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1s [Music]
14s welcome to the pulse back in the heart
15s of GTA 44 for your source of news from
17s Eve online a number of corrupted data
20s fragments have recently been found by
22s capsuleers across new Eden these
24s fragments have included details of
25s cognitive and physical assessments an
28s outline of advanced cloning trials and
30s more furthermore one of the documents
32s gave hints at a route being taken by
34s chemot Tech geneticists in an upwell
36s Convoy which led to the Convoy being
38s attacked by opportunistic capsuleers and
40s a number of chotch geneticists being
42s kidnapped be sure to check out the
44s footage of the Convoy on ccptv and on
47s the latest episode of the scope keep
49s your eyes peeled for further streams and
51s discoveries the eve Vanguard First
53s Strike March play test began today and
55s will run until 1200 UTC on the 25th of
58s March the latest build introduces a
61s mining laser prototype a new combat suit
63s for the Vanguard War clones and new
65s contracts that give Vanguard mercenaries
67s a choice between sides in the ongoing
69s struggle between order and disorder in
71s new Eden deepening the game's connection
73s to Eve online in addition participants
75s have the opportunity to earn fantastic
77s rewards by proving their metal on the
79s battlefield these rewards include the
81s korax and Osprey Navy issue AR combine
84s Arisen skins as well as Plex so jump
86s into e Vanguard and help build the
88s ultimate sci-fi sandbox shooter set in
90s the eve Universe remember you can grab
93s the war clone Omega bundle and get 14
95s days of Omega giving you access to Eve
97s Vanguard plus the authoress and Phoenix
99s Navy issue arh combine Arisen skins Eve
102s University a well-known organization
104s that trains and supports many new
106s capsuleers celebrated its 20th
108s anniversary on the 15th of March
110s celebrations included a sightseeing tour
112s fireside chat with criba the 24th Eve
115s University tethon and a pirate Fleet
117s with Rick javix speaking of
119s anniversaries March also represents 5
122s years since capsula katasi completed her
124s record-breaking feat a highly respected
127s and well-known member of signal cartel
129s ktia managed to visit every single star
131s system in new Eden and Wormhole space
134s without losing her ship this feat was
136s commemorated with the Statue of Kya in
138s the sacio system where her journey
140s originally started we've heard capsulier
143s reports of large Fleet movements
145s including several skirmishes and Citadel
146s sieges in the regions of curse and catch
149s maybe it's to proceed with caution if
151s you're looking to travel through the
152s southern regions of new Eden or maybe
154s you're looking for a bit of danger the
156s play science mobile app announced that
158s FanFest will soon be entering beta and
160s will be looking for testers shortly when
163s this companion mobile app launches fully
165s it will enable players to engage with
166s project discovery on their mobile phones
169s contributing to science and Gathering
170s points for rewards in EV on line for a
173s limited time you can get 50% off Omega
175s and MCT bundles in the eve store take
179s advantage until the 28th of March and
181s remember the Omega capsu is will be able
183s to jump into Eve vanguard's March play
185s test that's all for this episode of the
187s pulse thank you for joining us remember
189s to check the description below for more
191s information on the stories that we've
192s covered and then hit subscribe and the
194s bell icon to stay notified of any more
196s videos that we post see you next
200s [Music]
207s time
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The Pulse comes to you from the heart of Jita 4-4, your source of news from EVE Online!

This episode contains details on the following:

00:00 - Intro
00:21 - EVE Online: Havoc update
01:54 - EVE Vanguard First Strike January playtest
02:39 - Directors’ Letter
02:55 - Anger Games 6
03:13 - EVE: War for New Eden Kickstarter
03:28 - New Starter Packs
03:48 - Outro