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Hey fellas,

we appreciate each and every one of you who submits bug reports and we just wanted to let you guys know that the underlying systems of the bug report tool (in-game and on the website) will go into maintenance mode from ~20:00 to 24:00 this evening.

It will not be possible to submit any bug reports during that time and the in-game and website bug report tools will error out when trying to use them.

Thanks and fly safe o7

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Originally posted by Small-Kitty-Paws

Ty for info.

Just wondering why from ISD not CCP? Is ECAID team working that close with devs/bug reports?

I informed our bug hunter team about this maintenance, as they are working a lot with bug reports. One of their main duties is to go through bug reports and see if they can be reproduced.

Unfortunately I missed the opportunity / was too lazy to also send a public message. ISD Schogol had the great idea to post it here on reddit, asked me about it, and I confirmed that it would be a good idea.

Kind Regards, CCP Habakuk (Senior Quality Assurance Analyst and liaison for ECAID)