5 months ago - CCP_Paragon - Direct link

Hello everyone,

Very shortly we will start running a fix on TQ live which will not need any downtime, and will run while TQ is online for a number of days. You should not experience any problems while this takes place for the duration that the fix is being done.

This fix applies to two tasks of the ACP only.

#1 Joining a Corporation - When the ACP was added, if you were currently in a player corporation the task of did not count until you switched to a different player run corporation. This will fix it in a way so that if you are just currently in a player corporation then the task will be marked as completed and the rewards and points are claimable.

#2 Completing Career Agents - The Career Agent missions are only completable once per character and as such, when the ACP was added it was impossible to complete them again for the completion of the ACP task. This fix will make it so that if your character has at any point completed the Career Agent missions then the ACP rewards and points are claimable.

As it takes a number of days to process this for every character in EVE Online, it’s then natural if you see that perhaps one of your character gets a task completed while another one does not at the same time.

The completion of this fix will be marked in this thread a few days by now by which point all of the characters in EVE Online that this fix applies to should have their tasks correctly ready to be turned in.