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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s the E Vanguard First Strike March play
3s test began today and will run until 1200
5s UTC on the 25th of March the latest
8s build introduces a mining laser
10s prototype a new combat suit for the
12s Vanguard War clones and new contracts
14s that give Vanguard mercenaries a choice
16s between sides in the ongoing struggle
18s between order and disorder in new Eden
20s deepening the game's connection to Eve
21s online in addition participants have the
24s opportunity to earn fantastic rewards by
26s proving their metal on the battlefield
28s these rewards include the korax and
30s Osprey Navy issue AR combine Arisen
32s skins as well as Plex so jump into e
35s Vanguard and help build the ultimate
37s sci-fi sandbox shooter set in the eve
39s universe