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4s the scope has received a joint
6s declaration from the angel cartel and
8s gista Pirates containing explicit
10s threats directed at the Proprietors of
13s two citadels strategically positioned
15s near the Jovian Stargates leading to
17s zarak the statement demands their
19s immediate removal underlining that
21s non-compliance will result in their
24s Annihilation the citadels in question
26s are an astrus under the jurisdiction of
29s the decoy Alliance situated in the gtac
32s N q86 system and a forzar operated by
35s the initiative Alliance and securely
37s positioned in the aloyan system the
40s angel cartel and gista Pirates have
42s issued a Stern 24-hour ultimatum setting
45s a deadline for removal at any time after
48s which they warn action will be taken
50s against the structures alarmingly the
53s Pirates are also encouraging capsuleers
55s to take part in the imminent attacks
57s claiming it will strengthen the bonds
59s between them and the pirate aspiring
61s capsuleers while not entirely
63s unprecedented it remains a rare
65s occurrence for these Pirates to seek
67s cooperation from capsuleers this recent
70s trend has raised concerns within the new
73s Eden community that it signals a
74s substantial shift in strategy on the
76s part of the Angel cartel and gisas after
80s the deathless online to the system's
81s long dormant Stargates leading to zarak
84s the angel cartel and gista appear to
86s have been ceaselessly preparing for
88s forthcoming operations based from within
91s the system through the Strategic
93s deployment of weapon and placements the
95s deathless has initiated the process of
97s asserting control over the system
99s seemingly aiming to counteract the
101s rampant violence that had previously
103s plagued it in tandem with recent pirate
105s activities these developments strongly
108s suggest a concerted effort to
109s incorporate capsuleers into the planning
112s of forthcoming pirate operations the
114s system of Turner has recently seen a
117s significant increase in capsu activity
119s since the Discover discovery of the
120s Jovian gate connecting it to zarak
123s Turner was the location of the
124s experiments with a prototype Stellar
126s transmuter last year which resulted in a
129s cataclysmic failure that devastated the
131s planet of Turner 1 following that event
134s the system experienced increased
136s Wormhole activity and now with the
138s discovery of the Jovian gate leading
140s back to zarak capsuleers are seeing the
143s opportunities presented in settling
145s there groups like The Deep waterer
147s Hooligans Volta and Shadow cartel are
150s among those rumored to have settled in
152s the system what kind of relationships
154s these capsuleers will have with their
155s angel cartel and gist's neighbors living
158s in zarak remains to be
160s seen concord's secure Commerce
163s Commission plans to restrict script
165s transfers to issuing corporations only
167s in a response to money laundering by
169s criminals and Pirates the restrictions
172s will halt all loyalty Point trading
174s between individuals and private
176s corporations trading in everm marks will
179s also be restricted restricted as the
181s currency is based on a corporate script
183s Alexander Dukas president of Evermore
186s has criticized the announcement as a
188s typically anti-business move from an
191s overzealous commission evermore's legal
194s team has filed for an exemption for
196s everm marks the scope understands that
198s ducas has deployed significant resources
201s to exert pressure on the SEC the secc
205s has confirmed that everm marks will not
207s be exempt from the initial suspension
210s but do not rule out a future exception
213s this is Alton hovery reporting for the
235s scope