3 months ago - CCP_Kestrel - Direct link

These changes are now on Singularity

3 months ago - CCP_Habakuk - Direct link

Mostly to avoid killing other ships, but it also relates to missiles.

As far as I can see they are partially affected, but they are not using all the new
features. So feel free to bring them (but we don’t need too many of them).

Thank you for the reminder! :slight_smile:

3 months ago - CCP_Habakuk - Direct link

Thank you all for helping with this mass test and especially those, who wrote up feedback! We identified several problems based on this mass test and the team is currently working on improvements based on this.
2M Skill points have been applied now to 156 character on Singularity.

3 months ago - CCP_Habakuk - Direct link

This should have been corrected now in the latest build on Singularity. Thanks for your poke :slight_smile:

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