Full disclosure, I can’t find a slider to change the color anywhere. Even checked behind the couch.

Like, $2.89, some rubles, a rupee, about 750 isk, a token for an arcade game on Coney Island, some Canadian money, and like, a crap ton of dust. I’ll grab the vacuum later.

Well that’s like, your opinion man.

None of them touched any buttons either. We have 0 idea, and the logs show nothing.

As a fun reminder, this will be my 9th year with ISD in June. :wink:

I play EVE. That’s a given!

19 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

Haven’t touched any settings, yet, so not me. You’ll know when I bork the settings by the background changing to an emu. But this?
I wash my hands of this whole debacle!

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