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We are planning a mass test on Singularity, on Thursday, October 27th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time) to test the new corporation and alliance emblems.

What exactly is being tested?
The new Heraldry system, especially the impact of the new corp and alliance emblems on the client and server performance.

Beside this we are looking into the client performance and stability related to other changes (like ambient occlusion and AMD FSR).

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test instructions:

Before 17:00

  • Join the chat channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)
  • Move to Jita (you can use /moveme) and dock at Jita VI - Paragon Fulfilment Center.
  • Open the LP store and buy a corp emblem (and alliance emblem, if in an alliance) for a ship, which you want to fly later in the mass test (note: Only a few ship classes are supported for this test, for example battlecruisers and dreadnoughts). The emblems cost 0 LP for the test (starting at ~15:00). It would be great, if you have also SKINs for this ship.
  • Fit your ship
  • Move to FD-MLJ (again with /moveme) and get a ship ready for the mass test
  • Dock in the “MassTest Keepstar” in FD-MLJ
  • Join Fleet X or Fleet W through fleetfinder (will be available a few minutes before 17:00)

After 17:00 - following the instructions by CCP in the MassTesting channel:

  1. Undock from Keepstar (while having emblems disabled) and stop the ship
  2. On countdown: Enable corp + alliance emblem
  3. Disable emblems
  4. Enable and disable emblems quickly 3 times in a row and keep them enabled then
  5. Dock at the Keepstar
  6. Undock from Keepstar (with emblems enabled)
  7. Enable / change SKINs
  8. Warp to X-BV98 gate
  9. Jump to X-BV98 and align to Poitot
  10. Disable emblems
  11. Enable emblems again
  12. Warp to Poitot gate
  13. Fleet W: Jump to Poitot and setup camp
  14. Fleet X: Jump to Poitot and fight

What else should I know?

  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test.
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The emblems are now available for 0 LP in the LP store in Jita VI - Paragon Fulfilment Center. Feel free to get them now to prepare for the mass test.

Note: In certain situations, on the Singularity test server, corporation emblems will occasionally display a different logo instead of the actual corporation logo, e.g. when editing pre-existing logos or creating a new corporation.

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Thank you for participating and all your feedback and bug reports! I added 2M skill point to 169 characters on Singularity.

The test was pretty much a success and we gathered very useful data. We identified for example one performance bottleneck for activating emblems, but this is luckily a very harmless one. For the fleet watchlist we also found a client side problem with large lists, which is being worked on.
We are still busy going through further data and a lot of bug reports, which will hopefully lead to further improvements.

@Tialano_Utrigas Yeah, the LP cost has been reset for the offers, as this 0 LP deal was only meant for the mass test itself. I’m asking around internally on what the future plans are :slight_smile: