is the
583s norm for these tournaments uh the
586s uh warping ranges will be anywhere from
588s zero to 30 kilometers and they will be
590s choosing war pins at angles that they
592s don't know from the other team so even
594s if you walk in at 30 there is a chance
596s that you could you know land at 90 from
598s another team that's walked in at 30 and
601s you end up quite quite close to one
602s another so there's a lot of guesswork
604s and a lot of mind games that come into
606s play when you're deciding where to walk
607s in and also because this is a 2v2 the
610s arena is only an 80 kilometer radius so
613s there is nowhere to run nowhere to hide
616s you've got to fight or die
618s speaking of dying oh that happened to
620s you the other day oh that's too soon man
623s tell me exactly what happened because
625s you told me afterwards and it was kind
626s of funny yeah yeah so i told you guys
628s about the lock range 56 kilometers that
630s sounds great except i'm flying an
632s address here with a suitable range of
634s about 120
635s and my plan was to use the
638s raiju double damp damp at the late laps
640s to less than 60 and start aggressing the
642s poor guy
643s just as we're about to be walking to the
644s arena wait a second oh no
648s so we had to discharge we had nothing
650s else we could do we had to charge in a
651s point blank with a railgun ship because
653s we had no range control
655s i am so embarrassed
658s this is why you check your fits guys you
660s don't wait until the last moment like i
661s did
662s well one of the things about playing in
664s tournaments so that's the lions
665s tournament uh the anger games which is
667s on uh in a couple of weeks uh it's on uh
669s yeah may the 28th and 29th yes and then
671s it will be played for another three
672s weekends from there yeah a bunch of
674s nutters that's uh sothracell and dirk
676s who has been organizing that uh
678s fantastic if you like tournaments make
679s sure you watch that we've had the lions
680s tournament where the alliance opened a
682s whole bunch of things so if you've never
684s flown in a tournament
686s it's actually incredibly stressful you
688s think i'm just going to go do some pvp
690s but then as soon as you get teleported
691s suddenly i feel like the heart starts to
693s go and then you warp in and you see the
694s enemies never imagine doing that sitting
696s on a stage with all of you wonderful
699s people staring at you knowing that if
701s you make a mistake if you burn your guns
703s out everyone's gonna everyone's gonna
705s know all about gonna laugh yeah i will
707s laugh as well so yeah i mean honestly i
709s would too at myself so gentan what ships
712s are you excited to see here what do you
714s think is going to be the real powerhouse
716s thus far we've had a couple of bands
717s from uh the earlier rounds
719s yeah uh actually in this match uh the
721s fiend and the maracha are banned the
723s bands are actually being decided by rng
726s based on all of the ships not the team
728s not no not by rng the team by the random
730s number generator operated by our goods
732s uh good friend ccp zealous um so there
735s are three ships that can potentially be
736s banned the fiend the maracha and the
738s leylapse and a dice roll will decide
740s which two of those are banned and which
742s one is free to be allowed um in this cut
746s in this first match it is the fiend and
747s the meracha that have been banned so you
750s have quite still have quite a
751s considerable number of ships to choose
753s from you've got everything from the
754s vanguard a really really old at ship
757s that has newt bonuses armor and a huge
759s amount of tank um but then you've also
762s got things like the adestria which our
764s good friend wigner failed to use
765s appropriately and
768s also some really fun little frigates
770s like the virtuoso i really hope we see a
772s virtuoso it's uh a kiting stealth bomber
775s effectively and um whilst most of these
778s mostly frigates can catch them if you
780s can lock down the cruiser possibly you
783s can put down so much dps downrange with
785s it yeah there's a lot of really
787s fantastically overpowered ships uh that
789s you can win doing the alliance
790s tournament in ioniz cc zealous has made
792s them even more overpowered with those
793s officer modules some of them
795s so this could be this could be
797s incredibly quick or it could be
799s incredibly slow and painful we will find
801s out very soon i see the teams are in
802s space
803s so i think we're only a few minutes away
804s now um the warping is enabled the pilots
808s are on the way to the right warping is
809s enabled the teams will soon get their
811s first view of each other and they'll
