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Originally posted by jimthepig

Please don't include an Audio Enabled setting reset in the patch rollout. Some players prefer no sound, which is why we turned it off in 2004.

No worries. Audio settings are not touched with this patch. :)

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Originally posted by HowcanIbesureimhere

Does photon still hide half your chat channels or does it actually resize the tabs yet?

I just checked this on Singularity and it resizes the chat tabs, but it activates the overflow menu slightly earlier than in the old UI, as the tabs need a bit more space (but there is not much difference). As far as I can remember this is now much better than earlier versions of PhotonUI - so it might be worth for you to check it out yourself.

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Originally posted by Fiacre54

Does CCP collect stats for the amount of people that play with sound disabled? How about the number of people that play with everything but audio warnings turned off? If not, they should. “Eve has sound?” is a meme for a reason.

Yes, we collect stats for audio settings, although I can currently only see the stats for the checkboxes and not for the sliders.

Btw: The "Advanced Audio" settings are currently activated by a bit more than 13% of accounts, if I am reading the stats correctly, so this gives a hint.

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Originally posted by giroogamesh

Ask the question 'will audio have ANY impact on performance in large scale fights?'

As long as the answer is yes (ANY impact), most people will turn it off.

All of these changes are frankly a waste of your entire team's time.

Every feature is having "some" performance impact, the question is just how much. Some players will disable audio anyway, and that's completely fine, but this change should help quite a bit for those players, who want to keep audio enabled in fights in general, but were afraid of the load. So maybe many fleets will still disable audio in real massive fights, but keep it on (with advanced settings) in more regular fights - and this would still be a massive improvement.

Our other performance optimizations in this release will help fleet fights very significantly on the graphics side, especially for loading grid and warping out, and the memory consumption of the client in fleet fights.