15 days ago - CCP_Paradox - Direct link


As you may have heard, a major update to mining, industry and production is under way for New Eden. We’ve updated Singularity with an early look of this while it is in development. We’re excited to hear your feedback on testing these changes, while we work on resolving issues and adjusting balancing based on provided feedback.

There has been a brand new mirror applied to Singularity today, as well as 2 million skillpoints to the redeeming queue for everyone to allocate to the new skills.

We’ve also market seeded for testing all new items and blueprints so you can acquire and try out the new modules and crystals.

Please report all issues you find through the in game bug reporting tool, more information can be found here.

Known Issues (this is an early dev build, so a few bugs sneaked in):

  • Missing texts for a few of the new compressed ores (Abyssal/Moon/Gas)
  • Leaving a ship in a hangar is broken. Workaround: Switch to a different ship
  • FPS info is shown by default in the bottom right corner of the client.
  • Corporation Skill Plan UI is partially visible, but not functional.
  • Importing skills from clipboard can clear the current training queue.