813s have that moment when they go oh crap we
815s picked the wrong ships and see who's
817s going to win this one but jin tan
820s if i ask you to put some money on it
822s not in the euro of course which one
824s would you go for which team
826s you know i'm going to go for the team
827s that's most prepared and go against the
829s crowd here be the heel as i usually am
831s i'm going to say that rng will take this
833s first match the superior practice seems
835s to have uh will hopefully pay off well
837s one single person agrees with you
840s so oh it's just like most of my opinions
842s then
843s normally it's my mum
846s and when
851s and uh wagner which team are you going
853s to go for in this first half i'm not
854s even going for the team i'm going for
855s you as blank by himself by himself the
857s other guy i don't know don't care he's
858s all good just yours blank mate again my
861s money's on you
863s don't screw it up like i did again
865s hypothetical money oh of course like no
867s just magical money that doesn't really
869s exist or in any particular point right
870s so i'm on the tiebreaker well
872s technically you don't even vote for a
873s team you voted for a person but i'm
874s going to assign you to this team um
876s so
877s i'm actually i'm actually in volta so i
879s think starfleet says i have to vote for
882s i think he said he'd kick you out if you
883s didn't
884s so i'm gonna vote for for the rng guys
886s uh i think they can pull us out there's
888s so much term there's so much to
889s experience on this desk
890s we now have ships on grid by the looks
892s of things this is gonna be a really
894s interesting matchup because we have a
896s mirror to start the game off annie
898s gardet in the idestria and um starfleet
902s cambion sorry starfleet commander in the
904s cambian going up against micholo in the
906s adress trio and earth blank in the
909s cambium they both picked the ship i
910s failed in this is not fair so the
912s cambian if you don't know is um it
914s claims to be a frigate it looks like a
916s frigate it's actually a drake hiding
917s inside a frigate skin it's incredibly
919s powerful there's a huge amount of dps
921s massive amounts of tank and of course
923s the adressia which can just vomit dps
926s we're going to go to the match then
927s don't try cam yourself down
929s um as i see that we're getting locked up
932s we're getting ready to do it and the
934s first match will be commented by wingnut
935s cross and yin tan
937s yeah something interesting to note about
939s these cambian fits as well is that both
940s of these champions are going to be
942s polarized rocket campions so there is an
944s absolute hell of a lot of dps but next
946s to no tank to back it up with just as if
948s it looks like the drakes they need to
950s remove the drake part of it and now it's
952s just really good rocket dps
955s they do have an active tank they've got
957s a medium ancillary shield booster so the
959s countdown has begun reps are going to be
960s coming out here but we're going to see
962s health bars go up and down up and down
965s oh man i'm looking forward this is going
967s to be a blood bath 20 seconds
970s oh anyone else getting excited
972s i am 15 00. i'm looking forward to this
974s this is going to be beautiful what do
975s you what do you think the first primers
976s are going to be do you want to do you
977s think those are gestures are going to
978s try and pick off those champions a
980s campaign is a hard target to hit so i i
982s suspect they'll probably go for the head
983s shot here with a dps four
985s three
986s two
987s one
988s all right and we're off ladies and
989s gentlemen we haven't seen quite yet oh
991s yeah both of those champions are
992s charging each other but they've gone
994s past each other we're going for the
995s tackles on those industries but they're
996s using that defensive scram look at the
998s hp on earth blank though waiting up
1000s they're going for the dps on the
1001s champions
1002s i think that's drone dps and maybe some
1003s guns but yeah they're going for the
1005s tackle and the big boys but then they'll
1006s change over they're tackling each other
1008s can be inverse can be in action dead
1009s center here one of the address
1010s destroyers is running the hell away
1012s that's um yeah
1014s is going in almost javelin range here it
1016s looks like no no no he's swapping over
1017s tim mccolo in the idestria he's ignoring
1020s he's not even trying to help his friend
1021s there because
1024s that was not a good choice just
1025s switching over targets that he could
1026s have made the trade with yours but he's
1027s like nope i'm going for the other
1028s industrial that said micholo is low he
