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The 5 greatest moments in EVE Online history
In the 18 years that EVE Online has been around, its players have created hundreds of incredible stories. EVE Online history is a tapestry red with blood from thousands of battles, unseen betrayals, and hilarious gags. For the past few years, I've been documenting many of these shenanigans with in-depth reports ranging on EVE Online's most famous scammers to its hardened Titan killers. If you want to read some epic space drama, you can find all of PC Gamer's EVE Online stories here.But many of EVE Online's most legendary tales happened long ago, like the record-setting battles and a neverending gatecamp that disrupted the economy of New Eden for a few weeks. These are the greatest moments in EVE Online history.

EVE Online Players Contributed 330 Years Of Work To COVID-19 Research
EVE Online players have helped produce over 330 years of blood cell research for scientists working against the COVID-19 virus over a year.

EVE Online: Enforcers Face the Danger
Life as an Enforcer in EVE Online puts you at the heart of deadly, explosive PvE combat - the front lines of the battle between order and anarchy. It’s dange...

Empires of EVE Volume 2 Is Out Now, Covers The Great Conflicts Of EVE Online |
Andrew Groen's Empires of EVE Volume 2 is now out, detailing the next chapter in EVE Online's history and its players. A follow up to his 2016 work, Empires of EVE Volume 1, the second volume picks up where the first left off, offering insight into the complex world of New Eden as told by its players.