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5s fractures in Empire alliances are
8s widening as the race to develop and
10s construct stellar transmuters and
12s Interstellar ship casters intensifies
15s reports of deadly conflict between
17s mercenaries and capsuleers seeking to
19s acquire the required technology and
21s materials are increasing
23s the recent Espionage crisis and
25s subsequent diplomacy is brought to an
27s end military alliances between the Amar
29s Empire and the kaldari state on one side
31s and the galente Federation and the
33s minmitar Republic on the other amidst
36s this breakdown in interstellar alliances
38s it's evident that the empires are not
40s discouraging loyal capsuleers from
42s engaging in hostile activities against
44s former allies loyalist capsuleers are
48s engaged in Tech acquisition operations
50s such as hacking research nodes salvaging
52s wrecks and attacking research labs in
55s order to obtain the technology required
57s by their empire as the situation in the
59s militia Warfare zones intensifies all
62s four empires have opened up direct
64s capsulear enlistment to boost their
66s ranks capsularies are no longer required
68s to leave their private corporations to
71s individually enlist an Empire militias
73s the struggle to acquire Interstellar
75s ship Caster technology is fierce but
78s largely illicit leading some
80s commentators to call this a shadow war
82s between the empires
84s before Empires place a high priority on
87s obtaining ship casters due to the
88s significant operational Advantage
90s they'll provide when deploying their
92s forces in the militia War zones as of
94s now it is only the kaldari state that
96s has the required transport relay
98s technology vital to constructing a ship
101s Caster having garnered much data from
103s the triglavian research facility
104s discovered last year on the surface of
107s athenon 5. however it has become clear
110s that a ship Caster requires tremendous
112s power and special materials for its
114s operation it's precise yet unbounded
117s manipulation of space-time calls for
119s resources that only the output of a
121s triglavian stellar transmuter is known
123s to reliably provide the Amar Empire and
126s minatar Republic are in possession of
128s the knowledge and experience to build
130s and operate Stellar transmuters derived
133s from an example captured during the
134s triglavian invasions the full knowledge
137s of their operation was gained at the
139s great cost of the cataclysmic
141s destruction of the planet of Turner 1
143s and its inhabitants when an imperial
145s prototype transmuter caused an extreme
147s Stellar radiation and plasma burst of
150s the big four Empires only the galente
153s Federation lacked the knowledge to
155s develop and construct either a stellar
157s transmitter or a shipcaster following
159s the dramatic events of the last year
162s put the Federation in a challenging
164s position but indications are that
166s galente loyalists are rising to this
168s challenge along with the other
169s participants in the so-called Shadow War
173s this is Alton hovering rep
175s scope

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