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3s hello ladies and gentlemen my name is
5s brett thomas thomas i'm here with
6s moderator and you're watching the second
8s match of vitaverse hydra
12s yeah so hydra choosing to go with a
15s blast from the past uh you know you have
17s a lot of bins out from the conquest
18s system this is what you come up with
20s minmatar rush circa a decade ago
23s versus the flagship uh bar guest eos
26s armor phantasm double deacon sentinel
28s skybreaker
30s this very melt very may well be a comp
33s that hydra is deliberately choosing to
36s sack the match and try to kill nika
38s noiser's bar guest so that they can take
41s it in the last match we had heard a lot
43s of discussion on the desk about what
45s this will be already we see the minmatar
48s court running across the field um
51s fred
54s yeah they're rushing straight forward
56s they have locked down toaster in the
58s phantasm so i think they may be going
60s for these
61s squishier uh cruises first and locking
65s them down we are seeing ec drones push
67s into nikon noise in the back line
70s in the barges but with a single smart
72s bomb he's just decimated all those ec
74s drones
76s yeah um they may actually this may be a
78s more serious comp than i may have
80s initially gave it credit for um keep in
82s mind these are armor you know fantasm
84s something that you typically don't see
86s on tranquility um
88s where's the damage on the hybrid team so
91s far
92s um we do see um that there's some jams
95s on to things but um hyder just hasn't
97s taken any amount of damage so far it's
100s very difficult to understand what's
102s going on here
103s yeah i think they're trying to break the
105s sphipples they're that really fast
107s tackle in this composition they know
109s that if they could have broke the small
111s end they could out kite that being said
113s they've managed to move around the back
114s line the drones are hitting general
116s hungry in the bacillus that with the
118s basilisk alive everything else has been
120s untouchable with the huge amount of reps
121s the basilisk has over the scythe but now
123s that they've locked him down it's just a
125s matter of time before he goes down but
127s carnival or mad in the deacon is going
129s down so this is going to be a lodgy
130s trade yeah so what nikon noiser has done
133s is he's completely uh burned away from
134s the rest of the team i think he realizes
136s it realizes that realize that this game
139s was lost and he got onto the bath list
141s tackled it got away from everything and
143s now oh my god look at all of these uh
145s hydra ships just running straight in for
148s the bar guest it's all
150s the entire core is just pouncing on him
152s at zero and in a second we're going to
154s see that vargas absolutely drop like a
157s bag of bricks
159s yeah they are these are autocannon
162s scythes and autocannon swivels so
164s they're getting right on top they're
166s getting at zero and pounding damaging
168s and if you think he's already out of
169s shields holy cow they're just bending
172s through him so quickly
174s yeah no we saw that um you know this
176s entire core uh just
179s this uh
180s nick is basically getting put on the
181s couch in minmetard right now i mean look
184s at how they were just running through
186s that line and then just
188s throwing the armor of nick and noise
190s already dropping cans
192s um to secure the loot uh
195s i didn't know if hydra could really
198s pounce on top of the drone core like
200s this and control them like that but
202s it turns out that tracking disruption
203s just actually doesn't matter when you're
205s on someone at zero
207s yeah they did a very good job and if you
210s look this
211s these scythe fleet issues are so
214s so fast they might even be nano because
217s they're just absolutely rocking across
219s the grid
221s yeah so i came into this you know set
223s thinking oh you know i'm gonna you know
225s cast a very technical um very
228s you know in depth best out of three
230s it'll probably go the distance no hydra
232s says i'm just going to do the 80 speed
234s run of this lower bracket and i'm going
236s to dumpster you 2-0
239s with comps that just outright counter um
241s what you have in each set um
245s just really well drafted by them and
247s executed
249s yeah
250s and this looks like it'll
252s go down fairly quickly with the amount
254s of damage that's on it and this should
257s be our last match commentating together
259s mod
260s yeah it's been a lot of fun having to
263s or you know getting the opportunity to
265s cast with you on all these matches
267s together as pandey's eos is down into
269s about an armor people are dropping uh
272s good fights in local
274s um
275s man
276s this was some this was just draft diff
278s at play
280s yeah they really picked something
282s completely out of left field we have
284s seen slept near russia's being brought
286s but as this last eos goes down guys i'll
288s let the studio talk about the rest of
290s this and pass it back to them