25 days ago - CCP_Convict - Direct link

Update: 13:20 UTC: Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.

Update 12:55 UTC: Restart procedures are underway. We will be taking some extra time to monitor the cluster’s health before we open the doors. We are aiming to have TQ open to players by 13:20 UTC.

Tranquility has been experiencing some stability issues following today’s downtime.

An unscheduled restart of Tranquility is being performed at 12:40 UTC to attempt to rectify the issue.

Updates here and on the EVE Status Twitter account.

25 days ago - CCP_Convict - Direct link

Yes, there has already been a restart of sorts aside from the unscheduled but intended one we’re performing now to try and get TQ back to a good state.