1030s is in uh about he's got a third of his
1032s armor taken away here but he does have a
1033s rep though so some of this will come
1035s back and i believe he has an assault
1036s damage control as well i'd have to
1037s double check that one but
1038s so he's got an extra burst of tank which
1040s might actually help him here yeah look
1042s at that the cambium is able to wrap up
1044s here and he if he's being smart he will
1045s probably be able to reload his uh medium
1047s and seal shield booster before annie
1049s gardet can swap uh finish off the
1051s yep and i just noticed the uh garden is
1053s now re-tackling the cambium so i think
1055s is he tackling yeah he's recycling the
1057s cambium so he's trying to get the kill
1058s perhaps so maybe trying to stop the usb
1060s from running away but at the moment just
1062s not looking too good for any at the
1063s moment yeah i think the scram range
1065s bonus on the uh gesture is just allowing
1067s him to peel him off basically he said
1069s that look how close mr cole's getting
1070s he's repping real low
1072s yeah wow this is just going back and
1074s forth both teams here probably running
1076s low on answer pace you can see though
1077s mick hollow now finally entering hull oh
1080s boy oh this could be bad this could be
1082s bad i think an unloaded ansel might be
1084s able to tank just that cambian dps
1085s potentially so if they can get mccollum
1087s down this might be game potentially
1095s oh miko is holding on just like i'm
1097s holding on hope for cat is to be
1099s introduced to eve online
1102s um i honestly didn't think annie would
1104s be even closest but he is absolutely
1106s fine for his life here losing even more
1108s hull he's just not repping enough
1111s yeah he is still just tackled there we
1113s go
1114s and suddenly this match is entirely
1116s flipped look at urz blank he has to win
1119s this match basically on his own here in
1120s a polarized cambion look but how is he
1123s going to be out is that is that
1125s destroyer going to be able to apply to
1126s this cambium he doesn't have a set of
1128s drones on him at the moment so that
1129s should give him some damage but it looks
1130s like he's not doing much at all the
1131s earth might even have this still is
1133s yours i definitely forget how to
1135s pronounce that even when i was versing
1136s him
1137s oh look at that there's a misses you can
1139s see those row guns just oh here we go
1141s here we go
1142s a couple of good shots
1144s transversal matching feathering elite
1146s pvp
1148s a one rep
1149s is going down
1151s it's not gone
1154s they come from behind wind there
1159s we shouldn't have doubted them right we
1161s shouldn't have doubted him we shouldn't
1162s have doubted them
1163s wow all that practice wow what an
1165s exciting match there annie gardet i
1168s would just like to ask you one simple
1169s question i mean that was fantastic
1171s really great performance how is your
1172s back after carrying starfleet commander
1176s oh well you know it's like easy peasy
1177s lemons quizzy right easy easy lemon
1180s squeezy and starfleet europe must be
1181s well rested your legs are looking
1183s incredibly rested since you've not had
1184s to use them i don't need to play
1186s it's awesome
1188s all on annie i mean you started it
1190s started super strong the damage was
1191s applied from rng almost immediately and
1193s i actually thought it was going to be
1194s over a lot quicker than it was but then
1196s starfleet fed as usual and annie went
1198s through the rest of the match carried
1200s that match that was absolutely fantastic
1202s but coming over here
1203s guys you dropped the first match that's
1205s unfortunately it was super tight how are
1206s you feeling
1207s tight
1209s we didn't like the mirror was
1212s a bit of unexpected but i guess it's
1214s fine
1215s some charges that we could have gone
1218s better with
1219s i was like
1220s five seconds away from the adc but i
1223s don't think i would have killed him in
1224s that time like
1226s it's fine well this is this is our best
1228s three best of three so you've got
1230s another chance to bring this back take
1231s it to the full third one how you feeling
1233s is that that's something that's going to
1234s happen we're going to see three matches
1235s here i think so i hope so uh we're
1237s totally gonna do our best um i think we
1239s some up like some things
1241s up with our management but uh i think
1243s we're gonna do better next time
1244s fantastic do better next time that is
1246s such a great motto for eve online
1252s all right so we've got about what 10
1254s minutes i think before the next match is
1255s that correct
1256s 15.
