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Transcript (by Youtube)

4s where is Team bro team
8s jumping into Alamo wow
11s there's a different direction
14s being the route that you pasted in chat
18s yeah yeah you went in the wrong
19s direction
20s right I like how we went to the wrong
23s direction
24s getting a fight you are doing three of
27s them
31s a coward crazy dude I died there with
35s you I came to save you to be fair we did
38s ask where are you guys and someone said
39s Richard so we started heading that way
41s no that was Overlord who's in the wrong
43s place I was following the instructions
46s that were given to me we were told not
48s to delete systems because we were not
50s meant to do that and then
52s Midnight Hour X any tips for new players
54s yet don't fly with CSP they will bait
57s you

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