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9s We were kind of early 2004
12s The game had been out for a year
16s Most of our interactions with the community
18s were through our forums
21s And people on forums on the Internet
24s maybe not the best versions of themselves
27s And in a kind of an offhand comment in a meeting,
30s I say something like I wish we could
32s just have them over here, talk it out
35s We naively at the time thought that coming to Iceland
38s to talk about the computer game wouldn't be enough
41s Boy were we wrong
67s Fanfest is kind of a mixture of a few things,
70s people coming together to celebrate the game they're very passionate about
74s It's talking about the game in various formats, roundtables, panels, etc.
79s And in a way it is almost like an extended parliament
82s meeting around the future direction of the game
86s Fanfest is a gathering of our top tier players,
89s our dedicated player base.
91s It's an opportunity for us developers
93s to reflect on the last year between Fanfest
96s The last couple of years and this current one
98s and then it's just a big party
100s It's a party for everyone to
102s Vent the things that they want to hear
104s and they want to see in the game,
105s Their frustrations, their hopes and dreams
108s It's a very warm, fuzzy feeling
109s That's what happening over the past couple of days
112s It has been an amazing, chaotic mess
115s just watching thousands of space nerds descend
118s onto the tiny volcanic rock in the Mid-Atlantic
121s It's something that you cannot recreate anywhere else
124s This is my first Fanfest as a developer,
127s but I've been to, I believe, ten other Fanfests as a player
131s Going to the other side from a player to the developer was surreal
135s I got to do the opening stage introducing everyone,
138s and it was so surreal
139s looking at the crowd of people being like that was me just a couple of years ago
144s A little bit more work, a little bit less play,
147s but still, it's so awesome to see
149s the friendships and stuff just emerge
152s It's great seeing people back after four years
154s Obviously we had to have a hiatus from Fanfest,
156s during the COVID pandemic
158s and in the year before that
159s We went around the world in different locations
161s in what we called the Invasion World Tour,
162s but we didn't have the Fanfest in 2019 here in Iceland
166s This is also a great opportunity
167s for the whole dev team here in Iceland
169s You'll be able to hang out with players
171s and get reminded that the game that we work on
173s every day is a game that lots of people around the world are enjoying
177s So it's really a blast having everyone back here
180s So now that everyone is coming back together,
183s you can just kind of feel the energy in the air
186s And it just sort of elevates everyone
189s That kind of passion that seeps through
193s When so many people celebrate something they love
202s Freedom has got to be the most important thing
207s Because there's a lot of games out
208s There's a lot of MMOs that have come and gone
209s I've played quite a few of them
211s You grind your grind, grind, grind, grind
213s You get to hundreds and you don't until the next expansion comes out
216s Whereas EVE, the world's your oyster sort of thing
218s You don't have to just grind to the biggest thing you got going
222s I mean, I'm 16 years in I just gotta a Titan
226s You can do what you want with it
227s It's just the freedom of it
229s Plus the community is second to none
232s The thing I found that that really interested me
235s was that the complexity of the game
237s suddenly you get dropped into this EVE universe
240s and after 20 hours you basically
242s know nothing still
244s And so you know that every time you're logging in you're potentially
247s gonna be finding out something new and and I found that very attractive
251s Then as you get further into the game
253s that's when you start to meet other players and you get kind of more
256s Engaged into the community aspect of it
259s I think the variety of people that we're playing the game
262s was a surprise to us
264s We maybe just had like a stereotype
267s of like what an EVE player would be
269s and the stereotype was probably largely based on ourselves
272s because we was ultimately in a way
274s just making our game for ourselves
276s But EVE has an extremely diverse players base
278s in terms of backgrounds, ages, where they come from, etc
282s Well actually my son got me in to EVE
285s he was 14 at the time
287s And he asked me to come to his room
288s and he showed me the spaceship floating in the hanger
291s And then he started to rotate it
294s And I said, is this a, is this a game?
