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Collecting capsuleers,

In the last six months, legions of warclones have taken to planetside combat zones in New Eden at the behest of the Deathless to tackle challenges, complete contracts, and shoot each other in the face. In celebration of each deployment of Vanguard, unique Arkombine Arisen SKINs have been made available as part of various sales in the EVE and New Eden Stores.

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to complete your collection with these exclusive SKINs as a part of the Arkombine Fleet pack. This is the final chance to secure these collectors’ items, so make sure you don’t miss out. The pack will be available until 11 July. Note that the Arkombine Arisen SKINs that were given out as rewards during the First Strike playtests are not included in the pack, only the ones that have been included in the Warclone Bundles.

The SKINs included in the Arkombine Collector’s pack are:

  • Astero Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Orthrus Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Phoenix Navy Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Revelation Navy Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Naglfar Fleet Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Catalyst Navy Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Thrasher Fleet Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Mamba Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Mekubal Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Khizriel Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Alligator Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Caiman Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Barghest Arkombine Arisen SKIN

  • Moros Navy Issue Arkombine Arisen SKIN

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The Arkombine Fleet Pack is also available from the New Eden Store until 11 July. Seize this chance to save big on these unique, collectors’ item SKINs in the NES, before it’s too late. Showcase your lethal prowess with these intrepid Arkombine Arisen SKINs, designed by T’Amber.