1258s yeah so unpack a little bit of that
1260s match for me jintan the damage from uh
1262s the no fox given team landed um a little
1266s bit slower than the rng guys damage but
1269s yet rng came through in the end like
1271s what was the what was the defining
1272s difference between those two yeah the
1274s the initial engagement there was
1275s basically um
1277s both of the champions were able to
1278s tackle each other in the center of the
1279s arena but whereas starfleet commander
1281s burnt away in the um industrial and was
1284s able to get a little bit of range going
1286s on um the idestria on the other team
1289s burnt in so it seemed like they were
1291s trying to all in that can be and kill
1292s him off quickly and get the numbers
1294s advantage but they just weren't able to
1295s hold on to him and that was what cost
1297s them there
1298s now bring it up um
1300s let's put before you have the position
1301s of these teams right you've got one team
1303s that's just one and one team that's just
1304s lost depending on the bands
1306s are you going to bring something
1307s different are you going to bring the
1308s same thing all right what if you've just
1310s won now you're going to say hey we won
1311s with this we'll bring it again or if
1312s you've lost or you're going to say we're
1313s going to bring something different well
1314s i think they've picked these things they
1316s expected it to be the best the fact that
1317s both picked it seems like that comp
1319s they're using is going to be the right
1320s one then again they could go you know
1321s what now i know that guy's bringing that
1324s hold on a minute i can bring something
1325s different and i believe the bands will
1326s change with the second round so that
1328s some of these things like for instance
1329s the maracha long range control could
1331s change the match entirely yeah exactly
1333s i'm i'm super excited to see if we're
1335s going to see another mirror match up
1337s mirror matchups are some of my favorite
1338s matches in uh eve tournament play
1340s because especially when the fits are the
1342s same you know this is two sets of the
1344s same ships jintan and it's all about
1346s pilot execution target calling and uh
1350s basically just doing it right and not
1351s not screwing it up talk to me about that
1353s because you have flown in numerous teams
1354s you're flying in the anger games i
1356s believe yep just before you do
1358s the voice from the void
1361s the leylapse
1362s the fiend and the maracha are now all
1366s banned
1369s so all of the ship can we get an all
1371s from the audience
1372s yeah
1373s thank you it's like a pantomime yeah
1378s sorry what was your question i think oh
1379s i've forgotten there was something about
1381s uh
1382s yes pilot scale something that of course
1384s you have jintan many yeah
1386s that's why i went out in the feeders
1388s of last 18.
1392s but no um
1394s there is a lot to kind of these sorts of
1396s match-ups one big thing that we actually
1398s saw was that both teams popped their
1400s adcs immediately upon taking damage just
1403s so that in the hope that they could
1405s survive for long enough to
1407s to fire the adc off a second time in the
1410s match and doing that just gives you so
1412s much of an advantage it lets you
1415s effectively increase your ehp twice and
1418s especially when you've got an active
1419s tank that just allows you to wrap up a
1422s considerable amount of your buffer and
1424s then go back in
1426s equally heat management is critical in
1428s these sorts of matchups because these
1430s ships do not have something like the t3c
1433s bonuses they aren't um
1436s uh they aren't triglavian ships you
1437s can't just heat the guns for most of the
1439s match and just basically ignore that
1441s heat bar going up
1443s all it will take is a couple of extra
1444s cycles and you can burn out your guns
1446s you can burn out your prop mod but if
1448s you don't finish a match with about 90
1450s heat you've left so much damage so much
1452s speed on the table that that alone can
1454s cost you an entire match
1457s doing these 2v2s like how much is it in
1459s the like target calling and like you
1461s work and you see what they've brought
1462s how long do you have to discuss and
1464s what's it like like there's only two
1465s ships it can't be that hard like talk me
1466s through it it's pretty quick you kind of
1468s look what you've got okay what tools
1469s have i got what tools have they got you
1470s got maybe anywhere from one to five
