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1s [Applause]
7s we have a number of updates to faction
9s Warfare including new complexes for
11s people to take part in new systems that
14s impact the war zone and new ways to play
16s around those systems as well
18s by adding additional objectives Beyond
20s just your regular complexes we're seeing
22s a shake-up to the complexes that we're
24s adding to faction Warfare with new
26s restrictions a large new number of
28s complexes and a whole lot more variety
31s for you to play with the faction Warfare
33s system that you've become accustomed to
35s is still there it's forming the
37s foundation of the uprising expansion but
39s we're adding new layers on top of it to
41s round out the gameplay in addition to
43s the complexes that you're used to in
44s faction Warfare while there are more of
46s them there are also additional
47s objectives that you'll see in space such
50s as Supply Depots there that are owned by
53s the owners of the system or Supply
55s caches by the attackers Rendezvous
58s points where you can assault enemy
60s fleets and more all of these things will
62s factor into what is called the Advantage
64s system the Advantage system simulates
66s exactly which faction that is fighting
69s over a system has an advantage how well
72s are they doing in the war effort is
74s there propaganda up to par in terms of
76s turning the citizens of that system over
78s to their side or are their fleets well
81s supplied or are they being attacked at
84s mid-transport all of these things are
86s factored into the advantage score the
87s better your faction does the higher
89s their score the more victory points
91s you'll earn when completing complex
93s which means the faster you can capture
95s systems with Uprising we're creating a
97s healthy foundation for the faction
98s Warfare ecosystem which will continue to
100s build on going into the future in the
102s future there will be more objectives as
104s well as additional ways for people who
106s are not actively in a militia today to
109s join without having to leave their
110s corporation or Alliance the faction
112s Warframe system has long been beloved by
114s many players and it's a very important
116s part of the Eve online ecosystem and
118s it's about time that we return to it
120s give it a new facelift and begin to
123s expand on the foundation that is already
125s there
129s you've already seen eight new ships
131s released last month and with Uprising
133s expansion we're expanding the selection
135s of navy ships even further with a new
137s set of Navy destroyers for each faction
140s as well as navy dreadnoughts we chose
142s these ships because they'll fill some
143s gaps in the existing Navy lineup as well
146s as creating new and diverse engagements
147s in the faction Warfare ecosystem with
150s the dreadnoughts we wanted to give
151s players something that was really
152s aspirational a large goal to work
155s towards something really special and
156s something that'll help to mix up the
158s capital ecosystem elsewhere in the game
161s we want to find new and unique uses for
163s these ships in the Eve online ecosystem
164s that isn't just going to step on the
167s toes of other existing vessels each
170s affection has their own like kind of
172s like mini guidelines regarding that the
174s Phoenix is uh for example a ship that
178s needed to be updated the base Phoenix
181s itself is getting all the new textures
184s and model pieces that the Navy one has
188s minus some details that we just uniquely
191s made for the for the Navy version for
193s every animation or if I stayed the ship
196s can go in we've added more animations
199s incorporating uh VFX so like if
202s something is moving there's a really
204s good chance that the zombie effects are
207s involved the end and uh highlighting
209s that I can't wait to see these ships get
211s into your hands see what you do with
213s them and look at the deaths on ziko
218s players identity in new Eden is
221s important to them what they want to do
222s is they want to showcase off who they
224s belong to a corporation or Alliance and
227s being able to kind of go proudly into a
229s fight with other players the first thing
231s that we are releasing are emblems
234s emblems allow them to put their
237s corporation on Alliance logos on shape
239s and kind of fly in Fleet formation into
240s these battles
242s down the line kind of what we are hoping
244s to achieve with heraldry is that we want
246s to enable players to do more uh to kind
250s of sculpt their identity within new Eden
252s in a better way at release players will
255s be able to acquire emblems for around
258s 100 ships and then over time we will
260s gradually be seeding more ship holes
262s into the game
266s we decided to visually update the Apple
269s hangers
270s because it's a place that players spend
273s a lot of time in it's also an
275s environment for us to try out new things
277s because they're kind of content in this
279s Hangar environment so we used it to push
282s a lot of new tech stuff that is giving
286s us a lot of possibilities in the future
290s the main part also that we wanted to
292s emphasize is the scale of the game so
295s within the hangars there is this main
297s horse and in that one for the first time
301s now we have multiple
302s placements for ships which gives players
306s a sense of scale between the ships also
309s to be able to you know see what shapes
313s they have in their hangout inventory
314s before I would have been like why would
317s I want to talk in a hanger you know now
319s I'm like why would I ever want to leave
320s the hanger it's it's amazing it's uh
323s it's way more visceral way more like
326s interesting I should just you're able to
328s like swap between chips and it'll fly
330s through the hangar get the boosters
333s going off and then you're actually
335s taking off if you uh and there's
338s actually a couple different like ways uh
341s or like waste for you to play with your
343s ship kind of uh so you can hit cancel
345s and if you hit cancel in the first
347s second then the ship will go and then
350s all the lights and all the stuff is
351s going on and I think it's kind of taking
353s off but if you hit cancel and go back
354s down like oh
356s if you cancel just like two seconds in
359s uh then it'll actually take off and
361s it'll do a little fly around the hangar
363s which is really really sweet so we
365s actually got to fly around in hangers a
368s little bit and if you do cancel after
372s the third second then well you're not
374s canceling you're you're taking you made
376s the decision you know you lost a chance
377s you're going out
381s another determinist design is something
384s that we started earlier this year we
386s well we have done it sometime in the
388s past in some shape so far but we sort of
391s wanted to escalate it so like in the
393s past in the lead up to for example a
395s visual debt space we had a story going
399s on and kind of mystery and things for
402s players to discover etc etc and we sort
405s of wanted to apply that to basically as
409s much as we can when we're creating new
411s features for even online this summer we
414s have had things happening around athenon
416s where kaltarian galante are like
419s stroking it out we have things happening
422s in Turner where the Amar started having
426s to stellar transmuters and and the
428s miniature trying to stop them we have
430s Tech races between the empires and we
433s want these player activities and events
436s really sort of control how the features
439s are rolled out and in whatsoever and
440s then that players actually do affect the
443s storyline and their history of of new
446s Eden for example with the uh with the
449s gate Construction in athenon both the
451s kaltari wanted to get into atanan and
453s the galante and it was totally up to the
455s players to determine when or if their
459s empire managed to construct the gate
460s into atan and we are quite willing if if
464s players do not manage to actually
466s construct the gate
468s you know meet the requirements for the
469s Empire to actually construct the game
471s into into athenon they will never get
473s the gate into atana so it's totally and
475s completely in in player hands
478s what we are really trying is to co-write
481s the story of new eaten with players and
483s player input and make player input
485s meaningful to that story and then
488s actually affect the politics of new it
490s and and the world of newita
495s the little things is an SDF where we
498s collect ideas from players on how to
500s improve their everyday in life we do
503s this on the forums we go through Twitter
507s the Reddit and also in game some of the
511s little things coming in Uprising are
513s foreign
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599s we hope those little things will have a
600s big impact on your life in new Eden if
603s you have more suggestions please go to
605s our form thread
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