5 months ago - CCP_Bee - Direct link

Hello Capsuleers!

We’ve added a few things for the Uprising Expansion for you to test on Singularity (SISI) and give us feedback on. We are aware that some of it is missing and that some of the things might not appear to work. Please do not let this discourage you to let us know about it just in case!

The new Frontlines feature in Factional Warfare (FW) draws pilots closer to the borders of their opponents. Systems in a FW warzone can have different operational states which are designated as follows:

  • Frontline - adjacent to an enemy-controlled star system, the absolute heart of the battle, and the highest level of award.
  • Command Operations - adjacent to a Frontline system, vital for strategic supremacy with standard LP rewards.
  • Rearguard - when none of the above apply, a relative safe zone in the maelstrom.

Starting next week, we will add specific feedback threads for more FW system changes & specific balance changes that will be added onto SISI for you to test.

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5 months ago - CCP_Kestrel - Direct link

Yes this is intended. The tier system no longer exists now that it’s tied into the warzone status, so missions are paying out regular 100% unmodified payouts.