1472s minutes to really look at them and go
1473s okay plan is kill that guy shoot that
1475s guy chase that guy run from that guy
1478s it's a very you know you have a pretty
1480s simple setup going on there for instance
1482s the sydney one was pirate crews a pirate
1483s frigate so if you see an authorist you
1486s don't run away from it he's gonna he's
1487s gonna shoot you in any range you go for
1489s him
1489s so it's you know it's really two v twos
1491s there is very i don't think limited but
1494s it's very direct options of how you win
1496s which was actually usually they both
1497s kind of picked similar but different
1498s strategies one actually went for the
1499s address kind of first after they
1501s harassed the cambian
1502s so there's a little bit of play
1504s difference but you notice that the ideas
1505s generally tend to stay the same yeah one
1508s thing i thought was uh fantastic by the
1510s rng team is normally in a 2v2 the first
1513s team that loses the ship is probably
1515s going to lose because that's half of
1516s your team gone
1517s and obviously starfleet dead immediately
1520s and then annie came through killed two
1521s ships by himself surviving and
1524s the difference just came on execution
1525s and target calling and jin time we saw
1527s as she said stuff like burning away and
1528s annie swapping on to the the other ship
1530s like how do you make that call when
1532s you're shooting something and he's not
1533s dying when do you just give up on it in
1535s swap i know it's so hard to make that's
1537s what makes a really good captain the
1538s ability to understand that you've made a
1540s mistake uh and correct it
1542s it's so difficult to do that especially
1544s given that captaining usually requires
1546s you to commit to a strategy and commit
1548s to it with full force not pull back and
1550s just go all in and in your belief that
1552s you're going to win because you know in
1554s a certain extent it's almost a battle of
1556s wills playing eve online especially when
1559s it when it's with bigger teams even more
1561s so you've got to just have that desire
1562s to win more than your opponents yeah
1565s desire to win it
1566s it sounds silly of it like just being
1568s able to just focus on it and just crush
1570s the competition and it sounds easy very
1572s hard in practice
1574s so i'm looking at the teams i'm seeing
1575s them fitting up shifts looking at he's
1577s spinning his ship
1579s doing getting themselves ready but we've
1582s got our two lovely gm's here sort are
1583s keeping an eye on them making sure they
1584s don't get up to any silly business um
1586s personally though if i'm from team
1588s germany i am very intimidated by having
1590s gm goat standing right behind me that's
1592s some ominous ominous man there
1595s but he's actually a lovely cuddly beer
1597s it makes me feel like a gnome like
1598s seriously like i feel so much shorter i
1599s was like i'm still a child next to a man
1603s the teams have just been moved into
1605s system they're doing one minute of
1606s checks and it will be starting shortly
1608s fantastic teams have moved into the
1610s system so right now they are picking
1612s their warping ranges as jintan mentions
1614s uh 0 to 30 they don't know what other
1616s teams brought yet so this is the moment
1618s where they are going to be warping and
1619s spamming that d scan button to get as
1621s much intel as early as possible start
1623s formulating that plan to see who they're
1626s going to shoot at first jin tan how
1628s important is the range of warping in a
1630s match like this with 2v2
1632s it's very important especially given all
1633s of the mind games now that no fox given
1635s can potentially play you know they are
1637s the people with the loss they're the
1638s people who can potentially bring
1640s something completely different and uh
1642s mess up the way this matchup played in
1644s the past
1645s um
1646s i don't know though i'm so curious to
1648s see what both teams have brought here
1649s yeah i'm i'm waiting to see them warp in
1652s because i also i'm excited to see are we
1654s gonna have another mirror match up do
1656s you think
1657s you know what no i i'm gonna say that
1659s both teams are gonna bring something
1660s different i reckon that uh no fox given
1663s will bring something new new and
1665s starfleet commander and annie they'll
1666s have something special in the tank for a
1667s second match so they can send us home
1669s without a third game yeah important to
1671s know actually that the german team i
1673s believe came to this point undefeated um
1675s so that's the first match since this
1677s tournament started three years ago that
1679s they've dropped i believe yeah i think
1680s you told me that was that or did i just
1682s make that up i think you made that one
1684s up oh well i think it's a great stat so
1685s let's just give it to them so fantastic
1687s well done guys like not dropping a
1688s single match until you got here german
1690s efficiency german efficiency we just do
1692s the minimum amount of matches that is
1694s required
1695s yeah so i'm looking forward to see what
1696s they bring the ships are now warping i
1698s remember it's effectively a 2v1 because
1700s after all starfleet will feed again
1704s first off these commander anyway for
1706s this match will be taken over by ithaca
1708s hawk and wingnut cross yep when they
1711s arrive
1712s when they arrive these guys must be the
1714s slowest warpers in all of it have you
1715s higgs rigged your stuff
1721s uh wait that guy's afraid hold on
1724s we'll be here a while there we go oh i
1725s see sc a cambian
1728s oh boy here we go so one cambian from
1731s starfleet commander trying to lose this
1732s one these are quite expensive i think
1734s it's just a pod in disguise oh and then
1735s they're dressed yet and oh boy look what
1737s we have i can been in an address there
1739s so we're going for another mirror match
1741s up here uh both teams choosing to bring
1744s exactly what they brought before
1745s starfleet um is right in the center of
1747s the arena at zero urged blank in his
1750s campaign though at 10 kilometers
1752s choosing to open a little bit further
1754s away uh annie and his address here 20
1756s kilometers and the cocoa at 28. so
1760s slightly different warping ranges there
1762s uh wingnuts exactly that yeah looks like
1764s um
1765s yes blank and mikko are playing a bit
1767s more safe here meanwhile star fleet is
1768s saying well if i'm going to die first
1770s i've also started zero
1772s the countdown has begun the countdown
1774s has begun as ccp zealous hits the button
1777s to get this underway this now is a
1780s championship world final point if
1782s starfleet commander and annie guard that
1784s can win this match then they win the
1786s entire everything over the last three
1788s years and they will go home with all the
1789s prizes our uh the no fox giving team
1791s have to win this otherwise they go home
1793s nine eight here we go seven
1796s six
1797s five
1798s four
1799s three
1800s two
1801s one there we go and we are underway so
1803s this could be it this could be the last
1805s match of the day we'll see what happens
1807s damage drones are coming out no damage
1809s yet who's going to be the first primary
1811s there you go starfleet commander once
1812s again feeding his cambian
1815s and it looks like at the moment both the
1816s k-means have gone right past each other
1818s starfleet's gone straight for the
1819s address chip looks like andy's also i
1821s believe pressuring him yes they are yeah
1823s it's finally cut got onto the other
1824s addresses but it's a bit too late i
1826s think they realize if they can get rid
1827s of the address they are then their
1829s addresser can tank the kanban basically
1831s to the end of the match and that would
1832s be one condition for them and makoko is
1834s struggling in his address he's into half
1836s armor going down faster annie guarded
1838s them starting to take some damage not as
1840s much as mikoko though who's about to hit
1841s hull yeah here's the thing i don't think
1843s these ships can tank both ships at the
1844s same time these addresses so he's going
1846s to start bleeding hell reasonably soon
1847s meanwhile andy is now getting pressured
1848s as well
1849s so this is going to be a race now except
1851s i think at the moment starfleet and
1853s annie are ahead yeah they're just barely
1855s ahead there's just two teams have
1856s approached f1 they're just overheating
1859s as much as they possibly can uh mccoy is
1861s repping oh annie gardet though is
1863s bleeding a little bit further into the
1864s hull if annie goes down before mikoko
1866s this could be massive they could bring
1867s it back yeah don't forget approach f1 is
1869s the most elite of pvp strategies it will
1871s always succeed oh look at mikko his goal
1873s is starting to drop he's stopped can he
1874s survive long enough to force annie to
1876s die first because that's probably a
1878s winning position no he is down
1880s he has down one address to you down and
