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0s foreign
23s your source of news from Eve online
25s Uprising the new narrative driven
27s expansion for Eve is here and live now
29s bringing with a brand new Navy
31s dreadnoughts and destroyers one of each
33s for every Empire boasting fresh
35s intimidating visuals and equally
36s impressive numbers these instruments of
39s Destruction provide more variety for the
41s battlefield and are on grid right now
43s Uprising also brought a huge update to
45s factional Warfare including the
47s introduction of new front lines and
48s Advantage systems which both influence
50s rewards and system capture front lines
52s draws Pilots closer to conflict hotspots
55s a systems operational State be it
57s Frontline Command operations or rear
59s guard determine specific system effects
61s sight spawning loyalty Point rewards and
63s victory Point gains the Advantage system
66s allows you to give your chosen faction
67s an edge through system ownership plus
69s completion of sites and activities in
71s the war zone also more restrictions have
74s been added to complexes as well as
75s changes to site naming for better
77s communication of challenges
79s following those big changes to factional
81s Warfare the uprising continues with the
83s introduction of battlefields
85s these will spawn across the cluster and
87s allow two teams to battle it out over
88s specified areas you can join your fellow
91s militia members to fight to control
92s areas defend bases and battle for score
95s through a tug-of-war Point stealing
97s mechanic when one Battlefield closes
99s another swarms elsewhere meaning there
101s will always be more action to chase down
104s the heraldry journey in Eve first
106s announced that Fan Fest has begun with
108s Corporation and Alliance emblems
109s representing this first step of
111s customization available for over 100
113s ships already
115s new in-game Corporation Paragon has
117s stations spread across High SEC and low
119s SEC complete with new Paragon agents
122s completion of paragon agent missions
124s will reward capsules with evermarks
126s which can then be used to purchase
127s emblems at loyalty Point stores once
130s purchased emblems can be toggled on or
132s off using the new personalization tab in
134s the fitting window
136s massive enhancements to upwell hangers
138s in new Eden have ramped up the audio and
140s visual immersion while docking and
142s undocking you can also now see other
144s ships you have docked at your current
146s upwell structure in the enormous new
147s Hangar environment and you'll still get
149s out into space at a speed that is on par
152s with other structures further audio and
154s visual improvements that have arrived as
156s part of the ongoing Eve evolved
158s initiative have helped boost your
159s e-frame rate and have allowed for more
161s single scene detail with minimal
163s performance impact the upwell hangers
165s being one of the first examples to take
167s advantage of this Tech more refined
170s turret sound quality brand new
171s soundtracks and factional warfare sites
173s and improved shading and rendering for
175s increased visual impact are also part of
177s this update
179s Uprising also introduces a stack of
181s quality of life improvements every
183s single one of them inspired directly by
184s Eve Community feedback
186s activation of higher level Abyssal Dead
188s Space filaments now requires Pilots to
191s be in systems in the security status of
193s 0.5 to 0.7 less the income and suspect
196s time also Alphas can no longer change
198s their safety setting to Red changes have
201s also taken place to make high set
203s ganking more costly which affects
205s decision making when looking for targets
206s these include adjustments to the docking
209s and tethering rights of characters with
210s low security status
212s it is now possible to retroactively
214s recruit an existing account and still be
216s eligible for rewards defined by the
218s recruitment program rules recruits will
221s receive 1 million skill points and if
223s they upgrade to Omega and purchase Plex
225s the rewards for the recruiter are free
227s Omega and cerebral accelerators
229s respectively
230s other highlights include alliances
232s getting their own version of the
233s corporate fittings the doubling of
235s personal ship fittings and Corp Alliance
237s fittings significantly increasing the
239s maximum number of Fleet mates which can
241s be added to the watch list window more
243s jump clones with the addition of the
245s elite infomorph psychology skill book
247s and many more be sure to check out the
249s patch notes for full details to
252s celebrate the release of Uprising and to
253s equip you for imminent battle four new
256s Empire theme packs are now available in
258s the eve store these Uprising packs each
260s contain 30 days of Omega new Nomad
262s apparel expert systems cerebral
265s accelerator and a set of skins that
267s include a brand new Nano coating for an
269s empire-specific Navy exploration frigate
271s you can also purchase the uprising packs
273s in Eve online's new Eden store for Plex
275s on the subject of unmissable offers you
278s have until the 22nd of November to get
280s seven days of Omega-3 by visiting the
282s new Eden store with the escalating
284s tensions between the empires dominating
286s the news Alton havery has been reporting
288s regularly for the scope for magalente
291s invasion of intaki to the decimation
293s caused by the Amar Stellar transmitter
294s in Turner catch all the latest
296s developments across the cluster as they
298s unfold
299s story new Eden tradition the 18th
301s Alliance tournament concludes this
303s weekend last weekend saw returning
305s Champions showcase incredible individual
307s Talent Hartford victories with tens of
310s billions in flagships destroyed it's not
312s just bragging rights up for grabs the
314s top 16 teams will be receiving the
315s all-new Minotaur heavy assault Cruiser
317s and assault frigate the best LA and Gary
320s be sure to tune in to the final weekend
322s live on ccptv and flaunt your know-how
325s by making predictions in chat to win
327s some great prizes if FanFest is
329s returning for 2023 in Reykjavik Iceland
332s celebrating 20 years of Eve online
334s FanFest 2023 will take place between the
337s 21st and 23rd of September and early
339s bird tickets are available now Eve may
342s be forever but it's only going to turn
343s 20 once so do not miss out on the 22nd
346s of November new Eden will be celebrating
348s its Spanish-speaking community and you
350s can join the celebrations at Gita and on
352s Twitch as well as the Gita fireworks
355s gathering on the 22nd there will also be
357s a number of Spanish player Corporation
358s Fleet streams as well as a special
360s themed starter pack featuring a new soct
363s ship skin
364s Omega Plex character face paint and more
367s there will be exclusive deals for Black
369s Friday in both the Eve store and the new
371s Eden store until the 28th of November
373s get 20 off all Omega packs in the eve
376s store with select packs featuring free
378s Navy battle cruiser and Dremel sariel's
380s flame skins you can also grab 50 off hex
383s skin bundles and 60 off the red claw
386s Sable skin bundle in the new Eden store
388s that's all for this episode of the pulse
390s thanks again for joining us check out
391s the description below for more
392s information on the stories that we've
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398s video see you next time
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