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Abyssal Proving Grounds Return | EVE Online
2v2 Tech 1 Cruisers 12–16 Feb

Get Your Fleet On! | EVE Online
New Player Public Fleet Fun with CCP and Spectre Fleet

EVE Online’s Reign update improves fleets and travel, starting today
There are heaps of returning events and quality-of-life changes too

EVE Online | Pulse - Reign Quadrant, Guardian's Gala
Welcome to the first Pulse episode of the new year, your source of news in EVE Online!This week's episode contains details on the following:[0:05] - Reign - ...

CCP Games Launches First Quadrant Of 2021 With EVE Online: Reign
CCP Games revealed this morning that they've launched fir first quadrant of 2021 in EVE Online as players can now experience Reign.