1883s surprising surprises starfleet didn't
1885s feed
1886s all annie and starfleet have to do now
1888s is kill earthblank in this campaign and
1890s they have won the fanfest global finals
1894s they have won everything just don't fly
1896s out of the arena guys
1899s that is
1900s i
1900s i'm amazing stuffy doesn't feed they win
1904s to be honest this is actually quite a
1905s tense moment because it's very easy to
1908s do something wrong and fly out the arena
1909s the arena is smaller than normal at 80
1910s kilometers earth what he can try and do
1913s is bait them towards the edge and try
1915s and see if he can force them to uh to
1916s fly out but at the moment they're
1919s i hear him calling gabe that is it the
1921s campaign earth plant about to go down
1923s and there we have it we don't even need
1925s the third match
1926s team rng starfleet commander and annie
1929s guard that winning the eve fanfest
1932s global finals and absolutely
1934s congratulations guys
1942s there we have it the grand champion
1944s starfleet commander i'm not going to
1945s talk to you annie gardet
1948s how was that
1949s it was amazing yeah it was amazing uh
1952s after more than two years after london
1955s finally being in in iceland in reykjavik
1957s playing the final
1959s it's just the best best feeling ever yep
1961s i mean you guys did fantastic you took
1962s what bang bang done did you leave that
1964s third match what was your thoughts going
1966s into that match like were you nervous
1967s did you think that you were going to
1968s maybe take it in two or were you you
1970s maybe playing for the third almost so we
1972s were thinking maybe they would go for
1974s something a bit different
1976s unfortunately the lamps was banned so
1978s they went about to go at zero and just
1980s try and dunk us
1982s um but it turns out they went for the
1984s same thing again so we did the same
1986s thing same tactic
1988s go for the dll apps and uh it worked out
1991s pretty well awesome fantastic there's
1993s starfleet commander
1995s how are you i'm good yeah how are you
1997s i'm good you're you're a champion again
1999s you came second in the alliance
2000s tournament yeah yeah but here you go you
2001s managed to win uh third
2004s he carries it for me really i'm just i'm
2006s just sort of here for the ride you know
2008s i want to say well played there's good
2009s fights yeah yeah so let's uh let's
2012s run applause for the team rng your
2013s champions here today
2019s and i'm gonna come over and speak to you
2021s guys now for a little bit
2022s uh
2023s oh that's so unfortunate yeah yeah like
2025s yeah
2026s how i mean i'm not gonna say how does
2027s that feel because i imagine that it's
2028s pretty terrible but
2030s you've got a free trip here to iceland
2032s you got to see everyone meet everyone
2034s what was the experience like playing on
2035s the stage here in front of everybody it
2036s was great i actually didn't expect it to
2038s actually happen when i heard that the
2040s first fan films got
2041s got cancelled but uh it's amazing to be
2044s here and it was great to play here on
2045s the stage yeah fantastic i mean you guys
2047s did absolutely incredible it was such a
2049s great performance to watch um how was it
2052s for you like did you have a good time i
2054s had a good time um
2056s famous miko i was not expecting to stand
2058s on stage tonight
2060s it was like with the faction fits it was
2063s a bit of a matter of uh 20 second fights
2065s with the laps um thankfully it didn't
2068s went for that but actually we had mirror
2070s matches so i don't know if it was better
2073s we tried to change up the tactics a bit
2075s but it didn't work out
2077s yeah
2077s nice matches
2079s but thank you very much round of
2080s applause for no fox kevin your runners
2082s up
2085s and now
2086s ccv zealous
2087s if i could have no fox given pigs
2090s so as a second prize winners you get
2094s a wonderful hyper x pulse fire haste
2096s wireless mouse each
2100s and
2101s a hyperx a cloud alpha or wireless
2104s headset each
2109s thank you very much
2115s and if i can have rng over here please
2120s you guys
2122s get a wonderful
2123s amd
2124s radeon rx 6800 xt
2128s each
2134s our new
2135s global
2137s finalist winners rng
2148s thank you very much everyone for tuning
2149s in
2150s it's been an absolute privilege having
2151s you i hope you enjoyed the couple of
2154s matches
2155s we'll see you all again very soon for
2158s the closing ceremony
2160s thank you and the party
2165s congratulations