296s and he's like yeah, it's made by a company in Iceland
298s It was kind of a thing that we could share
300s as a father and son, something we talked about all the time
302s And I mean, I grew up on video games
305s from Pong all the way through, but
307s it's the only game that I played this way
310s I started to EVE in like a month
312s after the game went online in June of 2003
315s as my oldest character
317s Started off pretty much being what everyone has done,
319s the solo miner trying to make some ISK
322s so I can get into my next ship
323s and figure out kind of where did I want to go from there
327s It's a sandbox game, you make of it what you will
330s and I had always wanted to explore
332s and visit every system in the game
334s but never really had a reason to go out there and do it
337s In 2009 they released a Dominion expansion
340s and started their beautification of EVE Online
344s They started with the planets and making them more
347s Visually appealing,
348s they upgraded the Nebulas in the background
351s and I thought this
353s this might be the motivation I need for my next chapter
356s in my EVE Online career
358s so I set off to visit every system in the game
361s and actually achieve that 10 years later
364s in 2019 and have now become the only player
368s to have visited every system and not lost a ship
370s and got a Guinness World Record for it
373s You'll hear these stories of the backstabbing
376s and the evilness of the game
377s If you will, that is very dark
379s Those aspects are definitely in there
381s and those are the stories that you tend to hear about
384s But I would like to think that my story kind of shows
387s a lighter side on it, that there is
388s a community out there, you just got to find it
394s There's so many good stories,
395s just like over the years,
398s the silly thing like the
400s karaoke rooms
402s just like being completely not serious at all
405s To like the serious fights
407s where you really feel like we all work together
409s like we blew up the thing or whatever
411s There's so many like that.
413s The big war in Pochven probably sticks out
417s as the most impactful moment
419s that I was ever part of
421s The fight started to escalate
422s People poured in on both sides and out of this RP conflict,
427s suddenly battles of hundreds and hundreds
429s of people pouring into these fights,
431s and they got many times bigger than the initial
433s conflict of two relatively small groups fighting each other
437s And it culminated in a battle
440s where we were fighting over a big structure called an Azbel
444s And we came in being the last ones on the field
447s with the structure just like a minute
450s away from just being repaired and we
453s Sacrificed the battleship lead to destroy the structure
456s that can never be replaced
458s It was basically the moment that won the war
461s It felt like after being told
463s we didn't matter so often we ended up very much mattering
468s There are so many memorable moments for me, for EVE
470s One of the biggest things that stands out to me
473s is like a blunder I made
474s I was leading a fleet
475s There were like 150 of us and I had this great plan
478s There was bad guys chasing us
480s I was gonna hide into this pocket wormhole,
482s wait them out and then catch the stragglers later
485s And I was like, I'm a genius, I'm a savant at this game
488s I felt so smug
489s But I was also a little bit of a noob
491s So as soon as we went into that pocket wormhole
493s they collapsed,
494s which I didn't realise it could do, like I knew it could do,
497s but I like, I didn't think about it
498s So The enemy fleet went by and we were stuck
501s We had no way home, no way to, like, chart our way out
505s So I had to tell our fleet to just shoot each other,
507s like that was the only way out
508s Like, we either leave these ships or we go out in a blaze of glory
511s So we split up
512s 50/50 shot each other,
514s and of course we're in like the tanker ships you can imagine
516s So it took 20 minutes
517s It was just like, shame, shame, shame
520s Yeah, I know
523s I think it was last year, they had the giant titan fight
526s which is like, I think the
527s most number of titans killed in a fight
530s It was so massive that I think we crashed the server
534s We were just jumping into the system
536s and I have my big ships so I had to tighten
538s I had a super carrier, I had a fax
541s and they all jumped in
542s But I jumped the titan last, which was good
545s because right when she was jumping is when
547s the server crashed so she didn't jump in
551s The titans were just getting blown up left and right
553s and my super carrier made it in
556s but they weren't shooting that because they were
558s shooting the bigger ships that were more expensive
560s I was so on edge for like 2 hours
562s trying to get her out of the bubbles
565s and my titan didn't blow up that day, which was very nice
569s It can be very nerve wracking
571s I've been involved in a shocking number of the big fights straight away
577s I was fighting the big boys of BoB, ACN, Morsis Mihi
581s even Goons versus White Noise
585s All these huge battles, Boat accidentally throwing his titan into
589s like bad situations
590s and causing then biggest fight going
593s The stories of EVE are unlike anything else out there
595s There really are, because it's the players that do it
597s Some games out there that have like fantastic stories that go along with it,
600s but we get just as good things
602s just coming out of random people doing random things in EVE
605s that spiral out of control
606s and you never really know where it's going to go
610s There was a lot of moving moments you can make like an entire miniseries
613s out to some of the incidents that happened in game
616s The kind of thesis of EVE Online
618s was that the world would have elements which you could
621s piece together differently such that you could create
624s your own experience
625s Here's a bunch of sand in a box, and here are some toys
628s Go figure it out
630s Trusting that people will come
632s and they would do something with the game that we could not foresee
636s And they did
638s Wars that go on for years,
640s espionage plots that go on for years,
642s rivalries that span decades
644s There are so many things that have been created
647s The things that these players have done over the past 19 years are
651s the bulk of the mind
654s I think the thing with the EVE is that everyone always thinks about,
656s the big battles and stuff like that.
