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8s welcome to the future of space
9s colonization and resource utilization
12s welcome to Equinox the upwell Consortium
16s is proud to bring you a groundbreaking
18s Suite designed specifically for the
20s development of NC Star
26s systems at the heart of the Equinox
28s Suite lies the sovereignty hub a Marvel
31s of engineering and a Cornerstone of
32s systemwide development this Central Hub
35s acts as the administrative and
37s operational Command Center orchestrating
40s the collection and distribution of power
42s reagents and Workforce across the star
44s system the sovereignty Hub integrates
47s seamlessly with a range of modules each
49s designed to enhance various system
51s capabilities and
53s infrastructure from the construction of
55s Mighty super Capital ships to the
57s advanced management of jump Gates and
59s curo Fields
60s the sovereignty Hub facilitates
62s strategic advancements that can
64s transform star systems into formidable
66s strongholds or bustling industrial hubs
70s additionally it can be equipped with
72s Advanced survey modules that identify
74s and locate valuable mining sites as well
76s as pirate detection arrays to pinpoint
79s pirate hideouts to be
80s eradicated these upgrades not only boost
83s the system's economic output but also
85s enhance its strategic importance within
87s Sovereign space creating vital assets in
89s the ever evolving landscape of NC
92s Warfare and commerce to power and
95s operate these upgrades and modules the
97s sovereignty Hub requires three Source
99s components power reagents and Workforce
103s some base power is harvested from the
105s Star by the sovereignty Hub itself with
107s the amount gained depending on the star
109s type in general blue stars provide the
112s highest power output while white dwarf
114s stars provide the least
120s orbital Sky hooks act as the connection
122s point to planetary surfaces and
125s additional power can be harvested from
127s three types of planets plasma planets
130s provide the most power then storm
132s planets and finally gas
134s giants power cannot be transferred
136s between Star systems this makes some
139s star systems far more valuable than
141s others as the combined power potential
143s depends on the system composition of
145s star and planets reagents are consumed
148s when operating some sovereignty Hub up
150s grades and reagents can be brought up
152s from planetary surfaces using orbital
155s skyhooks super iic ice can be harvested
158s from Ice planets and magmatic gas from
161s lava
162s planets an automated alarm is activated
165s in the event of a raid and when reagents
167s are being stolen from an orbital Skyhook
169s alerting neighboring systems up to two
171s jumps away this enables the rightful
173s owners to quickly respond and intercept
176s The
177s Intruders reagents can be transported
179s between systems can be bought and sold
181s on the market orbital skyhooks not only
184s facilitate the extraction of resources
186s but also replace the interaction point
188s for planetary industry Services wherever
191s they're deployed in orbit to complete
193s the Equinox Suite upwell is also
196s providing the means for obtaining the
197s workforce required to operate all
199s structures and Equipment healthy and
201s skilled standardized clones provide an
204s elegant solution for optimization and
206s efficiency three types of planets
208s Provide support for Workforce upkeep in
211s order of value they are temperate
213s Oceanic and
215s Barren through Equinox Administration
217s controls and alliance's Workforce can
219s easily be distributed to systems where
221s they are required as long as the systems
223s are part of the same network and the
225s combined output of Workforce supporting
227s planets is high
232s enough the metox moon drill facility can
234s be deployed in numbers across many moons
237s in NC LC and Wormhole space
240s as long as the metox is supplied with
242s sufficient reagents and fuel blocks its
245s automatic systems will continue to
246s operate while a metox is efficiency over
249s time is much lower than that possible
251s with a refinery's mundil this automated
254s facility can be left to get on with the
255s extraction of valuable
261s materials these developments have
262s created the need for specialized
264s transport ships and this need is being
266s fulfilled by a new line of ships
268s produced by outer ring excavation
271s optimized to transport reagents and
273s other planetary related items they can
275s be fitted with missile launchers to
276s counter threats faced in potentially
278s hostile
280s environments while the design focus of
282s these ships is the optimization of all
283s things related to space colonization
286s they can also carry conventional cargo
289s the Squall is an affordable hauler
291s perfectly suited for most standard
292s transport of reagents within relatively
294s safe space for more demanding scenarios
298s the Deluge specializes in hauling Colony
300s resources while also having additional
302s cloaking capabilities and a focus on
305s agility and speed the torrent trades
307s mobility and Agility for sturdiness a
310s much larger base capacity a fleet hanger
313s and the ability to use medium micro jump
316s drives this makes the torrent ideal for
318s use in HEC where it cannot be brought
321s down easily by ambushing Pirates it is
323s also suited to use in controlled
325s friendly space where the extra capacity
327s is worth the penalty to speed finally
331s the Avalanche boasting Battleship level
333s Firepower the Avalanche contains a
335s massive optimized cargo bay making it
338s the most efficient ship for hauling
339s planetary resources in
341s bulk Equinox will Empower you to get the
344s most out of your star systems opening
346s the door to unprecedented levels of
348s development and prosperity seize the
350s dream and start building your ultimate
353s Empire upwell Building
359s dreams for