Attention Vanguard, 

During the recent EVE Vanguard: Solstice event, legions of warclones took to a new planet to test their fighting prowess, taking on new challenges, contracts, and activities, and etching their legacy on the future of ground combat in New Eden. The Deathless would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, as well as the previous First Strike playtests, and look back on some of the highlights from Solstice: 

Vanguarad Solstice - Infographic


Your footprints may be small, but you have a significant opportunity to impact the great war taking place among the stars and etch your legacy in New Eden.

Join the Founders’ Program through the new Vanguard Discord server to get sneak peeks at Vanguard concepts and prototypes, direct access to developers, the ongoing chance to be a part of the development process by participating in private playtests and focus groups, and much more. 

Your next shot will topple empires.