658s The reality is everyone's perception of their moments in EVE
662s can be just very singular and very simple
664s Now for me we basically have these things called home defence fleets
667s So, we have miners out
669s you know, and mining resources for our group
671s and they will get attacked and then we have to then create a response fleet
675s Now normally we have fleet commanders or FC who perform that role
678s At the time the FC was basically shot by the enemy
682s and there was no one else to handle the situation
685s So I thought, well, I kind of know what to do,
687s so I'll just step up and do that.
689s And when I did, rather than just be
693s ohh, you completely messed that up
695s It was more a case of, oh, you made an effort to do that
697s and suddenly I got helped into FCing more
701s And for me that was kind of a turning point
703s where I was no longer just kind of following
706s other people's lead in the game,
708s but I was being given a position where I could generate
711s the content and be the content creator
712s and I was getting support for that.
714s It's not so much the mechanics of the game or an event in the game
718s It was just kind of more the interaction that I had with other people
722s and how I saw my role kind of change in the game
725s was really just really memorable and interesting
728s I could talk about wars that I've started
730s or other things that have happened, but
732s I think something that recently happened is pretty cool
734s I like to talk about it
736s 12 years ago I started a player event inside the game
739s I called it a Death Race and we did a race through a null sec region
743s and hopefully people are gonna get killed
745s We have prizes and only about 50 people showed up
749s Recently we held the 8th annual Frigate Free 4 all,
753s and last year we did it, we had about
755s 12,000 people explode and die and this year
759s we doubled that and we set you know,
761s 4 different records for the most deaths in a low sec system
765s And the thing is,
766s a lot of players who would never experience PvP because
769s they're afraid or just getting over that hump will come and do it
774s because it's popular
775s And CCP really supported it and promoted it for us
779s While I get a lot of feedback from young players
781s and people starting out, you know, this is my first time,
784s this is the introduction that I've had to PVP
787s So I think that's that's something I'm super proud of
789s and really looking forward to doing it again next year
792s You have to approach EVE as not just a game,
795s but 30 games in a trench coat,
798s and you shouldn't
799s listen to people who think they know the one way to play
803s Enjoy the game in your way, not the way that
807s you get told is the way to play
809s One of the moments that really struck me
811s over the past few years
812s of the amazing things that EVE players do together
814s is a event that's become known
816s and famous in EVE as Chappy's birthday party
818s It was a player who actually had a terminal illness
822s Him and his friends started a little event
824s to just have people come and shoot each other
826s and have some fun on his birthday
828s And other EVE players heard about it and it spread and it spread and it spread
831s and we ended up with a gigantic number of players
834s bringing in very expensive, large ships and brawling it out
837s They donated some ships to him as well
839s to be able to fly some of the largest spaceships
842s like dreadnoughts
843s and we actually were able to make that into a permanent monument in the game
846s since then, a location that has the wrecks of all these ships
850s from this big celebration and a birthday party
853s For them to recognise those kind of things and incorporate it into the game
857s it's really and truly makes it a living, breathing universe
862s Right after I had done my achievement of visiting every system in the game,
865s I had a couple of devs behind the scenes
867s tell me "don't miss the EVE Amsterdam Fanfest opening ceremony." OK?
874s What are they up to?
875s Then they had the big reveal of a monument
877s that they were going to put in the game
878s of my character for the achievement
881s To see your character written into the lore
883s not only written into the lore,
885s but actually presented in the game as a monument statue
888s that people can now go visit and be inspired by it, which is
893s very humbling
895s We have these huge fleets, these huge battles
898s These aren't in the pages of the book
900s These are people behind characters fighting it out
904s It's just amazing for the devs to see those things happen
908s and allow those things to happen
909s in the sandbox and then recognise them with monuments afterwards
913s It's just there's no way the game that does that
935s The start of COVID,
938s everyone was kind of in survival mode.
