19 days ago - CCP_Avalon - Direct link

Thank you for participating in the trial period for Omega Pro Max and the New Eden Recreational Feed. We had a lot of fun dreaming up these apps, and we hope you’ve found the NERF entertaining!

When we introduced the beta for EVE Online’s new launcher last year, we took our first steps on a journey of iterative improvements to increase security, enhance user experience, and incorporate many long-requested features, such as launching directly to characters.

The apps we implemented in NERF were part of our exploration to test the new launcher’s possibilities, both in terms of function and value to the players. We were very excited to share some of these tests with you and are very happy to see the feedback we received from the community. Tests like these are immensely valuable and will help us as we continue developing the launcher.

For those sad to no longer have access to Rebel Radio, Instalock, or Readnought, if you’ve accessed them before, you can still access them via the tool menu in the launcher. Press Ctrl+F (Command+F for MacOS users) to access the menu. They will be listed under Unlocked Features.

If you missed out on the NERF trial, there are some hidden keywords you can search for in that tool menu:

  • :belowtheasteroids for Rebel Radio
  • :eveisbeautiful for Instalock
  • :fedo for Readnought
  • :oz for Outback AIR

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!