about 1 month ago - Brisc_Rubal - Direct link

I’ll check on it.

22 days ago - Brisc_Rubal - Direct link

No, I reached out to Convict and he was checking on it for me. Haven’t heard back yet.

21 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

Sorry, the like was supposed to be a quick “thanks for pointing this out to us”-gesture but yeah it really doesn’t work that way. Use your words Fleebix.
We’re following up on this and you can expect results shortly.

20 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

It’s an understandable interpretation. A like doesn’t really imply anything but “ah here’s a thing and I don’t hate it” and when I look at it from OP’s point of view it really just asks more questions than it answers.