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4s hello i am moderator joined by my good
7s colleague btt for what will be a very
10s very explosive uh best out of three at
13s least this first match hydra going
15s triple a bad and triple oracle pontifex
18s mueller double inquisitor walk me
20s through vidra here
22s vidra have gone something that we
23s haven't seen yet this tournament they've
25s gone with a balgorn triple navy brutix
29s double navy augra double deacon
31s confessor mauler trying to take back to
33s last year where octodad was quite
36s popular with all of these uh battle
38s cruiser clubs so maybe those medium
40s turrets can do really really well here
42s yeah you say octo dead but i think that
44s hydra is going to make uh vyder call
46s them daddy we already see that uh mika
49s knox is saying oops when they landed in
51s local um
53s oracles are just going to absolutely
55s scorch through uh pun intended these
57s brutus navy issues that are not whole
59s tanks uh these deacons are going to be
61s totally irrelevant hydra is just going
63s to blast through this core of brutus
65s navy issues and then just
67s destroy the balgorn um
70s man hydra just perfectly countercomps
73s vitra and this is just going to be an
74s absolute blowout we can see that we're
76s all of 30 seconds in vitro losing two
79s battle cruisers in as much time
81s um oracles are being tackled and they're
83s being muted by the belgorn but he won't
85s be able to shut them off in time it
87s isn't enough uh mickey knox getting some
90s reps but it doesn't matter already down
92s into hull and popping now
94s yeah an important thing for hydra here
97s is this comp is only really uses two or
100s three ship types uh with the abaddon and
102s the oracle for the conquest bands they
104s haven't really lost that much because
106s nothing except for this comp
108s uses them
110s yeah i mean that's you know something
112s that might have hurt them potentially in
114s that best out of three where they did
116s end up go
117s going down to uh volde here um speaking
120s of things going down the bow going
121s already down and just to a sliver 20 10
125s of armor uh desperately trying to rep
127s and even if you have a reactive power
130s hardener it will not cycle fast enough
132s with three abaddon sitting on top of you
134s um
135s pumping damage into you and once that
138s belgorn goes down we can see the attack
140s bar of vitro go down to basically
142s nothing look at the attack bar of hydra
145s they've lost three oracles that are each
147s a battleship worth of damage and it's
149s nearly to the full screen mauler is
150s getting instantly deleted the second
152s they get any webs and grapples on top of
154s them um hydra choosing a very very
157s all-in composition and it's paying off
160s in spades for them i mean look at the
162s bands that we had bar guest slept near
165s nightmare
167s vargas and golem all things that are
168s good against tiger's comp
171s yeah i just don't think they really
173s wanted to go against anything that was
174s particularly kitty here both the
177s basilisk and the scimitar have been
179s banned so they didn't want to go against
181s those long-range kind of like shield
183s missile kites
185s which we've seen this triple button
188s uh triple oracle struggle against
190s because they can't get exactly on top of
192s things
194s yeah i mean
196s one of the things that you know you
197s often expect from these hydra vita um
200s teams is that you expect like this very
203s execution very you know kind of micro
206s intensive
207s you know
208s team-based uh setups that require very
210s high
211s individual level of skills which isn't
213s to say that this doesn't but they just
215s decided i'm gonna go hulk smash i'm just
217s gonna bring all of the lasers i'm gonna
220s punch you in the face and i'm gonna end
221s it
222s in all of three minutes as these deacons
224s are grappled and webbed i'm giving i
228s think more time for
230s um the production team to get back on
232s track and on schedule so thank you hydra
235s for you know winning so fast that you
237s get us back on
239s track yeah i find it extremely amusing
242s that the buttons are only just now
244s starting to move again two of them have
246s been sitting at zero trying to maximize
249s their tracking but important thing to
251s notice here is how hard it is for this
254s ship this composition to break those two
257s deacons uh it really goes to show how
259s good experienced pilots in deacons can
261s be because caitanya in this deacon is is
265s just not going down
268s yeah okay so i mean mickey knox even
270s when they landed on grid um they were
272s kind of saying oops you know gf they
274s realized that this was lost uh casper
277s thing rematch quick smiley face
281s uh they're kind of you know posting
283s local dexter's saying dude we can't
286s track we have battleships nice deacon
288s hacks deacon's known for a very small
291s signature radius um being very hard to
294s hit and the deacons are kind of uh
297s even without links you know to reduce
299s those signature give them better resist
301s um they're having difficulty uh you know
304s in these battleships hitting them not
305s that it matters uh they're just you know
308s burn time
309s um you know given give themselves a
311s little bit more time here to think about
314s what their next bands could be for the
316s match and as you had alluded to
318s um
319s not a whole lot brought for videra or
321s hydra here you know with the wind that
323s will uh you know force them to not be
325s able to bring something with the
327s conquest rule set here
329s yeah they even put inquisitors and
331s inquisitors is not something you see
333s a lot usually people go for these
335s deacons so deacons are still available
337s as lodging freaks in a later match
340s yeah i mean that's kind of an ideal
342s position to place yourself in i mean you
344s still have
346s you know you have uh
349s options this next match
351s carnival choosing to try to run away
354s just being target painted
357s right now
359s by these abaddons not every day that you
362s see a target panning abaddon but
365s you know given the setup it makes a lot
366s of sense
368s um
369s yeah just
371s bulk smashing their way into a clean one
373s zero lead in this best out of three
377s yeah we're seeing the they can finally
379s uh start to go down now i really like
382s the position of these buttons they've
384s got two of them a little bit further and
386s one of them a little bit further back
388s so that when if anything tries to get on
391s top of two of them like the deacon is
393s now the other abaddon still has that
395s little bit of extra range and can still
397s track a little bit better as this last
399s deacon goes down though we'll pass it
401s back to the studio and have them break
403s it down a little bit further

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