941s Obviously the pandemic has been difficult for everybody.
944s A lot of people i know were, you know, they're in IT,
946s they're in offices and stuff, they managed to get furloughed
949s I wasn't quite as lucky, I was a frontline worker
951s so I had if anything, even more to do
954s Obviously not having contact with other people and stuff
957s Gaming is great for that
958s and I think gamers probably had a better time
962s dealing with the isolation of COVID
964s than a lot of other groups
966s I think everyone, of course, overall appreciative
969s that you had some escape from kind
972s of the anxiety of what was really going on in the pandemic
976s The players returning to the game
977s and having kind of a different way to experience life from home
980s Well, in the case of a players it was the same way
983s as they have been experiencing it,
985s but people got a lot of camaraderie
988s and connectivity and purpose
990s During the Pandemic games like EVE were really very valuable
994s for people to be able to connect
995s But now that things are calming down,
998s getting everyone back together,
1000s I think it's something that's really a big energy boost
1023s It is good to be back
1025s Doing this again, really is. Well, I've said plenty of times
1029s I mean, I come to these things every single year
1032s Two years since any meet ups has been difficult
1036s Four years since been to Iceland has also been rather difficult
1039s I love this country, I really do
1041s Iceland is just such a great place
1044s and it's gorgeous and I love everything about it
1046s One of the bigger parts of me coming to these events
1049s is just seeing all my friends
1051s So I try to go to as many of these meetups as possible,
1054s Just being able to get to see them in real life is really great
1057s I think once you get involved in the convention side of it as well,
1061s that opens up new doors as you get to know people on a personal basis
1065s I have met people that originally I met in game
1068s and then met at Fanfest,
1070s which is kind of a whole new experience in itself
1072s You're in your minds eye,
1074s you always have an idea of what that person's gonna to look like
1076s and then you meet them in real life
1077s and they're very, very different
1079s You know it's been four years since we've all been together so it's
1083s A lot of catching up to do
1084s It's really the community,
1086s the players that have kept me in the game this long
1089s Not just those people that are in my corporation
1091s or in my alliance or that I know,
1093s but also the wider community
1095s Having players come join Fanfest, share their stories,
1098s it charges you up a little bit
1100s at sykes you out,
1101s and it kind of reminds you of the scope of this game
1103s and what we do
1105s The intensity of EVE just makes these relationships
1108s so much stronger
1110s Working on EVE is great because I just get to interactive with players every day
1113s I can't put it into words how cool it is
1115s It's just, ohh players, nice
1118s I hang out with these people all the time
1120s You'll see people that come back year after year after year
1122s And it's not just to meet the developers,
1125s that's great and fine and good,
1127s but they're here to meet their friends,
1128s they're here to hang out with their space friends
1130s from around the world
1131s We're doing a tonne of work coordinating player events,
1135s meetups, just making sure
1136s the event runs smoothly and it has been a hoot
1140s Even the hardest moments, even the worst days,
1142s they're always pretty great
1145s Coming back to Fanfest getting everything set up
1147s meeting the community has been unbelievable
1150s We're definitely a little out of shape,
1152s like everybody is active in the last two years,
1154s but we all came together
1156s and I think we had a pretty cool presentation
1158s and justice overarching event for everybody here
1161s It's incredibly important for us staff to meet the players
1164s It's easy to be anonymous on the Internet
1167s and you only hear a very small fraction of your user base
1170s Everyone here, they're happy, Everyone's happy
1173s Everyone's here to talk about these
1174s These are loyal people to our game
1177s It really changes your perspective
1178s so much people and
1180s they are absolutely the best versions of themselves
1182s Everyone is super nice
1184s It has been extremely pleasant
1186s and I think that is kind of due to to the fact that
1189s people are passionate about the same thing,
1190s even if they have slightly different opinions about it
1193s When they come together in person,
1195s very easy to unite around that
1198s and overarching theme
1199s throughout Fanfest and old fan coverings
1201s is that people leave their political rivalries
1206s at the door when they come in
1208s Doesn't mean they leave politics at the door
1211s People for sure do a bit of metagaming,
1213s try to get the information and fill out the enemy of sorts
1221s There's so many multifaceted things about it
1225s It's often referred to as the meta game,
1228s which when people say the meta, what they really mean is
1231s there's actions that you take inside the game.
