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0s foreign
8s expansion I've been working on visual
10s updates for the Empire crickets in total
13s there are 68 of them and they all got
16s beautiful updates except the rifter that
19s was updated last January
22s we decided to update the cricket class
24s rather than other class in the beginning
27s because those ships are mostly used in
29s the game very popular basically all new
33s players start on those ships and we
35s wanted to make sure that those ships
36s were up to date and as beautiful as
39s possible when they start the journey in
42s space
43s what I'm most happy about is basically
45s how we managed to bring those ships even
47s better to life and that is achieved by
50s tying the effects to what is happening
53s to the ship so many of those effects are
55s tied to ship speed the state if it's
58s going in or out of war and that is the
61s player absolutely a valuable feedback
63s but not just for a player but also the
66s others that are looking at the ship when
68s making the new missile impacts we really
70s wanted to focus on differentiating them
74s and making sure that each archetype
75s really tells you what it is so a thermal
78s explosion will be you know it'll look a
81s lot more like heat
82s electromagnetic will you know have some
84s crackling energy and you know lighting
86s up their surrounding areas
88s of course trying to make them beautiful
89s at the same time but making sure that
91s like gameplay readability is much better
93s than before you should be able to tell
95s it is what it is you know you can see oh
97s they're attacking me with this because
99s you know that's what it looks like in
101s this Viridian expansion we have actually
103s uh when we're delivering to the gambling
106s teams uh eight you know base clouds uh
109s with 43 uh variations so what are the
113s possibilities with these new uh
115s volumetric clouds well this is really
117s the first time we're bringing this kind
119s of quality clouds into the gameplay
123s space you know Eve has always been known
124s for these beautiful background nebulas
127s and this is kind of the first time you
128s get to almost that level inside the
131s gameplay space and that will make these
134s new home front operations dungeons a
137s much more
138s immersive and exciting and beautiful
141s places to uh visit you really feel like
144s you're passing by uh you know to this
147s these filaments of uh Cloud debits and
149s you know cloudy cloudy bits and uh this
153s is then something you're actually like
154s you feel a lot more that you're flying
156s through them and around them and
158s inhabiting the space of these clouds is
160s just you know it's a game changer
162s honestly
163s so the main goals for us when we were
165s updating the Marauders is to really kind
167s of help push the the aggressiveness and
170s the kind of powerfulness of these holes
172s when they enter their Bastion mode which
174s is a module that can be fitted on the
175s ships so typically at the moment you'll
178s see that the ship will change State and
179s it will animate an exposing like a
181s reactor core to the to space we really
184s need to kind of push that look and that
186s feel of power so we've used particle
189s effects a lighting pass on the hull
191s holographic paneling to really kind of
193s push how powerful these ships are
194s especially when they change State and
196s they're kind of doing extra damage to
197s everybody around them from a gameplay
199s perspective being able to see the ship
200s when it's entered Bastion mode even when
202s you've just warped onto grid and you can
204s see it these will be a lot more
205s noticeable it's uh it'll have obviously
208s a lot of a sharper Brighter Image around
210s itself so you'll be able to spot it on
212s the battlefield a lot clearer and then
214s obviously seeing the particle effects
215s and everything kind of rolling off the
217s ship yeah you'll know what it's doing
218s when uh when you're viewing it from afar
220s anytime we receive any updated tools or
224s any kind of enhanced visual effects
226s packages that we receive from our
228s internal engine team we'll be always
230s looking to kind of roll these out across
232s all the ships in Eve it just takes a
234s little bit of time and we're slowly
235s working our way through them but uh yeah
237s rest assured we'll get through them all
239s eventually

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