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We have just released information about upcoming changes to the industry in EVE Online. More details can be found in the downloadable excel sheet. Please use this thread to discuss the changes with fellow pilots.

To submit questions for the live stream that will take place on Monday 29 March at 17:00 UTC, please head over to the Q&A thread.

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I’m am looking forward to the mechanics for the reserve bank keys. That is a ton of isk locked up.

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The first phase went live with the patch today - check out the patch notes here - Patch Notes - Version 19.03 | EVE Online

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We will try and be more up front with the second phase of the industry changes.

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Patch Notes - Version 19.03 | EVE Online
Patch Notes released on 13 April are now available!

EVE Ecosystem Stream 29 March Q&A
Hi everyone, As announced in today’s dev blog we will be holding our next Ecosystem update livestream on Monday 29 March at 17:00 UTC on CCPTV. For this stream we will be handling the Q&A portion by gathering questions…


A significant update to Industry | EVE Online
Extensive upgrades to guard against subversion by the Triglavians