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It is time to see all of the entries in the cosplay competition that we ran for GM Week and select the Community Vote Winner!

We have 20 entries in the competition for you guys to see, and ask that you choose your favorite in the poll below the entries.

The judged placements will be revealed after the weekend, when we can also announce the winner of this popular vote.

May the best cosplayer win!

Entry 1:
Sheltark Sykari

E_8MXCpVgAcukJ8987×674 126 KB

Entry 2:
Carol Hernandez

E_2ujcZUYAYi2FF2048×1556 450 KB
Spinning in station

Entry 3:
Lou Lingg

FAGixO3WEAMfH_C2048×1365 215 KB
Ceul Darieux

Entry 4:
Miss Hyde the tiger

FAFnXv0XoAAzSx01920×1891 305 KB
“Hello, I will be your InterBus flight attendant today. Have a nice ride.”

Entry 5:
Uncle Thelzar

FAE8sg2WEAAwVpV1842×1036 93.2 KB
No need for legs in a pod

Entry 6:
Grey Ignis

FABJdS9UYAEl2t41920×1080 307 KB
The Pirate of Pochven

Entry 7:
Araknos BloodFeather

FAAK8z4VEAICbyW1920×2035 95.6 KB
Triglavian Bioadaptive suit

Entry 8:

E_31ocXUYAQvhtP291×557 55.2 KB
An unsung hero of Myrskaa City

Entry 9:
Khaprice Hesperax

E_uddhJXsAEIU9j1212×1788 265 KB
Minmatar outfit

Entry 10:
Citizen Saw

E_cBMZaVEA4n2471536×2048 374 KB
Not so peaceful when provoked

Entry 11:
Zygmunt Kanapka

242545915_6194350940606952_521122743284848370_n2001×1125 419 KB

Entry 12:
Mih Rai

242742676_1226927767790567_3497388468177439651_n1152×2048 93 KB

Entry 13:
Victory Bear

image2021-9-27_12-19-41460×567 99.2 KB

Entry 14:

image2021-9-27_11-45-43472×592 41.7 KB

Entry 15:
Sven Saltzburg

242558043_10159402254513875_2863084935145784647_n720×960 44.3 KB
Amarr Victor

Entry 16:
Pandora Singularity

242344883_10165658111195176_950309081371488995_n1380×1840 422 KB
Presenting Pandora Singularity

Entry 17:
Orion Betarigel

242940181_273085091195938_7124517799529530629_n1670×2048 110 KB
Amarr pirate

Entry 18:
Lucas Armarlio

243049219_10159717167912421_6373716036162236322_n1504×2016 288 KB
Sisters Of Eve Combat Suit

Entry 19:
Adam Chęciński

242620210_1749243325275802_7958120578942257898_n1365×2048 258 KB
Blood Raiders will always remind you of Sani Sabik

Entry 20:
Xeromus Plague

242566069_4843899965639588_2024943500303571474_n1538×2048 371 KB
I became a triangle

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Please make your selection here. The winner will be revealed when the poll closes.

You can only make one selection, so vote with your heart!

Best Cosplay in competition
  • Entry 1: Sheltark Sykari
  • Entry 2: Carol Hernandez
  • Entry 3: Lou Lingg
  • Entry 4: Miss Hyde the Tiger
  • Entry 5: Uncle Thelzar
  • Entry 6: Grey Ignis
  • Entry 7: Araknos BloodFeather
  • Entry 8: Trii
  • Entry 9: Khaprice Hesperax
  • Entry 10: Citizen Shaw
  • Entry 11: Zygmunt Kanapka
  • Entry 12: Mih Rai
  • Entry 13: Victory Bear
  • Entry 14: valent0524
  • Entry 15: Sven Saltzburg
  • Entry 16: Pandora Singularity
  • Entry 17: Orion Betarigel
  • Entry 18: Lucas Armarlio
  • Entry 19: Adam Chęciński
  • Entry 20: Xeromus Plague

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Amazing set of entries. Good luck everyone!

10 days ago - GM_Goat - Direct link

Sheltark Shikari is the winner of the Community Vote in the GM Week 2021 Cosplay contest! He joins the other four winners that were selected by an expert panel of judges and were revealed here:

Congratulations to all winners! I will be contacting them in the coming days to get all the necessary information for shipping and transfers.

Thank you everyone again for voting and participating in this contest, it really made it special. Hopefully every one of you will continue to create and make things inspired by New Eden.