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A little over 3 weeks ago CCP team Eco System release their Ore redistribution patch shuffling around ores in New Eden to make certain mineral types unique to their zone of play (HS/LS/NS). This meant a large group of ore types were removed from nullsec leaving the space more barren. This in it self is not necessarily a bad thing (can be argued and has been) with the idea in mind, that Eco Systems plan for redistribution is an ongoing project and only the future will tell.

However, when they applied this redistribution they seemed to have missed some pretty significant systems within the game that got impacted by the change to a point where they broke. The removal of ore types created a large quantity of systems within eve that has been left completely void of any ore within their asteroid belts the number of nullsec systems without ore is approximately 35.7% and are mainly distributed within the southern regions. The distribution can be see in the following chart, where the highlighted blue segments still have ore, while the none highlighted don't have a single rock within their asteroid belts. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/411624243739230208/771709380357783653/unknown.png

As mentioned previously this breaks a couple of systems (features) within the game that are reliant upon asteroid belt ore remaining in them.

  • The first of these systems are sovindexes where after some testing on the Singularity server it has now been proven that if a system falls under a truesec level of 4 (on the chart) there is not even enough ore within asteroid belts to acquire industry index level 1 by clearing out every single belt in the system, unless the system has more than 15 belts which is not very common.

This creates a problem where the basic means of increasing industry indexes of newly acquired systems are limited to randomly spawning ore anomalies or icebelts. (added you can moon mine)

  • The second system to be broken is Diamond rats which has had their functionality partly broken by this change.

Firstly cause their mechanic of players killing NPC Haulers for Excavator blueprints & faction drone BPC's have been removed, as said haulers never appear as there is no ore to be collected from the miners warping around.

Secondly due to an issue with the change (unknown why) action towards the miners make them warp to deepsafes within the systems without ore which is not a phenomenon that occurred before the change.

  • The third system to be broken from this change is NPC Sotiyos, or more specifically the method of finding them.

The only way of finding NPC Sotiyos in New Eden is to probe the NPC Hauler that undocks from it when collection of ore from the miners is due, but as you can imagine when there is no ore, there is no mining and in turn no hauler required. This means NPC Sotiyos for the last 3weeks + have sat at a stage of being completely un-interactable meaning the Eco System team sadly has completely deleted the feature from the game until the problem is rectified.

The easy fix to all of the above is the make all the remaining ore types allowed in nullsec to be universal in asteroid belts giving all three features some not alot but atleast a little ore so they can once again function as intended. And before players (or devs) start arguing that this is intended cause of required scarcity ask yourself, how many people today actually mine in asteroid belts, you will rapidly find that the answer is almost nobody, and it isn't a source of large scale income as there is very limited amounts of ore within them, those statements can therefore not be used as a valid argument against this being done.

TL:DR Asteroid belts are broken and have been for >3 weeks, CCP can fix them easily if they decide to.

Thanks for reading my wall of text, have a nice day.

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Originally posted by Nikerym

Here is a weird break that happened with the formation of Pochven.

Level 4 Distribution agents on random days, start giving out level 1 missions with level 1 ISK and level 1 LP Rewards. And that will continue for the whole 24 hours until the next downtime.

Good Job CCP.


FYI, my team managed to tracked down this bug today and a potential fix is currently in code review. This is a quite weird bug, where in very rare cases the agent information fails to load correctly and the level is falling back to the default level 1.

This problem is as far as I can tell unrelated to the Pochven region, but related to internal refactoring on how agent data is stored. As this was done by my team, I am very sorry, that this bug slipped through my testing (I have actually still not managed to reproduce the problem in a test environment, but I was able to find information about it in our logs).

Regards, CCP Habakuk (Senior QA)

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Originally posted by zetadelta333

So no comment on the actual topic of the thread?

This topic is unfortunately outside of the scope of my team, so I cannot comment on it, but I can ensure you that it is being read.