1234s Then there's actions that you also take outside the game
1237s You need to get everybody coming here
1239s from around the world and the different alliances
1241s and corporations to have a beer with each other
1244s and to try and scheme with each other
1247s and to talk shit
1248s This is the whole meta game,
1249s This is the meta game of the meta game
1251s And then everybody goes back home and returns online
1255s And then you see those things that happen at Fanfest start to unfold
1258s At player events they're always like ohh we want her to join like
1262s I've had the leader of the Goonswarm federation
1265s he's come up to me several times
1268s and he's like hey we could use more logi like you
1271s I'm always getting people coming up and saying something like
1275s will you come back the first 2 Fanfests
1278s I went to I was in Goons
1280s and I ended up at the Pandemic Legion parties
1282s and joined Pandemic Legion and the first year
1285s I came here I ended up with the Goons party
1287s despite the fact I haven't been to the Goons party before
1289s We've all been to everybody else's
1291s It's just the way things worked out
1294s You know who's talking to who
1296s You know who has sway and influence
1299s and you know who are just really good friends on
1301s these things too and you see people rekindling those relationships
1304s It's especially heartwarming to see that this year,
1307s because there are people who haven't
1308s been able to see each other for a couple of years
1311s It's really about players in the game
1313s using the tools and the things we create to make their own stories
1316s That's the true meaning of the sandbox,
1318s and Fanfest is just another one of those tools in the sandbox
1322s There are people that you'll see here every year
1324s They know what they're doing here
1325s They're haning out with their friends, they wanna meet the devs
1327s They want to get that first line connection with this
1329s and then they also want to conspire with everybody else
1333s There's new people here you get the starry eyed Fanfest look,
1337s it's like, ah, this is my first one and they need to be corrupted
1340s and they need to be brought into these conversations as well
1343s And they need to start scheming with us here
1345s and just strengthen those bonds
1346s This is the human interaction at its finest
1349s and you strengthen those bonds with people in real life
1352s It changes when you go back to behind your computer
1359s Ohh what does EVE mean?
1362s That's not really something I can answer cause
1365s It's like asking what the rest of your life sort of is
1369s I've been doing it that long, it's just something you do
1372s It's it's a hobby, but it's also like the social thing, so it's how you get in contact
1375s It's like saying, well, what's life like with the telephone?
1379s You can't really answer that because you know you've had it around that long
1382s What EVE is to me it's all the players together
1387s Without everybody coming together there would be no game
1391s It's not like other MMOs, where at least there's like a whole story
1393s that you could do all by yourself and not have to interact with anybody else
1397s Which, I mean, EVE has some of that story, but we're also the story
1402s Having everybody together it's just, is huge
1406s As a role player,
1408s a lot of what keeps me in the game now is,
1412s of course, the friends i've made along the way
1415s That sort of community and the stories that we write together,
1420s you don't see that any other game, if you look at any other MMO thats currently out
1425s the gameplay and the RP is sort of very disconnected
1430s Not everybody can be like the hero of light
1433s who slays all of the gods,
1436s but an EVE, your gameplay is your RP
1439s Who you shoot is what your character is actually doing
1443s and actually is going to reflect on how people
1446s See your loyalties,
1447s or your motivations or the kind of character you are,
1450s you can't claim to be a badass without being a badass
1453s So all this talk about complexity,
1455s all this talk about the meta, game and the universe
1458s changing things and all of that
1460s That's yet another way to make the game sound really daunting,
1463s and not something that a lot of people wanna try
1465s It's also possible to play this game very casually
1469s There's a narrative that gets pushed
1470s that you need to have a lot of accounts to play EVE,
1472s or that you need to get involved in the meta,
1474s or that you have to post on art Reddit
1477s Total experience that you have to commit yourself to
1480s And there is room for that
1482s I mean, obviously it's up to you as an individual to choose
1484s That's one of the great things about a sandbox, right?
