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0s foreign
7s expansion we are also introducing
10s Corporation projects this is a new
13s feature that will enable corporations
16s to to create projects for their members
19s to contribute to and to monitor the the
22s progress essentially what this is
25s not something new that we are coming up
28s with this is this is what players have
30s been doing for many many years
33s because every corporation needs a
35s direction and every CEO or every
38s director in a corporation realizes that
40s it needs to be communicated to the
42s members what we are supposed to do what
44s what is our goal what we saw is our
46s purpose and how we achieve that so today
49s all of that is done in third-party tools
51s usually I mean in game to some extent as
54s well people are using bulletin boards
56s for the corporation to communicate what
59s kind of projects the corporation is
60s engaging and how you as a new member or
62s as a regular member can contribute to
64s them so we're adding a tool that enables
67s all of that within the client where the
70s corporation managers which means the
73s directors or the CEO can create a new
76s project
77s and then that project becomes visible to
80s every member and every member can see
83s the project name project description
85s what are its details but also what is
88s the contribution method how how they can
90s contribute to this project what is
92s required of them to do for this project
94s to progress and then they see the
97s progress made so far on the project they
100s see the number of people of other people
102s who have contributed so they can get a
105s good picture
106s of how popular this project is in the
109s corporation or maybe not that many
111s people are doing it so I should
113s contribute because it might be important
114s for the success of our organization so
118s all this comes from
121s how corporations are an important
124s structure social structure in if
126s basically this is this is the basis of
129s artists all the social interactions in
131s in if people gather incorporations a
135s corporation is the thing you join first
138s when it comes to to establishing a group
141s of people you play with
143s and every corporation having goals
146s exposed to players
148s helps in in communicating
152s what we are doing how you can help
154s for Viridian we are adding five types of
157s projects
159s the first type is what we call manual
161s where you as a CEO or director can
164s create a project without any
166s contribution method essentially this is
168s just a meter to to show and to
171s communicate how well we are doing in
173s particular scenario so this is our
175s replacement for what players use to do
177s creating like progress bars from
180s hashtags in text to to show how well we
183s are doing and putting that in motd in
185s chat channels
186s so so this is our replacement for that
188s where everyone can see the the actual
191s progression of particular project the
194s second type of project is
196s about dealing damage to other capsuleles
200s and for that project the Creator which
202s is the CEO or director can specify the
204s organization which can be uh militia or
208s can be a specific Alliance or a specific
210s Corporation or even a specific character
212s which means creating a system hack into
216s a bounty hunting where the corporation
219s members can be rewarded for dealing
221s damage to specific character or specific
225s organization
227s so this this enables the corporation to
229s monitor
231s the participation of their members in in
235s combat essentially
237s another type of project is mine or where
241s the corporation can monitor their or
245s mind either in specific system or
248s specific type of or
250s and later can reward people in the
253s corporation for doing so
256s the fourth type of project is kill NPC
260s which means that the corporation can
264s establish a project saying
267s kill 10 000 NPCs and then every member
270s can contribute to that that project can
272s be specific to a particular solar system
275s which means corporations that have in
278s mind increasing military index in
282s specific solar system can use that to
284s incentivize their members to to do their
288s writing in in that system specifically
290s because it will play into the Strategic
292s index of it
294s and then the last
296s and I think the most important one type
300s of project is
301s deliver item
304s so this is where Corporation can ask
306s their members to deliver specific type
308s of item to one of their offices
312s or to any of their offices
315s this essentially will enable the
317s corporations to create Buy-Back programs
319s within the game so this enables
322s cooperation to one reward the players
325s who who contribute for a particular
328s purpose whether the corporation needs
330s minerals to build a super capital
334s or a structure on the other hand it
338s enables buyback programs where
340s Corporation will just buy the items
344s delivered to it to later resell them in
347s in Gita
348s so in Viridian we're releasing six new
352s types of dungeons or Adventures as we're
354s calling them called the home front
355s operations and these will immediately be
357s discoverable through the air
359s opportunities and uh what we're aiming
363s for with these operations is uh
366s accessible content it's optimized for
369s about four to five players the intention
371s is that a more seasoned player can take
373s out newer players uh it's different
376s types of roles you can test out in this
378s and there's been a demand for something
380s like this for quite some time in the
381s game that we want to meet with this and
383s we're really excited about it because
385s you can go in for 15 minutes uh meet a
387s couple of new people test out being in a
390s fleet test out different types of roles
391s get decent rewards doesn't take a long
394s time if you liked you know the players
396s that you're playing with and there's
398s some sort of connection you can
399s immediately go and take on more
401s operations and start you know building
403s the the seat for you know belonging in a
406s group being a part of something bigger
407s that is so important for game the
409s ingredient expansion will add a loyalty
412s point to taxes for the player
415s corporations
416s that means that corporations now will be
420s able not only to tax the East income of
423s their members but also the lp
426s that enables the corporation to increase
428s their revenue basically because they
430s will be able to the corporations will be
432s able to sell
434s um to exchange the LP for for items in
438s the lp stores and then sell them for for
441s isk so basically we are increasing the
443s revenue stream for the corporations
446s for what that means for the members
448s is that
450s their corporations will be having more
453s resources which means better
454s infrastructure and better infrastructure
457s means more opportunities and more
459s opportunities means more explosions so
462s so that's that's our goal just enabling
464s the corporation to to increase their
467s revenue
468s and we've
470s heard a lot from from players who
472s participate in various activities
474s related to
476s LP income that often many players just
480s keep that LP in their wallets never
483s spend it because they it might be too
485s bothersome for them to look for a store
488s so they would rather
490s um have it taken by the corporation and
493s and then monetize that way so so we are
495s enabled that that feature for them too
498s all of this is coming out of these
500s year-long studies we've been doing on
502s the Friendship machine and how the how
504s the groups in our game uh how they have
507s this tremendous capacity to onboard
510s players into a group that leads to
512s Friendship where 73 of our existing
515s players say that they've made a friend
516s as a result of playing the game we
519s believe this will strengthen that even
520s further and get a lot more of the
523s players that miss that today to kind of
527s get this on the radar on the horizons
530s and for that we are tremendously excited
532s for

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