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0s foreign
7s expansion we're focusing on enabling
10s Corporation to better Express their
12s visual identity in new Eden and for this
15s we'll be introducing a new tool the
17s super Cur induced Nano coding expressive
20s Rigo sequencer we just call it Skinner
22s and for this we're introducing a new
24s Corporation role called brand manager
27s and the brand managers will be the
29s individuals holding the key to the
32s visual identity of a corporation in new
35s Eden corporations are the very core of
37s the social contract of Eve and we wanted
40s to take the first step in enabling them
42s to better Express their visual identity
45s both for themselves and for all others
48s to see this is a journey we started with
50s a Uprising expansion last year when we
53s introduced the new currency evermarks
55s giving players the ability to place
57s emblems on the ships
59s and in the version expansion we're going
62s to open up to corporations in in Skinner
65s brand managers will begin their
68s customization journey by uh selecting
71s which of the 11 standards output
73s structures they want to base their
74s design on and then they will proceed to
77s selecting combination of Nano codes they
81s will apply to various areas of the
83s structure there will be a quite large
85s library of Nano codes
88s to choose from so all corporations
90s should be able to find a scheme that
93s that fits their identity and when
95s creating a nano coding design brand
98s managers will always be able to check
100s out how it looks on any of the different
102s structure types because these designs
104s will be applicable to any or all of them
106s once they're happy with the design
109s they've made all they have to do is
111s proceed to the application which is
113s pretty straightforward they will just be
116s able to select which of their
118s corporation owned structures they want
119s to apply this nanocode InDesign to and
123s pick a duration if they want to have it
124s for 30 90 days and then just press a
127s button and this will be paid for with
129s Corporation never marks and as soon as
131s the purchase is complete the designs
134s will start being applied to the
135s structures in space for everybody to
137s enjoy
139s once a nano coding design is applied to
141s a structure it can be edited or removed
144s on a whim because this is something
146s that's represents your corporation this
149s is your branding it is something you
151s have to commit to
152s Corporation CEOs directors and any
156s member with the brand manager role will
158s be able to access the Skinner through
160s the neocom and this will also grant them
163s like the ability to spend Corporation
166s never marks
167s structures are among the most valuable
170s assets a corporation can have and some
173s of them are a place people go home or a
177s safe haven to just relax and socialize
180s or buzzing industrial Hub or you know
183s like a beachhead in a you know gruesome
186s War that's used as a staging point and
189s no matter what these structures are used
191s for they should definitely display their
193s corporation colors and we want to really
196s Foster this strong sensation of
199s belonging and the pride when you see
202s your home with your colors and also this
205s the other side of the coin where you
208s know you blow up their structures with
210s their colors and I think that's amazing
213s one of our main challenges was figuring
215s out uh what was the best fit for the
217s first leg of the journey for
218s corporations and there were so many
221s interesting discussions uh about what to
225s select and how many shades of pink we
227s should have and in the end we're very
230s happy with the result and what we've got
232s going out with version expansion and I'm
234s just so excited for the future

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