1486s And I think that word gets thrown around and misunderstood a little bit
1490s But because of the sandbox nature of it,
1492s you can really choose what you wanna do
1493s You can play this game very, very casually
1496s There is no typical EVE player
1498s The game is so vast and so complex
1501s that there are some people that like to fly spaceships,
1503s there are people that like to build stuff,
1505s there are people that actually like to just
1507s be financiers and sit in a station trading commodities,
1511s and all of these elements all play a role
1514s And so you kind of end up with this real melting pot
1517s of players within the game
1519s and i think that's why it makes these conventionsso interesting as well
1522s Fanfest being back after four years of being so cathartic
1525s just this smile on everyone's face, CCPers and like players alike
1530s Something about EVE Online,
1531s the friendships forged in this weird, intense crucible
1535s are so, so strong and being able to see that in person
1539s as a company, we didn't realise how much we missed it
1542s and I know players didn't realise
1543s how much they missed it until it came back
1545s The virtual becoming reality, if you will
1549s Coming to Fanfest,
1550s making these connections,
1552s putting faces to names
1554s It's really the community that has kept me in the game
1557s It's no longer a game now
1558s it's real life friends,
1560s long time friends that I've made playing since 2003
1564s If someone hasn't had the opportunity to do that,
1566s I would strongly encourage them
1568s Yeah, there's nothing like it, yeah
1571s The fact that we have something like Fanfest
1573s for a single game like this,
1575s it's incredibly inspiring
1577s It's a different vibe
1578s You have that direct feedback,
1580s whether it's positive critique
1582s or negative critique
1583s to drive what you're doing, It's incredibly motivating.
1586s There are many games that have incredibly huge fanbases
1591s that don't run conferences
1592s that are just part of some of the bigger industry conferences,
1595s and they aren't necessarily
1596s the fans bonding in the same way.
1599s It is one of the core things that make our game very special
1603s What I personally get the most from it now
1606s is actually sharing it with new employees
1609s of CCP living their first Fanfest through them
1614s Frankly, it is at a place where half the employees of CCP
1618s have not experienced the context of a Fanfest
1621s Seeing that kind of
1623s First Fanfest look and really seeing
1627s how it changes your impression
1629s of what EVE players are and what the game is for
1632s We always look towards EVE players for inspiration,
1635s so I think that gives us maybe a
1636s different relationship between us,
1639s the developer and the players of the game
1641s And we genuinely just want to be the janitors
1644s to make sure the lights are on and
1646s if there's a mess that it's cleand up
1648s I would say the EVE players,
1651s due to their economy to kind of shape the world
1653s to their own liking and their agency,
1655s puts them in a different relationship with us
1659s So I think we're a lot more at parity
1662s than maybe what you see in other games.
1665s That struck me really hard last night at the pub crawl,
1668s which is a tradition that I've been on for many, many years
1672s And walking around in big groups of EVE players
1674s throughout downtown Reykjavik,
1676s from bar to bar and giving people high fives, seeing each other in the streets,
1679s that was just a really great experience, that brought back a lot of memories
1683s The fact that EVE is a game that has history books written about it,
1686s that has academic articles, that has stories that have spread through the press,
1691s that everyone who's touched this game has a story
1694s that they will tell for years and years and years afterwards,
1698s that's something that's really, really rewarding for me,
1700s having the opportunity to work on it
1702s Been an amazing Fanfest so far,
1704s but next year with the 20th anniversary
1706s is going to be even better I think
1708s To me, EVE means an eternal challenge
1711s It doesn't have an end
1713s It's a to-do list that always has one thing crossed off
1716s and two things added to it
1718s It is exactly this way because of the community
1721s and the core mechanic of what a sandbox is
1724s It is a thing that can actually survive for decades and decades
1728s because it is always evolving
1730s You can't foresee what you should make in the future for everybody
1734s Everyone has their own personal agenda,
1736s so there's challenges upon challenges
1739s that will go on until the end of time
1741s It keeps it very fresh year over year
1744s This is why players play the game for coming up on decades now
1748s you can finally put the plural on this
1750s because it keeps it fresh
1751s It changes, it changes, and it'll just keep going on forever
1755s I know, it's just like our tagline is
1757s we make virtual worlds more meaningful than real life
1760s But then you see it, people getting married,
1762s people like going to weddings with one another,
1765s unfortunately, sometimes going to funerals
1767s But it's so real, it's so visceral
1769s And watching them have fun, it's great
1777s Every single time you learn something new
1781s you meet a new person
1783s Their story is different
1784s They've found some new way to play the game
1788s Inspires us to come up with better ways
1791s to make the game even more emergent
1793s To push the game and the potential even further
1797s It is so easy to lose sight of what we actually do here
1803s Should we make it a new game?
1806s But the community is really what it's all about
1809s Hello Fanfest
1813s Well It's been a while
1815s I feel incredibly privileged
1818s to be part of EVE Online community.
1820s You've been absolutely great
1823s Thank you!

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