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0s foreign
7s expansion we are introducing Tech 2
9s dreadnoughts which is the first tech 2
11s Capital ships since jump Raiders and
13s they will be known as the Lancer dreads
15s this is the first step in an ongoing
17s evolution of the capital ecosystem
19s within Eve so it gives us the
21s opportunity to introduce new roles new
23s tools New Dimensions of combat that that
27s keep Wars really Dynamic and increase
30s the Strategic depth within Eve so
32s dreadnoughts have some of the most clear
34s and well-defined roles within the
35s capital ecosystem so they really
37s provided us with a really good
38s foundation to get started before we want
40s to expand on other classes we didn't
43s just decide to make bigger batter dreads
46s these ships have a very specific purpose
48s and they give you a new role to master
50s so with the addition of the Lancers the
53s Dreadnought landscape looks a little bit
54s different so for example we have tech
56s one dreads that deal a pretty high
58s damage and they cost the least to create
60s we have the Navy dreads from Uprising
62s that we introduced last year and they
65s are the strongest of the drug but
67s they're also very expensive
69s we also have the pirate dreads and they
71s have their own very specific utility and
73s then we have the lancers and they really
75s fit nicely into the big picture so let
77s me tell you more about the disruptive
79s Lance which is the Lancer dreadnought's
81s new weapon the Lance doomsday
83s neutralizes the energy around it when it
86s fires and given that it requires
87s capacitor to fire this makes firing them
90s on Mass from a single ball of ships
92s difficult plus you're more likely to hit
93s your friends in such an arrangement this
96s AOE energy Newt effect will encourage
98s more thoughtful placement of capital
100s ships on a battlefield rewarding the
102s side which is best able to make use of
103s them so in addition to damage applied
105s when a Target is hit it prevents warping
109s tethering using its jump drive and
112s reduces remote repair received for 60
114s seconds
115s so how much damage does it do well if
119s you're in a small ship not a lot because
121s the damage will depend on the signature
122s radius
123s but if you're in a capital
126s look out
128s now that we've talked about the Lance
129s weapons let's meet the Lancers
131s themselves the Amar Lancer is called the
133s Bane and is a Tech 2 version of the
135s Revelation its main offensive systems
138s are an electromagnetic disruptive Lance
140s and missiles a first for an Amar capital
142s ship the caldari Lancer is the karura a
146s Tech 2 variation of the Phoenix
147s dreadnought the karura boasts hybrid
150s turret capacity uncommon for caldari
153s Capital ships and a kinetic disruptive
155s Lance the galante Lancer is the hubris
158s based on the morose and is armed with
160s hybrid turret capability and a thermal
162s disruptive lens the Minotaur Lancer is
165s the valora a Tech 2 spin on the nakfar
168s both still vertical its offensive
170s systems consist of projectile turrets
172s and an explosive disruptive Lance these
175s Lancers will be in high demand so it's
176s the perfect opportunity for
178s industrialists to take advantage and
180s configure their supply lines accordingly
182s we're super pumped to roll these ships
184s out in the Viridian expansion and see
186s what tactics emerge from their use
188s see you on the battlefield

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