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o7 Capsuleers,

The Economic Report for the month of March has landed .
You can view it in the news article or download the raw data in a form of a .ZIP file here.

You will also notice a few changes that have been made since the last report:

• Monthly Sinks and Faucets Graph (and CSV) : Now include a breakdown of Corporate Reward Payouts between Sansha Incursions, Triglavian Invasions and Pirate FOBs.

• Top 10 Sinks and Faucets : Includes breakdown of Corporate Reward Payouts. So in this case only shows Sansha Incursions.

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Yeah it’s coming live at 15:00 GMT. I thought I had set this post to an unlisted draft, still learning the ropes on this Discourse thing.
So I guess we can all join in on a countdown for the release.

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I think the problem lies in the different way that content management systems handle their settings, so expected UX behavior on one system might be just a tiiiiny bit different on another.

Also; 14 minutes! How excited are you for the MER of March 2021? Can I get woop woop on the thread!?!

I say monthly economic! you say report!

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A friend of mine had to have a finger amputated but became good friends with the doctor. Said he may have lost a finger, but gained a friend.

Not really going anywhere is this.

8 minutes now.

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And it’s live!
This has been a beautiful 15 minute respite in these turmoiled times, and I’m glad I spent it with you people. Enjoy the report.

I’m not setting a slow-mode so keep the discussions on topic (as opposed to what we have been doing), civil and courteous (like Ernest P. Worrell would do).

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Noted, it’s a … bit on the smaller side. I’ll mention it to Larrikin, thanks.

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No word yet but we’ll try and give it a bit of a runway.

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Hi Nit Idun, I’ll forward your request to the data team and see if it’s something they’re willing to add.