Liberated capsuleers,

In honor of the annual celebration of the liberation of the Seven Tribes of Matar is here, new packs are available in the EVE store, bringing you unique design elements, and all the essentials you need to create your own, custom ship SKINs and fly your personalized flags of freedom.

The New Packs

Shades of Freedom Pack – to get you started with SKINR for ships and all the benefits of Omega status.

  • 20 Days Omega

  • 50 PLEX

  • 2 Standard ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerators

  • 3 Ancestral Fireclay Nanocoatings

  • 3 Flowers of Matar Nanocoatings

  • 3 Darkness Forged Ferros Metallics

  • 3 Freedom’s Foundation Patterns

Paragon of Freedom Pack – to grow your design empire.

  • 600 PLEX

  • Expert 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

  • 9 Ancestral Fireclay Nanocoatings

  • 9 Flowers of Matar Nanocoatings

  • 9 Darkness Forged Ferros Metallics

  • 9 Freedom’s Foundation Patterns

  • 5,000 Kerr Sequencers

  • 4,000 Fermionic Sequencers

  • 4,000 Alignment Sequencers

Please note that each pack can only be purchased once per account in the EVE Store. However, the same packs (minus the PLEX) are also available in the New Eden Store, so you could use the PLEX from one of the packs to purchase the other.


New Eden Store

In addition to these amazing deals the NES is hosting a sale on previous Liberation Day SKINs, so now is your chance to add any you might have missed to your collection for 30% less.

Visit the New Eden Store today and get a great deal on the packs above, and fantastic discounts on the Chainbreaker Khumaak SKINs for the Sleipnir, Valravn, Svipul, Wolf, Jaguar, Stabber Fleet Issue, and Cyclone.

Twitch Drops

To further add to the celebration, watch out for Twitch drops containing nanocoatings for SKINR. Make sure you’ve connected your Twitch account and stay tuned.

nanocoatings image